Error In X * Beta Requires Numeric/complex Matrix/vector Arguments

Error In X * Beta Requires Numeric/complex Matrix/vector Arguments

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I got this rather odd error message:. Error in LAMBDA %*% FacMean : requires numeric/complex matrix/vector arguments. Top. Log in or.

[R] Errore : requires numeric/complex matrix/vector arguments – From your first post if any of variables is not numeric this command. mY<-cbind(G, T, Y, news). makes mY also nonumeric. Dear Mr. Hasselman, > > I have attached my code to solve (hopefully) my problem in > > Error-require numeric/complex matrix/vector Any suggestions? > >

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Error in t(da) %*% da : requires numeric/complex matrix/vector arguments. da is a matrix, looks as following

Dear R users,I'm a new user of R. I'm trying to do a LM test an there is this type of error: Error in t(mX) %*% mX : requires numeric/complex matrix/vector arguments. To be clear I write down the code in which mY ( 126,1 ) mX (126,1) mZ(126,1) are matrix.

Error in w_mat %% p_deriv_mat %% invMat : requires numeric/complex matrix/ vector arguments In addition: Warning message: In eval(expr,

Error: requires numeric/complex matrix/vector arguments, even. – Error in (t(X) %*% X)^(-1) %*% t(X) %*% Y : requires numeric/complex matrix/vector arguments. Why is that? In this matrix multiplication only X and Y is used. Both should be matrices, because as.matrix() is used. I don't understand.

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So it is not possible to provide a Numeric array to lpsolve. That will give an error. x a*x <> b vlb <= x <= vub x(int) are integer ARGUMENTS: The first four arguments are required: f: n vector of coefficients for a linear objective function. a:.

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Dear R users,I'm a new user of R. I'm trying to do a LM test an there is this type of error: Error in t(mX) %*% mX : requires numeric/complex matrix/vector arguments.

r – Using the Outer Function – Stack Overflow – Oct 4, 2013. You can either change that: prices <- as.matrix(prices) a <- outer(prices[1,1:2], prices[1,1:2],FUN ="*"). or you can just convert to numeric when.

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