Excel 2007 Vba Compile Error Procedure Too Large

Excel 2007 Vba Compile Error Procedure Too Large

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Jun 4, 2011. But then, as demonstrated with the release of Office 2007 and 2010, Microsoft is. I wanted to return a listing of procedure per module with a line count. GetVBEDeatils() 10 On Error GoTo Error_Handler Dim vbProj As VBIDE. As String Dim iCounter As Long Dim FileNumber As Integer Dim bFileClosed.

Excel 2007 VBA Macro Programming – He originally started working with Lotus 123 spreadsheets but moved some years ago to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. He qualified as an accountant with the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants in 1976 and has been a.

Oct 21, 2007. 1 Replies – 13749 Views – Last Post: 21 October 2007 – 06:46 AM Rate Topic: -. 03, Dim i As Long ' to count amount character on file. The procedure you are using is used for sequential files. 'Compile Error – Procedure Too Large' · VBscript To Create T-sql Script Depending On Value In Excel Cell.

But I'm getting a "compile error procedure too large" error message with Excel 2011 for the. WinXL/VBA is better at dealing with code corruption than MacXL/VBA is.

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Jon explains how to use the Solver add-in with Excel VBA

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Excel: Startup Problems – Jkp Ads – If your error disappears, either an add-in or a (hidden) workbook that is loaded. Office button/File tab, Excel Options, General tab in Excel 2007/2010/2013. " Compile Error in Hidden Module UserForm 14". Then I click OK and get a Microsoft Visual Basic message that says: “ActiveX component can't create object ”.

I am using Win8 x64 + Office 2013 x64. MY PROBLEM: I have an excel file, which has some modules in it, and works flawlessly in Office (Excel) x86. It uses the Swiss.

Figure 6: Flowchart of DiPer procedure. an error occurs while running code, Excel will tell you the error type and number. Common causes of errors are as follows: using a Macintosh computer rather than a PC; using Excel versions.

On occasions I have to create a large number of photo sheets for inclusion in a report. That is, a page with one or two photos and a description.

I am getting Procedure too Large Error in a VBA macro. I am using MS-Excel 2003.

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I received this error message -Procedure too large – in VBA. What is the reason and way out for this error?

Oct 7, 2013. Worksheet change event in Excel. Excel 2007 and 2010 Event macros must be in the workbook you use them. cell As Range Dim vColor As Long For Each cell In Intersect(Columns("P"), ActiveSheet. Chip Pearson has a page Error Handling In VBA. Paste the following procedure ' in the module.

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Lists compile related items. In Excel, a list is a single column of related values. Excel 2003 introduced the List object, which added a dynamic capability that eliminated a lot of work and the need for some rather specialized knowledge.

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