Xbox 360 Disc Read Error Open Tray Fix

Xbox 360 Disc Read Error Open Tray Fix

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Alleged issues with day one Xbox One hardware include a headset that emits nothing but static, a console trapped in an endless loop of crashing and rebooting, and disc drives that won’t read. tray today. Other users have reported.

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This is a very helpful, but shot with a mediocre camera, tip on how to fix the common XBOX 360 Disc Loading error, where the drive doesn't load any game.

Six Simple Ways to Fix the "Open Tray Error" for XBOX 360's. It doesn't give me the disc read error but when I. How to Fix Error Open Tray Problem in XBox 360.

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Xbox 360 Disc Read Error Fix. Xbox 360 Disc Tray Error. (Wont Read Discs). 2013 All open tray error and no disc spin fixes Xbox 360 – Duration:.

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Happily, our Xbox 360 was made of sterner stuff than most, and lasted longer – well, long enough for the terms of Microsoft’s free repair to run out of time. So when December 2011 came around, we were left staring at the forbidden.

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How to Repair the Xbox 360 Disc Tray | eBay – How to Repair the Xbox 360 "Open Disc Tray Error". Sometimes the Xbox. The cause of the issue is the laser; it is failing to read the disc. If recalibrating does.

May 9, 2014. Miguel – It may be an open tray error or a problem with your disc tray itself. I get the “unreadable disc” error message now after only a few minutes of. My Xbox 360 will read dvd and dads but I put In Xbox 360 game and it.

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I have googled this and found it to be called "open tray error. it tells you. if it doesn't read that disc just hit that top of the xbox when it is reading it. Should fix your problem so long as you get the right kind of laser and the.

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Fixing the "Open Tray" Error (for XBOX 360's. there is a very simple fix for the open tray error and. we are seeing 6 out of 10 consoles getting disc read.

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I've dealt with the open tray error personally a lot before, it comes and. My Xbox wouldn't read discs before I cleared the cache, but after I did,

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These two changes were among the suggestions I made just days ago in How Microsoft Can Fix Xbox. or resold. Disc-based games. Those who purchase disc-based games will need to keep that game disc the tray, as is the case today.

Remember Microsoft’s Avatars, those wobbly caricatures that danced around the Xbox 360’s dashboard? They’ve been sidelined ever since the release of the Xbox One, but that doesn’t mean the company has given up on them. They’re.

Q: Just what is up with the RROD “Towel Trick” fix? My best guess is that it somewhat reflows the solder joints on the GPU while it’s under a high compressive load from the heatsink clip, causing any open. into my 360 is that the disk.

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