Active Recreation Activities Examples

Active Recreation Activities Examples – 3 Question 1 To improve your cardiovascular fitness, they need to be fit: heart, lungs, blood, blood vessels, muscles.

4 Question two Regular physical activity can help you look better: Controlling your weight Building muscle Good posture Strengthening the heart muscle Healthy blood vessels

Active Recreation Activities Examples

Active Recreation Activities Examples

This allows the heart muscle to relax more per beat. Example: The heart of a very fit person beats about 9.5 million times less every year than that of an average person!

The Impact Of Leisure Activities On Older Adults’ Cognitive Function, Physical Function, And Mental Health

10 Explain the following… 8. Cholesterol: A fat-like substance found in some foods that can deposit fat on artery walls. 9. Low Density Lipoproteins: Bad Cholesterol! Cholesterol is more likely to stay in the body. 10. High Density Lipoproteins: The Good Cholesterol! Removes excess LDL from the body from the blood and takes it to the liver.

11 Explain the following… 11. Arteries: Carry blood from the heart to other parts of the body. 12. Veins: carry waste laden blood from muscle cells back to the heart. Regular exercise helps muscles squeeze your veins more effectively. 13. Atherosclerosis: A disease in which certain substances including fat get deposited on the inner walls of the arteries and block the blood flow. This can lead to a heart attack!!

12 Define the following… 14. Aerobic activity: “with oxygen”. Activity that is steady enough to get the heart pumping the necessary oxygen to your muscles. Give the FITT formula for active aerobic activity (level two on the PAP) F: 3 days a week I: Target fitness zone T: 30 – 60 minutes of continuous activity T: jogging, swimming, biking, step aerobics15. Anaerobic Activity: “Without Oxygen.” The activity is so intense that your body can’t provide enough oxygen to sustain it for long. Short bursts of activity!

Step One: (.70 x Age) = Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) Step Two: MHR(x) .65 = Training Threshold Third: MHR(x) .90 = Target Threshold

Solution: Indoor And Outdoor Recreational Activities

14 Discussion Questions You decide you need to develop a program to improve your cardiovascular health. List five changes you should incorporate into your exercise program.

Question 17 What types of activities are located at level two of an activity pyramid? Active aerobics and active recreation

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18 question two Why is active aerobic activity a good choice for lifelong fitness? 1. They do not require advanced skills 2. They are not competitive 3. They can be at home or near home 4. They do not require a partner or group.

Active Recreation Activities Examples

4 Fun Questions!

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22 Question Six List (5) Safety tips on participating in level two activities of the physical activity pyramid. 1. Wear proper protective equipment 2. Use safe equipment 3. Receive proper instruction 4. Perform within the limits of your current skills 5. Plan ahead and be prepared!

23 Define the following … 7. Active aerobics: Activities that are vigorous enough to raise the heart rate to the THRZ. 8. Active Recreation: Activities you do in your free time that raise your heart rate in your THRZ. 9. Leisure time: Time free from work

24 Define the following… 10. Recreational activity: exercise done during leisure time that is not classified as sport or active aerobics 11. Circuit training: a form of regular exercise in which you perform exercises with short rest periods Do a set of exercises in sequence, between each one. Exercise

25 Question 12 Why is it important to include active aerobics and active recreation in your activity plan options from the physical activity pyramid? This level on the diversity pyramid focuses on activities that promote heart health.

Recreation And Leisure

26 Question Thirteen Name the four levels on the physical activity pyramid… Level one: lifestyle physical activity Level two: active aerobics and active sports and recreation Level three: flexibility and muscular fitness Level four: limited sedentary living (rest) do

27 question fourteen As you get older, participation in sports tends to decrease and opportunities for self-exercise increase. Fitness related activities become more affordable and accessible!

29 Discussion Questions According to the data, 72% of boys and 52% of girls are physically active 3 times a week. Why do you think girls are inferior to boys? What suggestions do you have that can help change these statistics?

Active Recreation Activities Examples

33 Question List three factors that affect your skill abilities. 1. Heredity: Traits inherited from the family 2. Practice: “Practice makes perfect” 3. Principle of Specialization: Better at one skill than another

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Group Baseballs Stock Vector Images

34 Explain the following … 4. Agility: Ability to rapidly change body position and control body movements 5. Balance: Ability to maintain an upright posture while standing or walking 6. Co-ordination: Two or ability to use more than two body parts at the same time

35 Define the following… 7. Strength: The ability to use force quickly 8. Speed: The ability to move or cover a distance in the less time it takes to do work.

36 Q10 What are the six guidelines to be followed while selecting a sport? 1. Consider Your Skill Abilities 2. Consider the Health Benefits of Sports 3. Consider Sports for Life 4. Learn Sports Skills 5. Stay Fit 6. Choose Sports You Love

37 Q11 Why is it important to be physically fit while participating in sports? Being physically fit will improve your performance, reduce injury and boost self-esteem.

Applied Research And Evaluation Methods In Recreation Pdf

We log user data and share it with processors in order to operate this website. In order to use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy, including the Cookie Policy. Doing activities together is one of the best ways to promote togetherness and well-being within the family. Whether playing board games, sitting down to eat or going out, these memories will stay in the child’s mind and provide the foundation for a healthy life. However, sometimes it can be difficult to carry out family activities. Here are some ways to make it something everyone has been waiting for.

Play is a need that is inherent in both children and adults. It relieves stress and anxiety, puts excess energy to constructive use and promotes many other health factors. Spending time outside can mean practically anything, from taking a walk or bike ride together around the neighborhood to drawing with sidewalk chalk. To make this activity a priority, set aside time in your week exclusively for outdoor family time. You’ll find that the kids look forward to it!

Connected to outdoor play in many ways, limiting screen time is essential for healthy childhood development. An hour or two a day is usually sufficient, although many children get double that. Watching TV or playing video games can be fun, but excessive exposure to digital screens can actually harm your child’s growth and development, such as making them more easily distracted and unable to concentrate. This does not mean that screen time should be reduced, but that it should be closely regulated, or even offered as a reward for doing homework or chores. It’s also a good idea to keep all screens, whether they be TVs, computers or mobile devices, out of your kids’ rooms.

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Active Recreation Activities Examples

Look for toys that encourage your kids to be active. Find a basketball goal or volleyball net at a local park and commit to playing together. Invest in a bicycle, skateboard, ball and jump rope, and encourage your kids to learn how to use them in a fun and challenging way. If your kids are into electronics or building, find something they can put together and use outside, like a remote control toy.

Structure Of Australian Sport

If your kids are interested in sports, get them involved in a local rec league or school team that interests them. You can encourage this by volunteering to help out at games and practices, and by going to watch your kids play. Sports teach teamwork, dedication and personal responsibility, and while you may not be directly involved, by showing your support, you can encourage your kids to give it their all.

Many people who enjoy growing plants and food swear by “dirt therapy” as a way to reduce stress and become more in tune with their surroundings. So get the family involved in planting the seeds, caring for them and watching them grow into vegetables, fruits and berries. Or, volunteer at your neighborhood community garden. Then everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor when the produce is ripe, adding it to family meals or giving it as a gift.

It is important to motivate children to do chores, although it can be difficult to motivate them. But there are ways to rectify the situation. Divide up the household chores among family members, then turn on some fun music to get started. If your family members are competitive, try this by dividing them into teams and offering small prizes such as

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