Best Hospitality Groups In The World

Best Hospitality Groups In The World – In the last two years, five-star (or six- or seven-star) hotels and luxury resorts are popping up like mushrooms in all corners of the world. Although this is good news for experienced tourists (and I count myself among them), new and beautiful hotels do not meet the standards of a beautiful and unforgettable experience. In my humble opinion, there are very few hotel chains that have succeeded in providing the same level of quality that today’s luxury-minded travelers expect. These brands stand out and leave the competition with exceptional service, unique locations (be it the beach, the city or the remote desert), world-class facilities, quality, amazing buildings, and – of course last but not least – environmental awareness policies. I’m going to show you 10 different hotel brands in the world, the ones that I happily return to when traveling the world.

More information (including reviews and YouTube videos) is below the slideshow. Do you agree or do you have a favorite hotel name that didn’t make my list? Leave a comment or take my poll below.

Best Hospitality Groups In The World

Best Hospitality Groups In The World

Park Hyatt is the most luxurious brand of the Hyatt Hotel group based in the United States, which manages more than 10 unique brands in its portfolio, each of which is designed to provide information about the lifestyle, opinions, values ​​and interests of visitors. it depends. planned. Located in major gateway cities and luxury travel destinations around the world, Park Hyatt hotels are the epitome of luxury, offering unparalleled service, world-class spas and state-of-the-art guest rooms. nothing but the hotel. the best. Each Park Hyatt property is designed to reflect the unique style of its location – the chic of Paris, the glamorous appeal of the Maldives or the all-American style of Chicago. Park Hyatt hotels are known for their award-winning art projects, minimalist and minimalist interior design, and fine dining areas curated by renowned chefs.

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St Regis is one of two ultra-luxe hotel brands owned by the Marriott Hotel Group (the other is Ritz-Carlton). Born of a unique heritage and created for discerning tourists looking for the best experiences, the luxury hospitality brand established itself during the St. Regis New York was launched in 1904. From the moment John Jacob Astor IV opened the doors to his Beaux-Arts establishment on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, the logo of St. Regis has always been associated with impeccable elegance and exceptional service. Butler’s service is a feature of the St. John’s experience. Regis for a century, and St. Regis is the only luxury hotel brand in the world to offer this personalized service at each of its hotels. Combining classic beauty with modernity, more than 30 St. Regis International is committed to providing unique experiences.

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Over the past 50 years, Mandarin Oriental has grown from a well-respected Asian hotel group to a global brand. The company has a rich and proud history that began with the opening of the brand’s flagship property, The Mandarin, in 1963 in Hong Kong. The hotel, which was the tallest building on the island when it opened, quickly built an enviable reputation for quality service, and soon became a national historic landmark – a status which is still valid today. In 1974, the Oriental in Bangkok, previously known as one of the most famous hotels in the world, was acquired by the company, distinguishing the company by having two flagship hotels with names that reflect the quality of hospitality. Today, the company is firmly established as a truly global luxury player and operates more than 30 hotels worldwide, with a unique oriental design (reflecting its heritage) and a The location of each house is different.

Founded in 1995 by the owners of the Soneva brand (cf below), Six Senses is an award-winning hotel group, offering guest experiences in remote and beautiful locations, whether in a pristine location or in which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. . The brand is synonymous with unique eco-chic design – true, personal and sustainable – and all the buildings are in harmony with their natural and cultural character. Six Senses hotels quickly transform hospitality cultures in an environment that exudes quality, supported by thoughtful service and attention to detail. Six Senses experiences are always provided by a wealth of experts from all walks of life, from spa operators and celebrity chefs, to stargazers, marine biologists and their paragliding experts. An important part of the Six Senses properties, the Six Senses Spa concept is a well-connected way to combine a new spirit with treatments that go beyond the ordinary.

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Belmond – known as Orient Express until rebranding in 2014 – is a hotel and leisure group that manages an ultraluxe collection of 49 branded hotels, trains and cruises in 24 countries. , which includes some of the most interesting tours and destinations. With Belmond, you can stay at timeless hotels in Venice, Rio and St. Myanmar. It all started in 1976, when the company got the keys to the Hotel Belmond Cipriani in Venice. A year later, they began to assemble cars for the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, launched in 1982 to send sightseeing tours to La Serenissima in style. Since then, Belmond has grown into a wonderful collection of travel destinations, each with a rich story to tell.

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The Rosewood story began in 1979 when a historic building in Dallas, Texas, was transformed into a world-class restaurant and hotel – The Mansion on Turtle Creek – whose success has inspired hotels and Rosewood hotel later. Today, Rosewood manages a unique collection of the most luxurious residential hotels around the world, including world-renowned properties such as The Carlyle in New York and Hôtel de Crillon in Paris. Led by a team of industry veterans Rosewood’s attention to detail, approach to environmental sustainability and commitment to hospitality have earned the company numerous awards and honors. Each property offers a unique look and feel, a place, culture, history and land that is part of the fabric of the hotel, reflecting the company’s “Sense of Place” principle.

The One&Only brand was founded in 2002 exclusively for the luxury tourism market by Solomon Kerzner – a South American accountant and entrepreneur – and currently represents one of the city’s top attractions in most beautiful places in the world, such as the Maldives, Mexico, and Cape Town. The award continues with the launch of One&Only Nature Resorts, such as One&Only Nyungwe House and One&Only Gorilla’s Nest in Rwanda, building on the success of Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley in Australia. Each resort in the One&Only collection not only offers a unique and fun design in relation to its surroundings, but also a commitment to the best experience at every level. In addition to the entertainment facilities, there is an excellent service, a unique wellness center, live entertainment and a variety of activities, as well as wonderful culinary events from some of the most talented chefs in the world.

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Four Seasons is perhaps the most famous hotel brand in the world, with more than 100 properties in five countries and hotel developments in development. The Canadian-based company has, for almost 50 years, transformed the hospitality industry with a history of continuous improvement, impressive expansion and a single focus on excellence. Four Seasons was founded in 1960 by the young architect Isadore Sharp, but the real sign came in the seventies with the opening of Four Seasons London, which set the tone for the direction of the company and started most of his signature. Four Seasons services are offered worldwide. Although the company was announced in 1986, the Sharp family – with a group of similar investors such as Bill Gates and Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal – took over the company in 2007 to restore its loyalty. in the future.

Best Hospitality Groups In The World

Carefully designed to complement their natural settings, Aman hotels are known for their stunning locations, contemporary interior design, and ultimate privacy. Each one welcomes visitors as if in the home of a close friend, instilling a sense of peace and living in the midst of one of the most natural and historical landscapes. It’s a route that hasn’t changed much since 1988 when the first retreat was built on Phuket’s west coast. It was named Amanpuri, meaning ‘place of peace’, and Aman was born. Today, 31 ultra-luxe hotels in 20 countries, Aman is recognized as one of the best ultra-luxe hotel brands in the world and continues to explore changing experiences and interesting places around the world. Among Aman’s regulars is a group of new customers – self-proclaimed ‘Aman junkies’ (count me in) – who love service and beautiful design.

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