Best Hotel Manager In The World

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KING OF HEARTS French hospitality Maestro M. PIERRE BARTHES, loved and respected for his professional expertise, dynamic ‘can-do’ nature, attention to detail and near-term commitment to creating the ‘best’ guest experience, benefits business and enterprise. Market equivalent. We present to you the World’s Best Hotel General Manager 2015.

Best Hotel Manager In The World

Best Hotel Manager In The World

It’s not hard to cover the praise of Pierre Barthes, who we chose for the title of General Manager of the World’s Best Hotel in 2015. Travel websites such as TripAdvisor track the quality of hotels offering berths, and social networks from Linkedin to Facebook bear glowing signs. managed.

What Does A Hotel Manager Do?

Thoughtful and well-spoken by tourism, private and public business leaders and colleagues who worked with him, the true praise of Barthes’ worship comes from the god of all hospitality – the guest!

“You know when he is the general manager of a hotel, because everything is as it should be. There is perfection in product and service. He stretches the meaning of the famous Mandarin Oriental service, which others have yet to reach. The standards he has set.” said a longtime fan and enthusiast.

“Guests are at his roots and with his right attitude towards people, Pierre is an all-round value owner,” said the CEO.

“Pierre overcomes all cultural barriers, he has a sense of talent, he has the patience to train and work with staff at all levels. He can deal with problems and face crises well,” said another admirer of Pierre Barthes. The guest experienced his management style first hand in Macau.

Hôtel Des Arts Saigon

“Mr. Barthes takes care of the little people, that’s what we remember him for,” may be the best tribute to two reception staff at the Mandarin Oriental Macau (now Grand Lapa) (2004).

“He is a role model. He teaches us how to solve our problems without relying solely on others,” said an old friend of Barthes’s days in Hawaii (1998).

Barthes is still fondly remembered in San Francisco (2000), describing him as a ‘powerful force’ who was always faithful.

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Best Hotel Manager In The World

In New York (2004), Barthes’ realist approach to management remains the goal. Former colleagues proudly describe his management style as “a wealth of infectious enthusiasm”.

Intercontinental News, Vol. 5, No. 2, 1969

The Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur (2010) is also credited to Berthes and honors his high professional standards. “Although he has confidence in his team’s judgment, he constantly checks for consistency, which has taught us a lot about guest expectations,” said a food and beverage department manager.

“He wants everything from pizza to restaurants, from the gym to the ballroom. He has the ability to be loved, admired and feared at the same time, so I guess that’s a gift few general managers can possess,” he said. The brilliant M. Barthes.

“Pierre maintains the highest level of customer focus and thinks from the customer’s point of view. He pushes his team and the responsible people to improve their performance and the proper accountability and performance of the hotel. He is result oriented. And driven. He is relentless. Strives to achieve excellent results and constantly reviews business practices to improve productivity, quality and efficiency,” said the director of Pudong, MO, Shanghai.

Proud to have worked with him as Macau’s MO, a communications colleague said: “Pierre Barthes exemplified respectful hospitality with a deep knowledge of Oriental Mandarin culture as well as an extraordinary determination not to guarantee impeccable service levels.”

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We hear from an official at MOHG HR: “Pierre Barthes is a visionary leader who understands the needs of his customers and employees well. He focuses on providing high levels of service and a true luxury experience. Pierre has great respect for those who work for him.

But the biggest prize comes from an unexpected source – a waitress at the hotel’s cake shop. “Sir. Barthes is a Chinese on the inside and a Frenchman on the outside.” What greater reward can a foreign GM enjoy than one who clearly suggests the hearts of the people he serves?

“Every part of the hotel is something you present to your guests and are your true boss at any time. There is no act of service below a good hotel manager who is not afraid to lead by example.” – M. Pierre Barthes Friends and Enthusiasts

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Best Hotel Manager In The World

Few general managers influence celebrity guests like actors and business tycoons like Barths. Leading entrepreneur Dato Farah Khan, founder and chairman of Melium Group, Malaysia’s leading luxury retailer, put it this way: “I have been a regular customer of Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur for many years. I had the pleasure of personally meeting one of the most dedicated, hardworking, determined and focused GMs I have ever met. He not only lives and breathes his brand in his hotel, but is always recommending other Mandarin Oriental locations around the world. I congratulate him because he really deserves it. “

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Celebrity actress Michelle Yeoh said: “Pierre is the best! He’s a hotelier who loves his job and everyone who comes to him. Charming as he is by no means perfect, his thinking always takes away the boredom at home.”

“No secret. I think I got this quest for perfection from my parents. It became a habit because I kept giving the lowest job over the best. Yes, I’m a perfectionist but it’s not about ‘me’. It’s amazing speeches that touch the hearts and minds of the guests.” ​Creating Service I want my hotel staff to be the family you want to come home to, nothing less, in fact, nothing less!

“For me it’s all about authenticity. They say the crispy croissant has a special taste on the streets of Paris. Is it really? Yes, it is because it’s a great feeling to enjoy it with ice cream or a freshly baked baguette. “In the heart of France. It’s hot, it’s fun, it’s sexy!

“Every part of the hotel is something you present to your guests and in any case it is your real boss. He/she is the reason for working for you. I say, put your best foot forward because we do our best. Doing is a reflection of our power. .

Interview With Stephan Kapek

“Yes, lightning struck,” Barthes recalled. As GM of the Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur in 2012, Barthes suddenly interrupted a media interview to call his staff’s attention to a broken light bulb he spotted above a galaxy that lit up the ceiling. He then continued the interview as if nothing had happened. It lives up to Barthes’ “fix-it-now” management style.

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A humble scholar, Barthes credits the many professionals who influenced his work. “I was fortunate to work with hotelier Diier Le Calvez, who was the first ‘hotelier’ and now runs Le Bristol in Paris, as director of food and beverage at the Westin Galleria Dallas.

“Another standout in my career was Jim Treadway, my GM in Hawaii who went on to become president of Westin Hotels and Resorts.

Best Hotel Manager In The World

“Of course, another inspirational person who has greatly influenced my career is Edward Ettedgui, CEO of Mandarin Oriental. I am eternally grateful for his guidance, confidence and support during my darkest moments. He is an extraordinary professional and I continue to learn from him.

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“I also learned a lot from Wolfgang Hultner, former CEO of Mandarin Oriental America. During his ten years as CEO, Wolfgang opened corporate offices in San Francisco and New York and was responsible for the opening of six new hotels. “Mandarin Oriental in the US and Mexico and various hotel acquisitions. He is a great professional and it is an honor to serve him,” said Barthes.

“I admire Todd Lapidus (Founder and President of C3) for his global expertise in strategy, service innovation, vision, vision, brand design and process development. Continents. I admire his work.

“Nicholas Clayton, my team director of operations when I moved to Macau, was very encouraging and appreciative of my efforts to improve the company’s Service Level Reliability (L.Q.E.). He appreciated my desire to move our organization from ‘good’ to ‘good.’ Great’.”

“One man alone cannot produce all that essence, rich fragrance. You need a team of professionals who share your vision. Together, we can create a beautiful life for our guests and ourselves.” – Pierre Barthes General Manager World’s Best Hotel 2015. The Power of Love

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The seat of true hospitality is the spirit of loving another human being, says Pierre Barthes. “I think I got that love of hospitality from France—A

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