Best Hunting Trips In The World

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Hunting lodges have enjoyed a renaissance in popularity of late, if not for the activities offered there, then for the amenities and opportunities for outdoor exploration that continue to improve. Families interested in staying in a hunting lodge can expect horseback riding for the kids, swimming pools and daily activities to keep the whole family entertained. Adults looking for some time away from the little ones can find a variety of ways to escape the daily grind at any retreat on this list, whether it’s guided fly fishing or bird hunting in some of the best lands in the country, or enjoy the high quality cuisine offered everywhere. Whether for company, solitude or to reconnect with your wilder side, hunting lodges are no longer just for hunting, they are for walking, fishing, relaxing and most of all getting outside. 10 Native American Cabin Camping Hunting Lodges

Best Hunting Trips In The World

Best Hunting Trips In The World

While there are a few staples on this list of our favorite hunting lodges, many of these American lodges have revamped their offerings, from guided hunting and fishing trips to ATV adventures to five-star cuisine and spa accommodations. It’s like laughing, only better. 1. Broken Arrow Lodge-Alder, MT

Prime Whitetail Hunting

Located outside of Alder, Montana, the Broken Arrow Reservation sponsors guided trips for archery, elk hunting, rifle hunting and mountain lion hunting, all in the expansive Montana region. Guests pay for guided trips between 3 – 5 days (4 – 6 nights) and Broken Arrow Lodge offers luxury backcountry accommodation including brick tents, wood burning stoves, carpeted floors and full toilets and showers.

There are few “camping” experiences that match Broken Arrow’s attention to detail and expertise in the field. Trips are available year-round and vary depending on weather conditions and hunting restrictions for the area. For hunters who also use a fly rod, Broken Arrow Lodge also offers guided fly fishing trips. 2. Gray Cliffs Ranch-near Bozeman, MT

Another Montana staple, this lodge is located in the movie-famous Madison River Valley, best known as the setting for the iconic movie “A River Runs Through It.” With a variety of offerings from bird hunting to fly fishing, this hunting lodge is hard to beat because it combines the luxury of an established lodge with the excitement and ruggedness of the Montana wilderness. Set in over 5,200 hectares of land, visiting opportunities abound here, and optional guided hunts mean visitors can take to the fields at their leisure. Not to mention the food! 3. Three Forks Ranch-Wyoming/Colorado border

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This Colorado game preserve offers over 50,000 acres of private hunting grounds, including large populations of deer, elk and antelope. In early fall, elk populations have been known to rise to as many as 6,000 head in this area, cementing its position as one of the top hunting lodges in the Wyoming/Colorado region. Along with offering exceptional access to otherwise private land, guests of Three Forks can enjoy five-star amenities such as a pool, fine dining, and an array of spa services. Despite its rural location, this hunting lodge is no stranger to luxury payments. 4. Flying B Ranch – near Kamiah, ID

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A little more rustic than its luxury counterparts, Flying B Ranch is tucked away in Lawyer’s Canyon in northern Idaho, just outside the small town of Kamiah. Flying B offers world-class hunting trips, including Orvis-endorsed guides and services as Wingshooting Lodge of the Year and an official, Orvis-endorsed fly-fishing lodge. With access to over 700,000 acres of Nez Pearce and Clearwater National Forest land, visitors are afforded the opportunity to experience some of the best backcountry in the world. 5. Harpole’s Heartland Lodge – near Nebo, IL

Specializing in whitetail deer hunting, upland bird hunting and waterfowl hunting, Harpole’s Heartland Lodge is a perfect Midwest location for a hunting trip or quick backcountry vacation. Located in rustic Pike County, Illinois, this hunting lodge offers much more than its hunting services and regular guests for weddings, group outings and other large-scale events. Its bed and breakfast-style facilities make it easy to stay even when you’re not hunting. With opportunities for horseback riding, ATVing, mountain biking and hiking, this Mississippi River Valley gem is a great choice for all types of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. 6. Brush Creek Ranch & French Creek Sportsman’s Club-near Saratoga, WY

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This western retreat is a hunting lodge in beautiful Saratoga, Wyoming. At the base of the Sierra Madre mountain range, Brush Creek offers a variety of activities for visitors, including the incredible French Creek Sportsmen’s Club. Set on just over 15,000 acres of land, guided hunting trips from French Creek include game and bird hunting as well as world-renowned fly fishing. Its location provides access to some of the most diverse acreage of any game reserve in the country, allowing hunters and avid sportsmen to enjoy the outdoors in countless ways. 7. Libby Camps-Millinocket Lake, ME

Best Hunting Trips In The World

One of the only East Coast hunting lodges on our list, Libby Camps is located on beautiful Lake Millinocket, home to hunters and anglers looking for their next big fish. The main lodge at Libby is mainly suited to fly fishing, although its hunting opportunities are certainly nothing to sneeze at. The refuge offers access and guided tours of the North Maine Woods, home to over 3.5 million (yes, million) acres of land and one of the largest grouse populations in the entire United States. In addition, visitors can also hunt black bears or moose, depending on the year, and Libby is a proud record holder in both of these species. Facilities at Libby Camps are slightly more rustic than the “luxury” hunting lodges on our list, offering small log cabins with wood-burning stoves around the main lodge with its high stone fireplace and group dining room. 8. Honey Brems-Larto, LA

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As game lodges go, Honey Brake is world class. Guests staying at Honey Brake have the opportunity to test their wingshooting skills at one of the largest flyway convergences in the country. Both the Central and Mississippi migration patterns converge over the Honey Brake, making it a wingshooter’s paradise. For those not interested in birds, the Dewey Wills Wildlife Management Area, right next to the 20,000-acre hunting area, also offers plenty of deer and wild boar hunting opportunities. Looking for accessories? The 13,000-square-foot retreat overlooks Lake Larto and offers 5-star dining filled with rich, southern seafood. 9. Deer Creek Lodge-Sebree, KY

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A premier bird hunting destination, Deer Creek Lodge is a hunter and angler lodge in Sebree, Kentucky. This southern backcountry retreat offers some of the best bird hunting in the South, with free, no-fee, no-fee guided tours and quail hunts that attract a large number of visitors each season. Other options include turkey hunting, pheasant hunting and duck hunting. With three different lodges to choose from, accommodations are perfect for groups of all sizes and preferences, including both the lake lodge and the famous Orvis-supported wingshooting lodge. Are you planning to quit bird hunting? Nearby Deer Creek Lake is a bass fishing paradise, with 10lbs regularly crushing your topwater, flies and bottom lights. 10. Joshua Creek-near Waring, TX

The 2018 Orvis Endorsed wingshooting lodge of the year, Joshua Creek is located just 45 minutes north of San Antonio. With acres of land overlooking the Guadalupe River and Joshua Creek, the hunting grounds here offer excellent access to a variety of terrain. Joshua Creek is unique in that it is one of the few hunting lodges that offers pheasant and European-style shooting, as well as seasonal quail, duck and dove hunting. In addition to hunting, Joshua Creek offers several cabins for larger parties and individual guests, all with premium amenities and rustic ranch decor.

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From the canyon visits at Mather Point to the towering peaks around the Bright Angel Trail, Arizona’s most remarkable national park has no shortage of sights… Many people think you need a lot of money to go on a big hunting trip. While money can certainly buy you some exciting hunting experiences, you don’t have to break the bank to have a great time hunting. Check out our list of budget hunting trips to find out how to have a great time on a budget hunting trip!

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