Best Places To Travel In The World Alone

Best Places To Travel In The World Alone – The thought of traveling alone can be intimidating if you’ve never traveled alone before. It’s easy to sign up for departure – only when you arrive at an unknown destination yourself does everything become real. But all initial doubts are fleeting. By the time you check into your hotel and hit the streets in search of your first meal, your nerves will have already given way to the excitement of a new place.

An important factor in mastering the art of traveling itself is choosing the right destination. Whether you’re embarking on an epic multi-country road trip or taking an impulsive city break, some places are better suited to solo travel than others. There are destinations that naturally lend themselves to solitude, and destinations where travelers naturally come together, making it easy to meet new people.

Best Places To Travel In The World Alone

Best Places To Travel In The World Alone

Best of all, there are solo travel destinations on every corner of the globe, so it’s just as easy to go solo in the dead of winter as it is in the height of summer. Here are 10 safe destinations for solo travelers, sorted by interest. Whether you’re into raves, chilling, hiking, or sightseeing, these spots are sure to get your solo travel adventure on track.

Safest Countries For Solo Female Travelers (+ 5 Worst!)

With mountains to climb, rivers to raft, ancient ruins to discover and jungles to explore, South America is the ultimate adventure destination. And winter in the northern hemisphere is summer in South America – the best time to visit Patagonia and the Andes. From well-trodden trails in Argentina, Chile and Brazil to pristine jungle trails in Ecuador and Colombia, the continent has something for every type of adventurer. You will definitely never have a problem with company on your trip to Machu Picchu!

Don’t be intimidated by the size of the continent – ​​with easy border crossings and well-established travel hubs, South America is ideal for independent overland travel. The established Gringo Trail, which leads to the most popular destinations on the continent, provides repeated encounters with other adventurers and good opportunities to meet travelers who are going in the same direction. This, along with the general warmth of the locals and the continent’s first-rate network of hostels, makes independent travel easy.

An epic solo travel experience: mountain biking down Bolivia’s infamous Death Road (the name is an exaggeration in case you were worried) and chatting with fellow riders over a few beers afterward.

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Whether you loved or hated Elizabeth Gilbert’s groundbreaking solo travel memoir Eat, Pray, Love, there’s no doubt that Bali has a special charm. The island’s artistic and spiritual center, Ubud, is where the author found love (and supposedly ate and prayed), and it remains a wonderfully relaxed place for solo travelers to relax, reflect and recharge. And Bali is a year-round destination – summer is peak season, but the island has a calmer, quieter charm in winter.

Best Places To Travel Alone In Europe

Nestled among emerald rice paddies fringed by mist-shrouded mountains, Ubud attracts hordes of solo travelers, meaning you don’t need to look under the microscope if you turn up alone for a morning yoga class or claim a table for one at one of the city’s health clubs vegetarian bars. cafes. To really take advantage of Ubud’s healing power (and for some serious solitude), head to one of the many spas dotting the lush hills that surround the city.

An epic solo travel experience: Get up extra early before the heat rises to join a holistic class – you’ll find lessons in everything from yoga to meditation, and can follow up with a massage at a tried-and-true spa like Taksu Spa.

Some say you’re more likely to get into Berghain, Berlin’s most famous nightclub, if you come alone. Whether that’s true or not, the rumors show the German capital’s natural affinity for solo travelers. Legions of independent city travelers are drawn to Berlin’s well-earned reputation as one of the friendliest and most inclusive cities in Europe, as well as its famous nightlife.

Best Places To Travel In The World Alone

Berlin is one of the best places in Europe to party, with a collection of huge clubs and graffiti-strewn beer gardens, but clubbing is just one of the many things to do in Berlin. Stunning history surrounds you from the moment you arrive, from the Brandenburg Gate to the Holocaust Memorial, while quirky cafes, cool shops, weekend flea markets and a growing food truck scene provide quieter pleasures. Berlin is an easy place to wander on your own or join a tour with company.

Solo Vacations: 30 Best Places To Travel Alone

Epic Solo Travel Experience: Hit a bar or nightclub and see where the night takes you. For some guided enjoyment, join a beer tour with Brewer’s Berlin Tours or the Berlin Craft Beer Experience.

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A small group tour can take the stress out of organizing an African safari © Emily Marie Wilson / Shutterstock

Have you always dreamed of seeing gorillas in the jungles of Rwanda, meeting a Maasai chief in Kenya, or seeing the “Big Five” in Tanzania, but were daunted by the logistics of tackling East Africa independently? Group travel can simplify the experience of visiting this beautiful area of ​​the world and provide a buffer for the sometimes challenging experiences that Africa can offer first-time visitors.

The East African tourism infrastructure is well developed and it is quite possible to travel alone in most of the countries here (especially in Kenya and Tanzania), but if you join a group tour, you can arrange many big game safaris in several countries without incurring any additional fees for solo travelers or faced with the daunting prospect of organizing multiple tours and transfers.

Travelling Alone At 18 Was The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done

Best of all, tours to these popular destinations attract a diverse group of travelers, meaning you’re much less likely to be the only solo traveler squeezed in between couples on the move, or the only 20-something on a bus full of empty ones of horses.

Epic Solo Travel Experience: Catching the Great Migration from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya – a near miss

The Unearthly Gardens by the Bay is one of Singapore’s many attractions that are great to explore on your own © FuuTaMin / Shutterstock

Best Places To Travel In The World Alone

With a wide variety of cultural attractions to explore, a growing collection of hostels and B&Bs, loads of free things to do and one of the best public transport systems in the world (including excellent airport links), there’s little more stress-free independent travel. as landing at Singapore’s award-winning Changi Airport on a tropical afternoon.

Best Places To Travel Alone

Whether you choose to take an audio-guided walking tour of Chinatown’s heritage center, observe the otherworldly Gardens by the Bay, take a dip in the luxurious rooftop pool, or join the hordes that feast on Singapore’s hawker restaurants, the city is perfect for solo travelers. travels. An added bonus is the city’s cosmopolitan attitude – the locals don’t bat an eye at the daily influx of foreign visitors, and there are few hassles and scams to worry about.

Epic Solo Travel Experience: Check out the cozy cafes and quirky shops of the 1930s gentrified residential area of ​​Tiong Bahru.

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From ancient icons like the Colosseum and the Roman Forum to the towering masterpiece of Renaissance architecture that is St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome’s cityscape is a kaleidoscopic canvas of artistic style, architectural marvels, and historical marvels. Whether you’re visiting for two days or two months, there’s so much to see that there’s little risk of getting bored.

Although English is not as widely spoken as in some European countries, it is difficult to feel alone among the 14 million other tourists who visit this cultural center every year. Dining solo means you only have to worry about one palate being satisfied at Rome’s stunning restaurants. But don’t pack too much into your itinerary, as Rome rewards relaxation; Socializing with strangers over a glass of wine at sunset is an important pastime in the Eternal City.

Top Spots For Solo Travelers At Any Time Of Year

An epic solo travel experience: visit St. Peter’s Basilica and wander the 7 km (4.3 miles) of art-filled halls that make up the Vatican Museums.

One of America’s trendiest hubs, Portland has all the cultural benefits of a big metropolis, but the intimacy of a small town. This loving relationship resonates in the city’s urban wineries, microbreweries and coffee shops, where conversation flows faster than drinks can be poured. And with its mix of small, friendly neighborhoods, this laid-back city is easy to discover one district at a time.

This bastion of counterculture is more than its love of a good chinwag, with a range of whimsical attractions highlighting its quirky streak, from a museum dedicated to mammals to the city’s herd of goats. It’s also easy to navigate, with good public transport and a popular bike-sharing scheme. And while Portland is known for its artisan restaurants, there’s a more sociable—and undeniably fun—way to eat at the city’s roughly 500 street food carts.

Best Places To Travel In The World Alone

Epic Solo Travel Experience: Exploring Alberta’s Arts District; for the company of fellow art enthusiasts, time your visit to coincide with the Last Thursday Art Walk.

Best Places To Travel Alone In The World…

A cooking class is a great way to meet other travelers in Chiang Mai © John and Tina Reid / Getty Images

It’s a no-brainer, but for single parents, there’s one destination above all others for travelers who see the world through the lens of a knife and fork. Capital city

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