Best Places To Visit In The World Beaches

Best Places To Visit In The World Beaches – When the world stops and hides in its place, now is the time to dream. Yes, we will travel again, but for now it’s all about travel. Whether you’re dreaming of a quick weekend getaway, surfing or spending that time at home dreaming of the trip of a lifetime, a pristine beach is always a good idea. For inspiration, here are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world from South Beach to Sri Lanka.

Cut off from the rest of Krabi’s mainland by high limestone cliffs, Railay Beach is only accessible by boat, making it one of the quietest and most beautiful beaches in Thailand.

Best Places To Visit In The World Beaches

Best Places To Visit In The World Beaches

Australia’s east coast is home to some legendary beaches – Whitehaven Beach in Trinity is a paradise in particular. On the west coast, Turquoise Bay in Cape Range National Park is equally stunning. Just watch out for those sharks.

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While the Olympic National Park coastline is more rocky than sandy, Ruby Beach is still worth a visit for the views alone.

One of the best snorkeling spots on Kauai’s North Shore, the coral reefs at Tunnels Beach are suitable for divers of all skill levels.

Located on the Jurassic Coast between Swanage and Weymouth, this natural limestone arch is the perfect secluded cove for your next Insta-worthy travel story.

There are too many beautiful white sand beaches in the Seychelles to count, but Source d’Argent in La Digue is known as one of the best.

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The ancient Mayan ruins overlooking the white sand beaches and blue waters of Tulum feel a world away from Cancun, which is only a two-hour drive north.

The 235-foot Haystack Rock dominates the Oregon Coast shoreline in Cannon Beach, which is also home to many art galleries and restaurants.

For those who prefer to go off the beaten track, let the sparkling pearl of Cala Goloritzè be your reward. This tiny beach, accessible by boat or sports excursion, is a dream destination for rock climbers (the rock tower at a height of almost 150 meters above the beach offers spectacular views) and for those who simply enjoy an unspoiled private retreat.

Best Places To Visit In The World Beaches

The huge sand dunes alone are a reason to book a trip to Walvis Bay. But you’ll also want to hit this beach on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast to see the wildlife – you’ll likely spot flamingos, seals, whales and even hyenas.

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With the rise of tourism in Myanmar, this coastal town on the Bay of Bengal has seen a lot of accommodation, but fear not it has lost its charm, it still retains the atmosphere of a sleepy fishing village.

Although San Francisco may not be the sunny beach town you’d imagine on such a list, Baker Beach is worth a visit for its breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Fair warning: the northernmost part of the beach is clothing optional.

This sandy beach is home to the world’s longest surfing competition and features some of the biggest ripped curls you’ll ever see. Towering cliffs provide a dramatic backdrop to the natural amphitheater of this beautiful Australian oasis.

Large granite boulders litter the beach at the southern end of Virgin Gorda, creating shallow pools that make the baths ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

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The luxury beach houses here may try to overshadow this coastline, but the beach itself is still the most beautiful part of this suburb of Cape Town.

If you’re looking for pristine beaches, head to the southeast of Sri Lanka to enjoy the wide sands of Tangla Beach.

Surrounded by cliffs, this small beach outside Lagos is one of the most beautiful in the Algarve region of Portugal.

Best Places To Visit In The World Beaches

Although Trunk Bay is St. John’s most visited beach, this quarter-mile stretch of pristine white sand on the island’s north shore is worth braving the occasional crowd.

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The UK has some great beaches, even if the weather isn’t ideal for sunbathing. Rosselli Bay at the tip of the Gower Peninsula in Swansea is particularly beautiful – just look at those flowers.

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In the Driver’s Seat: A Weekend of Love in Philly In the Driver’s Seat: A Weekend in Val di Noto Why Andy Bragani is a foodie favorite The best gift guide for a mountain or beach foodie? This is a question that usually comes up when trying to trace someone’s identity. Although this is often considered a strict dichotomy, a common denominator can be found between the two. The secret to that? Discover the most beautiful beaches in the world. While some of the most stunning seascapes center around just this—sand, salt, ocean, and reefs—many others include towering cliffs that also give mountain lovers something to look forward to. So whether you’re dreaming of your next big vacation or ready to take the plunge and book an instant vacation, we’re here to help. Before you, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, scattered from Hawaii to Thailand and Belize to Australia – and everywhere in between. The only question is, which beach will you visit first? Or, better yet, how far have you traveled so far?

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Between the coastal towns of Goa and Carboeiro is Portugal’s “golden coast”. Praia de Marinho is considered one of the most spectacular beaches in Europe due to its orange limestone cliffs and sparkling blue waters. Although the beach is quite small, there is a lot of fun walking along the coastal cliffs and snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea

Placencia Beach is located at the tip of the Placencia Peninsula along the southeastern tip of Belize. Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and a mature rainforest, Valencia has much more to offer than just sand and sun. The palm-fringed paradise is home to a magical fishing village, waterfalls and Coxcombe Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the world’s only jaguar sanctuary.

Best Places To Visit In The World Beaches

Also known as Shipwreck Bay, Navagio Bay, Zakynthos, Greece boasts sparkling blue waters surrounded by towering cliffs. According to reports, this is one of the most photographed places in Greece – and it’s easy to understand why. One thing is worth noting: it is easiest to reach it by water.

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St. Lucia may have world-class beaches, but the beach itself is best known for the massive pythons (old volcanic plugs) that tower in the background. Talk about a beautiful background.

Looking for clear waters full of diving adventures, surrounded by palm trees and mountains waiting to be explored? Ka Phi Phi in Thailand is calling your name.

Granite rocks surround this picturesque beach with pink sand. Covered in lush vegetation and surrounded by pure turquoise waters, Anse Source d’Argent in the Seychelles is a sight to behold.

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It is likely that at least once in your life you have had images of the Maldives as your computer screen saver. The beach paradise is famous for its clear blue waters and winding oceanfront promenades.

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You don’t have to travel outside the United States to discover one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Instead, head to Hanalei Bay in Kauai, Hawaii to surround yourself with green mountains, turquoise water and white sand.

Virgin Gorda is a unique Caribbean beach due to its rock pools that create wonderfully refreshing pools. If white sand is your goal, head to nearby Spring Bay or Devil’s Cove.

Hoping to explore the forest and coral reefs on your next beach vacation? Consider a trip to Ora Beach, Maluku Islands, Seram Island, Indonesia. The water huts alone will keep you coming back again and again.

Best Places To Visit In The World Beaches

This white sand masterpiece is known as the Whitsunday Islands and is located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef in northeastern Australia. Although the water is the first thing that draws attention, the surrounding mountains are dotted with hiking trails, so all kinds of adventures await.

Best Beaches In The World In 2018, According To Travel Experts

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Champaign Beach boasts white sand beaches so soft you’ll want to walk the beach all day. One thing to note, the beach is often visited by tourists from Australian cruise ships, so get there early to beat the crowds.

Take a deep breath as you relax in an overwater bungalow next to pristine white sand beaches shaded by palm trees. In the clear water you will find a bright coral reef, perfect for snorkeling.

If an exciting beach vacation includes a lighthouse view, be sure to add Byron Bay, Australia to your list. Located on the northeast coast of Australia, Byron Bay is famous for its pristine beaches, wildlife safari tours and more.

Moore Island is considered the pearl of France with white sand beaches, clear blue waters, green and vibrant rainforests and plenty of hiking trails.

Best Beaches In The World To Visit In 2023

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