Best Places To Visit In The World Solo

Best Places To Visit In The World Solo – I spent most of my twenties traveling the world alone. For all the years I’ve spent on the road out of a suitcase, I’ve never regretted it for a second. Even when I mountain biked down the death trail in Bolivia, or jumped off the world’s highest bungee jump in Macau. No matter how nervous or scared I was, each leap of faith was a step toward becoming who I am today. I wouldn’t change a thing! If I’ve already convinced you to travel alone (or maybe you don’t need convincing), here are the best cities in the world to travel alone.

Tokyo will always be one of our favorite cities in the world. But why is it so great for solo travelers? Nowhere is it as big and exciting but humble, friendly and good-natured as Tokyo. Add to this the possibility of being completely anonymous, and Tokyo is a great city to explore on foot and on public transport without ever feeling unsafe or uncomfortable.

Best Places To Visit In The World Solo

Best Places To Visit In The World Solo

At first glance, Tokyo can be intimidatingly large. It may seem intimidating at first (just in terms of size), but there’s such a sense of security and calmness in the chaos that you’ll quickly feel at home.

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Tokyo is a year-round destination, but if you love color and beauty, you can’t beat the cherry blossom season in the spring and the foliage in the fall.

I have always had great experiences in New York City. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or family, but it was always a lot of fun. New York is one of my favorite cities to travel to solo for a handful of reasons. That means endless activities available, museums to tour, bars to hit up in the East Village, bakeries to discover throughout Manhattan and further afield. There is so much to do! It is also a great city for solo travelers due to its diversity. People from all walks of life – all levels of education, all races, all ages, and all kinds of interests come here to New York City. So, whoever you are, you are sure to feel comfortable and accepted in this melting pot of cultures.

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When to Go: Shoulder seasons are the best time to enjoy New York City. Although less crowded, April and September have delicious weather.

It’s impossible not to love a city like Melbourne. Melbourne showcases its cafe culture, the best brunches (in the world if you ask me), al fresco social dining and a beach not too far from the city. Being such a social city, Melbourne is the perfect city for solo travelers who want to meet other travelers, interact with locals and become a part of the city overnight.

Best Travel Destinations In The World For Solo Travelers

When to go: Summer is when the city comes alive, especially when the Australian Open comes to town in January. However, if you want to avoid the crowds and high season prices, head to Melbourne in March or April to enjoy the city before winter sets in.

I’ve been to Vancouver a few times now and no matter how many times I visit it never gets old. Vancouver is a very young and youthful city, making it a great choice for travelers in their 20s and 30s who want to mingle with the locals. You’ll find plenty of expats in Vancouver, with many Australians working year-round at the nearby Whistler ski fields.

In terms of things to do, the city of Vancouver can be explored in just a few days. Being more compact than other cities (like Toronto) the city is easy to get around on foot. But be sure to rent a bike for the day and ride around Stanley Park. This urban oasis truly feels like the heart of Vancouver and deserves at least half a day to explore (it’s huge!).

Best Places To Visit In The World Solo

When to go: March-May and September-November are the best times to enjoy mild temperatures and low hotel rates.

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The first time I visited Amsterdam I was traveling alone in Europe. It’s not my first time visiting Europe, but it’s my first time in the Netherlands. From that first trip, I was hooked! I’ve been back to Amsterdam twice since then and it still feels like the most romantic and charming city in Europe.

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But don’t let that romance fool you (self-love party for one?) Amsterdam is a great city for solo travelers because it’s easy to get around and you can see the city just by walking. But if you want to take public transport to get to the other side of the city, Amsterdam has very efficient public transport that is easy to follow. Being a social city with lots of students and young professionals, meeting people and interacting with locals is very easy.

Paris is, and will always be, my favorite city in the world. Now I know that’s a big call, but I’m going to go ahead and stick with it! I love this city so much. Most of the time I’ve been in Paris, I’ve been alone. No matter how many times I visit, I never tire of it!

There are many ways to enjoy Paris solo. Start with a visit to the Eiffel Tower at sunset, with a pop of bubbles and a box of macarons to set the scene. When you feel like digging into your own shell, pick up a book from Shakespeare & Company. Park on Seine. Finally, on Sundays, there is no other place than Le Marais. Potter around the many cafes and patisseries throughout the day, and don’t forget to eat at L’as Du Falafel before you leave. I have dreams about those pita sandwiches!

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When to Go: I’ve visited Paris in all seasons, and no time of year is more enjoyable than April. Spring in Paris has an indescribable charm – you have to be there to understand it!

They say all roads lead to Rome and I have to agree! I have been incredibly lucky to visit Rome three times each time with a different travel companion. Not to take anything away from those tours, but I believe this is a city that can be enjoyed on its own. Why, you ask?

There is so much to enjoy in Rome – history to discover, culture to discover, amazing food hidden away in humble family-owned restaurants. It’s really an inner city because you know where to go.

Best Places To Visit In The World Solo

If you’re visiting Rome on your own, make sure you focus your days on discovering Rome’s famous landmarks. It’s a great way to focus yourself and keep your mind busy while your eyes wander and fill with excitement at every turn.

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Hong Kong was the first city I traveled to and then the first city I visited alone. I was only twenty years old at the time and on my way from Australia to Europe I stopped in Hong Kong, which I already felt comfortable visiting.

Since then, I’ve been back a few times on my own – it’s safe to say I still love this city. One of Asia’s most developed cities, Hong Kong is a mecca of skyscrapers, world-class restaurants and the funky nightclub scene of Lan Kwai Fong. With restaurants, bars and cafes always coming and going in this metropolis of a city there is always somewhere new to discover.

But what makes Hong Kong such a great place for solo travelers is the ease of the city. Public transport is probably the best in the world – cheap, efficient, clean and plenty of stops on the MTR. It’s also a bustling city with plenty of activities to offer visitors, from taking a tram to the top of Victoria Peak to a day trip to Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha in person.

When to go: October to December is the best time to visit Hong Kong. That way you can avoid the monsoon season and enjoy better room rates.

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Many of my top picks for the best cities to travel solo in Europe. Because the region is actually full of great cities for solo travelers! Another city I loved visiting on my own was Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

There is only one reason not to visit Copenhagen as a solo traveler and that is the city’s high cost. The city has a reputation as one of the most expensive cities in Europe, but luckily, hostels are plentiful and incredibly safe and clean. Apart from this, there are many great reasons to visit Copenhagen! The city is easy to walk around on foot, people mostly keep to themselves, and the city is beautiful to visit

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