Best Transport Helicopter In The World

Best Transport Helicopter In The World – For thousands of years, humans have envied birds’ ability to soar. We’ve thought about how to fly heavier-than-air machines, but they can’t fly freely in any direction like our avians. It took three decades after the Wright brothers’ first flight for our closest approximation to flight: what we call today the helicopter.

Some of these metal birds influence our lives in ways that we may not immediately recognize. There are other lesser-known legacies. So here’s our curated list of the 15 most important helicopters.

Best Transport Helicopter In The World

Best Transport Helicopter In The World

Germany made rapid advances in vertical flight in the 1930s with the design and construction of the Focke-Wulf FW-61, generally considered the first operational helicopter.

Top 10 Attack Helicopters

Professor Henrich Focke began designing what would become the Fw-61 in 1932, using the experience gained with the autogiro of the British manufacturer Cierva Autogiro. He built a model in 1934 to investigate a twin-rotor configuration with hinged rotor blades. By 1935, under government orders, Focke was able to develop a full-scale prototype using a trainer airframe (Focke-Wulf’s Fw-44) to mount the rotors on tubular steel struts on either side of the fuselage and the radial engine that drove the rotors. through gears and shafts.

Each helicopter has 3 hinged and tapered blades that use a cyclic pitch, a basic concept in helicopter control. A small fan mounted in front of the radiators was used only for cooling, not for pushing. The first of two Fw-61 prototypes flew on June 26, 1936 with Ewald Rohlfs as pilot. Focke’s helicopters proved the concept of vertical flight and autonomous operation, and became even more famous when German aviator Hanna Reitsch (pictured above) flew them indoors at the Deutschlandhalle stadium in Berlin in 1938.

Designed by the legendary Igor Sikorsky and based on his VS300 prototype, the R-4 set the pattern for a conventional helicopter with a lift rotor/single tail rotor configuration in vertical flight.

Developed and publicly demonstrated in 1940, it was adopted by the US Army in 1942. The R-4 set the first significant helicopter records, including a flight of 761 miles and a top speed of nearly 90 mph at 12,000 feet.

Helicopter Used To Transport Putin, Top Officials Crash Lands In Moscow

Experiments with the R-4 began almost immediately with the first deck landings on a ship built in 1944. That same year, the first attack helicopter rescue was conducted by Army Lt. of the 1st Air Commando Group. YR-4B (used) by Carter Harman; Pictured above) Sino-Burmese Theater: India.

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Pictures of bell 47 M.A.S.H. Each episode opens and sees him enlist in Korea and out as the H-13 Sioux. But its most important distinction lies in its approval for civilian use by the CAA in 1946.

The Bell Model 30 prototype, designed by Arthur M. Young, was the basis for the 47 aircraft, which first flew in December 1945. Powered by either a Franklin or Lycoming six-cylinder piston engine, the Bell 47 proved endlessly adaptable in 18 variants, serving as everything from lunar lander trainers to dust machines for the Apollo program. In 1958, Bell 47, leased by Los Angeles television station KTLA, made the first successful video broadcast television flight as the station’s new “telecopter.” Built under license in Japan and sold worldwide, more than 1,000 of the 5,600 produced are still in seaworthy condition.

Best Transport Helicopter In The World

In the early 1950s, French state-owned manufacturer Sud Aviation experimented with various rotary wing designs, including the SA 3120 Alouette light helicopter. The Alouette prototype broke helicopter speed and range records, but government support was minimal.

Somewhere Between A Shared Cab And A Private Jet, It’s The Commuter Helicopter

To gather French support and further improve performance, Sud paired another design from Sud (the X.310G) with a single-shaft turbine developed by Turbomeca founder Joseph Szydlowski. The resulting Alouette II flew in March 1955, becoming the first jet powered helicopter. He began breaking records almost immediately, setting a helicopter altitude record of 26,932 feet in June of that year. The Alouette II became the first helicopter to perform mountain rescue, rescuing a climber at 13,000 feet in the Alps, and gained attention in 1957 when it searched for the crew of a downed Sikorsky S-58 on Mont Blanc. above).

The SA-313 went on to serve in 47 armed forces and had the distinction of being the first helicopter to be equipped with anti-tank weapons and ammunition (Nord S.11s). More than 1,500 Alouette IIs were produced in 1975, including license versions built in the US.

The UH-1 Iroquois, nicknamed the UH-1 Iroquois, is the epitome of a helicopter for people around the world. Its association with Vietnam in history and pop culture ensured its status and revolutionary use by American forces. More than 16,000 military and civilian examples of the Huey family were built, and production continues today with the military UH-1Y and the civilian Bell 412.

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Bell 204 was born, A main rotor with two The single-shaft turbine design met the military’s early 1950s requirements for a medical evacuation/instrument trainer/general purpose helicopter. Selected from 20 competing designs in 1955, it overcame the problems of early cockpit structure and insufficient power to become the US military’s first turbine-powered helicopter.

Top 10 Largest Military Transport Helicopters

Officially named the “Iroquois” by the military, its familiar “Huey” nickname was derived from its earlier HU-1 designation. Bell actually dropped “Huey” on the helicopter’s anti-thrust pedals, with the moniker sticking tight. Its use as a MEDEVAC in Vietnam; support Fighter and transport aircraft changed the way modern armies fought. The Air Assault/Air Cavalry concept was based on the Huey and the insertion/extraction techniques pioneered to this day as the basis of Special Forces operations.

The first Mi-8 transport helicopter flew in July 1961. It is still in production today with over 17,000 workers. Used in about 80 countries, “Hip” (its NATO code name) is said to have been inspired in 1959 when Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev visited the US and rode in a Sikorsky S-58 presidential helicopter. When he returned to Mother Russia, he ordered a helicopter similar to the one developed for President Eisenhower’s trip.

Designer Mihail Mil used Khrushchev’s wish as an opportunity to develop a new transport with two turbo shafts. With two 1,500 hp Isotov TV2 turbines and a newly designed gearbox, the Mi-8 can carry 24 soldiers or 12 stretchers. Although production began in 1964, the Soviet military was not interested until Vietnam showed the value of rotary-wing aircraft like the Huey.

Best Transport Helicopter In The World

In 1967, the Soviets quickly produced the Mi 8. Over 35 types of military/civilian transport including the more powerful Mi-17; It was used for everything from armed reconnaissance/artillery and heavy civilian aviation to dropping a failed reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor. The Mi 8 is not only one of the most produced helicopters in the world, but also one of the most produced aircraft of its time.

Uh 1p Huey > Hurlburt Field > Hurlburt Field Fact Sheets

The CH-47’s tandem main rotor arrangement is directly related to its role as a heavy tactical helicopter. Mounted on pylons atop each end of the Chinook’s hull, the 60-foot-diameter rotors spin in opposite directions, resisting torque and eliminating the need for a tail rotor. All of the power from the two Lycoming turboshafts on either side of the stern can be used for lift. Independent rotor alignment makes the CH-47 less sensitive to changes in center of gravity and more stable when weight is added or removed: all good when lifting cargo or troops.

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Developed in the late 1950s by Boeing Vertol from the Model 107 (which became the CH-46), the Chinook carried troops in Vietnam, as well as mounting artillery and supplying ammunition over impassable mountains. . . The Model 47’s large cargo hold initially led crews to overload and carry loads below the required experience. But it has become an invaluable tool in Southeast Asia, and the development of the latest CH-47F shows that it remains so today. The Chinook is also the third fastest helicopter in the world at 196 mph.

Bell JetRanger Almost everyone who grew up in the West; in the sky television, It’s instantly recognizable to almost anyone who’s been in movies and newspapers for five decades. 1970s high speed chases at 55 mph; Live local TV news; Whether transporting emergency medical patients or transporting celebrities to events. The Bell 206 family defined the light corporate helicopter.

Ironically, it was born as a military aircraft in the 1960s in response to a demand for a light reconnaissance helicopter. Bell’s twin-turbine single D-250 prototype (YOH-4A) lost out to the Hughes OH-6, but the company decided to market it as a civilian aircraft, redesigning and self-funding the larger 206A. First flight in 1966. By 1973, over 1,000 had been sold in the civilian market, the Army selected it as a new observation helicopter (OH-58A) and the Navy selected it as a training helicopter (TH-57A).

Things You Probably Don’t Know About The Ch 47 Chinook

Subsequent variants of the LongRanger improved performance and performance, with more than 7,300 built. In 1982, the 206L completed the first helicopter flight around the world in 29 days.

Attack helicopters are a mainstay of modern militaries, but it wasn’t until the Vietnam War that a truly dedicated attack helicopter was fielded, the AH-1 Cobra.

In the early 60s, the Tatmadaw included a requirement to establish aviation brigades.

Best Transport Helicopter In The World

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