Best Travel Around The World Books

Best Travel Around The World Books – These 100 best inspirational books will take you to another time and place and make you want to travel the world. 100 Best Inspirational Books That Will Make You Travel the World

Except maybe a good book, there is nothing I love more than travel. But when two of my favorite things collide and I find so many inspiring books that make me want to travel, there’s nothing better!

Best Travel Around The World Books

Best Travel Around The World Books

I love learning about destinations and some of the best travel guidebooks have been on my shelves and in my backpack for years. These travel books have been my faithful companions for many years and in many countries. While these are good and informative, these are stories that make me want to travel and bring back the images they paint in my mind.

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It has been proven that most people learn better through stories. That’s why we tell children fairy tales, fables and fables and read children’s books about travel and adventure such as Robinson Crusoe and The Jungle Book. Some of the most inspiring books I’ve read are told from the perspective of someone from a different culture and a different time.

Good inspirational books and stories are good for our brain and soul, teaching us about different lives, different cultures and different ways of thinking.

I’ve read so many amazing books that I want to travel to the places they’re set in, sometimes I wonder if I should stop reading so I don’t feel the need to travel so often!

I know I’m not alone in this reading/travel addiction. I ask some of my travel friends to tell me about books they’ve read that inspire them to travel. I love the list they made. There are some amazing places here that I didn’t even think about traveling to. Now I read it to really increase my appetite! For better or worse!

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I hope this list of the best travel books inspires you on your next adventure. Or if you’re on an adventure, these are the best books to read while traveling! So, grab a cup of tea and your Amazon wishlist and get ready for an amazing journey through the written word!

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These are inspiring books that have inspired many to change their lives and spend more time traveling.

Daring Dako has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and pursue my dreams of starting an online business where I can work remotely from anywhere in the world and travel full-time with my family. If you haven’t read any of Brene Brown’s books, you should because they will change your life!

Best Travel Around The World Books

Jen Mitchell of took time out from her busy family life to travel solo, inspired by the book Eat, Pray, Love. She feels that taking time for herself is paramount to her happiness. They say, “A happy mother, makes a happy and healthy family.”

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One of Jen’s favorite quotes from the book is “Happiness is the result of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, ask for it and sometimes look for it in the whole world. Jen finds joy in meeting people, tasting food and adventuring around the world, including visiting Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and more. He said, “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and travel alone. You will discover yourself more than any other experience in life.

It has helped many families escape the rat race and live the life of their dreams by ditching the 9-5, taking mini-retirements, and short bursts of hard work. In this book, Tim explains everything and explains how to live the life you want.

After reading The 4-Hour Work Week, another very transformative book, I read The Tramp by Rolf Potts, recommended by Tim Ferriss. Although I already had a desire to see the world, this book really inspired me to do it. Traditional travel photos look great, Rolf inspires me by making travel a lifestyle.

In Vagabonding, Rolf talks about traveling as a way to take time out from ordinary life. Instead of the usual 1-2 week vacation spent at a resort, they taught me about long trips, whether it was six weeks or a year. He encouraged me to find solace in actionless adventure, discovering the world on my own terms. Wanderlust is one of my favorite books and since I opened the book, I have been to over 35 countries covering 6 continents. After seeing a decent part of the world, I decided to get to know my own country better and went on a 150 day trip to experience the best things to do in Canada, coast to coast.

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World’s Best Travel Experiences: 400 Extraordinary Places: National Geographic: 9781426209598: Books

The Poisonwood Bible was a real eye opener and I learned a lot about the Congo. This history and trials, some tragic, continue to this day. Kingsolver paints such a vivid picture that you can almost imagine it being there.

Ever since I read the Danish writer Karen Blixen’s book Out of Africa I was amazed by her very detailed and vivid descriptions of the African plains and savannah. The author gives such a realistic description that once I can’t help but want to see it myself.

Since then I have been on many safaris in many conservancies and national parks in Kenya, some in the same way that safaris used to be: mobile tented camps, with fine china and sunset drinks. day around the campfire. Although I did not find the spirit of those times and the romance experienced in the book in the mountains of Kenya, I have memorable stories to take home.

Best Travel Around The World Books

A House in Fez by Suzanne Clark is the story of a couple on vacation from Australia to Fez, Morocco. He fell in love with the city and decided to buy and restore a historic and dilapidated riad (a traditional Moroccan house with a central courtyard.) to make it his second home there.

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This renovation project turned out to be more challenging than first anticipated. From the frustration of finding reliable workers and dealing with local merchants to the excitement of dealing with government red tape to the overwhelming curiosity and idiosyncrasies of dealing with often annoying, but lovable neighbors , the couple repeatedly tested their patience. limitations.

However, with a lot of determination, perseverance and hard work, with more time and money than planned, the ride was eventually restored to its original glory. And in the end, the couple realized they had created lifelong friendships and an undying love and admiration for Morocco along the way.

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Interesting tidbits about the architecture, religion, traditions and way of life in Fez are interspersed in the story. The insight I got from reading this book makes me want to visit Fez more than ever. And after finishing the book, my daughters and I spent three wonderful days there. The House of Fez is inspiring, funny and informative, and I recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going to Fez, is planning to visit, or just experiencing the culture and people there. Minset is from the Oo family

Most people knew nothing about the genocide in Rwanda until the 2004 film Hotel Rwanda brought the tragedy to light in 1994. But Gorillas In The Mist, written by Dian Fossey, a legendary primatologist of his time, offers a glimpse of life in the “Land of a Thousand Hills” before it all goes to hell, brings Rwanda’s mountain gorillas into research and finally practices human contact.

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The memoir, written before Fossey’s murder in 1985, had a major impact on the wildlife conservation movement. And now his emotional descriptions of life with the gorillas in Volcanoes National Park finally inspired us to check out Rwanda in 2015. There are now more gorillas in Rwanda than in any other country, and the population there is actually growing. in large part due to Fossey’s remarkable work. Reading his book may inspire you to take a transformative journey for yourself!

I first read Michael Palin’s Sahara when I embarked on a year-long adventure around the world from Australia to Central America, Europe and Asia. This book describes the exploration of the entire sub-Saharan region of Africa, cities and deserts. I found it so inspiring that I soon changed our itinerary to include a trip to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, where we were able to visit the Sahara for ourselves. Other places in West Africa are now firmly on my bucket list and I look forward to visiting the region again one day.

This is probably one of the top inspirational books I have ever read. This is a story that comes from a time of great upheaval and change in South Africa. The Power of One is an English boy born and raised memoir

Best Travel Around The World Books

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