Best Travel Company Names In The World

Best Travel Company Names In The World – Dedication. Energy. Against. That’s what it takes to start a new business. You have a great idea for a business, you’ve started creating a plan, and you have a potential customer base in mind. You’re (almost) ready – all you need is a name.

A good company name should embody the feel of your brand. It should be unforgettable. It should remind employees why you are doing what you are doing.

Best Travel Company Names In The World

Best Travel Company Names In The World

You can pay a naming agency thousands of dollars to find a name that is new, trendy, industry relevant, memorable, and non-proprietary. But you’re just starting out and you have other priorities… so try to get some inspiration for yourself.

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Using a set of initials is a popular approach to naming your business. Many large companies use acronyms instead of their full name – it’s easier to remember. Take for example UPS (United Parcel Service) or BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). So if your business is called Pearce Marketing Agency, you should go with PMA.

One of the most creative ways to generate great business name ideas is to use a mashup. Think of two or three words that are meaningful to you and your business. Can they be combined in any way – either in pieces or as a whole? Some famous examples are TripAdvisor, Evernote (from “forever” and “note”) and Netflix (“internet” and “flicks”). A name like “SaladGo” quickly reveals that you run a restaurant that specializes in take-out salads…all in just three syllables.

Nike is one of the most famous brands… and in Greek mythology she is the goddess of victory. Other famous companies like Oracle, Hermés and Mars also have mythological names. If you’re wondering how to name a business using mythology, we recommend doing some research to see if there’s a mythological figure relevant to your business.

Maybe you run a wine shop – what can you do with “Bacchus” to name your brand? Or let’s say you’re preparing to launch a makeup brand – maybe you can channel Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty.

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Another creative way to come up with business name ideas is to incorporate a non-native language. This can make your business look exotic, exciting and memorable for potential clients. Maybe it’s a hair salon with a French name, or a tea shop with a Japanese name.

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It’s your business… why not include your own name? Many well-known brands use the creator’s name – such as Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (named after BenCohen and Jerry Greenfield) or Boeing (named after founder William Boeing).

Be inspired by the world – we assume you’ve heard of Amazon, the online shopping giant. It happens to be named after the largest river in the world.

Best Travel Company Names In The World

Try mixing ideas 5 and 6 – can you combine part of your name with part of a city like IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad? He mixed his name with his hometown of Elmtaryd Agunnaryd.

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Whether you’re collaborating with another entrepreneur or merging with another company, mix parts from both names to create a new one. When Twentieth Century Pictures and Fox Film Corporation merged, they simply became 20th Century Fox.

Have you been “Ali” your whole life? Use this as your company name for a personal touch. Or use your child’s name or nickname for a sentimental (and impactful) brand name. After all, Mercedes was named after the founder’s daughter.

Another way to come up with a company name is to take inspiration from a symbol or an important element in your work. A name like Naturol communicates the business and is easy to remember. (Small Businesses Win!)

When you think of your business, what words best describe it? Write down all of your options and imagine how those words could fit into your new logo or banner. Think 7-Eleven: the name immediately tells you what’s special about their store (they’re open daily from 7am to 11pm).

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You might have thought Latin classes at school were a waste of time… but what if you could use your insights to make a name for your business? This language is a great source of ideas for company names like Volvo (“I roll”) and Acer (“sharp”, “steady”). Choose a Latin word that represents your business, e.g. E.g. luxury for a luxury brand or sanus for a health food store.

Take a step back from the product and see if it reminds you of anything else. Maybe you’re starting a cosmetics business and notice that your makeup palettes look like flowers. Why not use in brand name?

A good company name should not be too long. If there’s a word or phrase that has a strong meaning to you, consider using parts of it in your brand name. Take Cisco, which was inspired by its founder San Francisco.

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Best Travel Company Names In The World

Add or remove a letter, or completely change the spelling of a familiar word to make your business name stand out. Take Flickr and Tumblr, for example—these brands left out the “e” at the end to create succinct, eye-catching names. Or choose a word essential to your business and invent a new spelling, like Reebok did – the sports brand was inspired by the word “Rhebok”, an African antelope.

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Naming your business can be a great opportunity to tell your business story. If there is a good story behind your company, you can tell it with your company name. Names like Virgin (the founders’ way of saying they were brand new to the business) were born that way.

Use your company name to remind yourself – and your employees and customers – of what you believe in. A name like “Nomad” immediately conjures up thoughts of travel and adventure.

If you’ve gone through the list and are still wondering how to name your business, why not take a page from Twitter’s book and choose a random word from the dictionary?

Once you’ve chosen the perfect business name, it’s time to take action. First, make sure it’s accessible – you don’t want your business to have the same name as a competitor. If your name is absolutely unique, secure a matching domain name, set up an Instagram handle, and even consider applying for a trademark.

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And for fun, once your business has a name, you can start promoting it with some basic marketing materials. Present your company name on postcards, business cards and much more. Keep your logo and font consistent to create a customer experience that’s on-brand from start to finish.

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Best Travel Company Names In The World

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International Women’s Day is March 8th – and we’re celebrating all month long with our Makers Market. We are pleased […]Here is the list of top 10 travel companies in India ranked by revenue. The travel and tourism sector in India continued to rank among the top 10 contributors to global travel and tourism GDP.

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In India, industry plays a significant role in economic and social terms, generating US$247.3 billion in 2018, growing by 6.7% and contributing 9.2% to the country’s economy. It has also earned US$28.9 billion in foreign exchange, accounting for 5.4% of total national exports.

So here is the list of top 10 travel companies in India ranked based on total revenue.

International Travel House Limited, India’s Leading Travel Management Company. International Travel House Limited (ITH) started business in 1981 as India’s first publicly traded travel company.

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With a diverse product portfolio, an extensive national presence, a solid reputation for service quality and reliability (ISO 9001:2015 certified) and an enviable client portfolio, ITH has grown to become one of India’s most respected travel companies.

The company is ranked 10th in the list of top 10 travel companies in India. International Travel House Limited has a strong network of 39 offices in 19 cities across India. Select a city and associated office below to view contact information.

Travelguru is India’s leading travel website, bringing you the best prices on flights, hotels and holiday packages across India and the world.

Best Travel Company Names In The World

Travelguru makes planning and booking a holiday or business trip easy and convenient. TravelGuru is the ninth largest travel company in India.

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Travelguru’s current product offering consists of airline tickets, hotel rooms, holiday packages and cruises. The company will soon expand its services to offer a wide range of travel-related services, including car rental.

Expedia is one of the fastest growing online travel portals in Asia, offering travelers a comprehensive selection of hotels, activities and travel services for all budgets and all types of activities at competitive prices.

With over hundreds of thousands of hotel partners worldwide and an extensive range of flights on the site, travelers can book everything they need for a vacation – rooms for every budget, activities of all kinds and travel services to complement.

This website is operated by BEX Travel Asia Pte. Ltd., (“BEX Travel”), a Singapore company (UEN 201113337M), with its

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