Best Travel For Disney World

Best Travel For Disney World – There is no shade at the other Disney parks, but Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, has a unique appeal to many travelers, from families and groups of friends to couples, solo travelers and even in close groups like marathons. Discovering the unique magic of Disney’s four different theme parks and two water parks under the Florida sun comes from history and some planning—now more than ever. Guest demand has been at an all-time high since the travel crisis of the past few years, so it’s important to plan your trip to Disney World with a new — and we hate to use — word.

“Disney is always changing — it really is,” said Lauren Masarik, a Travel Agent with Intouch Vacations who has sold Disney vacations for more than 12 years and visits the park herself every month. “Planning your parking dates so that you can book your parking reservation is important to the rest of the plan,” he added. To help you update your 2023 itinerary, we spoke to several travel and media agencies like Masarik, who regularly plan family fun, and local experts. They’ve revealed everything from the best times to avoid the crowds to how to get the cheapest tickets, and other great tips to make sure you get the Disney dream. and avoid the Disney duds.

Best Travel For Disney World

Best Travel For Disney World

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Best Time To Visit Disney World (by An Orlando Local)

Here’s a quick look at the best and worst times to visit Disney World. We break down each category in detail below. Remember: the best trip depends on your needs, schedule and needs.

First things first: If you’re going to Walt Disney World, you should be prepared for crowds when you go. Many of our experts agreed that “sweet spots” or times when there are almost no crowds have all but disappeared lately, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your trip. research and planning for the day.

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Your best bet is to go when the students are familiar with the lesson or start after a break. “Avoid major holidays such as Christmas, Presidents’ Week, Holidays, Columbus Day and Thanksgiving to avoid

Generally, the least crowds are right after those school holidays, so you can expect mid-January, late April to early May and late August to late September when people don’t want to take their kids out of school. Other such times include the third week in November and the second week in December. “Remember that the school calendar is different across the country, so just because there’s a break in your area doesn’t mean the crowd will be less,” he advised.

The Best Things At Each Walt Disney World Park

The best times to visit Walt Disney World depend on the weather you’re looking for, Magnusen said. “If you like mid-70s to mid-80s, late October to late November or going into March gives you the best chance for that, but I tell your customers not to make decisions on price because that you don’t know.”

Those looking to experience Florida sunshine and fun will enjoy the summer months of May, June and July, advises Shannon Henson, Visitor Supervisor at Visit Orlando. But many of our experts suggested that the Florida weather during these months can be hot and unbearable. It is best to avoid it when traveling with adults in your group, or children who are less tolerant to heat. For the winter months, Henson’s is a favorite for everything from dining to outdoor activities like kayaking, boat tours and more, from December to February.

“I like October to November, which is cooler, but this time you go, you have to think about the hurricane season and the hurricanes that come often,” Veronica said. Gerosimo, member of ET Family Travel. “In Florida, it’s important to remember that it can rain every day, and unexpected heavy downpours should be expected. The winter months can be cold, but the temperature varies throughout the day even wearing a sweater — and maybe a scarf or gloves like we used to!—comfortably without the need for a jacket.” Net, net: You need to install tools for Walt Disney World that you can use and remove quickly.

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Best Travel For Disney World

With current high prices, if you want the cheapest tickets, now is the best time to visit Disney World

Disney Credit Card Review: Which Is Best For Theme Park Visits?

Although the price of theme parks and hotel rooms depends on demand, visitors usually find the best dates in late August or September. “Most of the year, ticket prices don’t change much,” Gerosimo said. “However, the most expensive days are Easter, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas holiday weeks.”

But you can also pocket a little more money during those peak times, especially if you plan to spend a few days in the park. All of our experts agree that the more days you visit Walt Disney World, the less you’ll pay each day.

There are many factors that may affect the best days to visit Walt Disney World, based on your availability, budget and interests, all our experts advise. “Also think about any special celebrations or holidays you enjoy, like Halloween and Christmas celebrations, or the amazing food festivals held at Epcot,” Gerosimo said.

“For reasonable customers, I always recommend late April to early May if they want to travel in the first half of the year or mid-November/mid-December to enjoy the holiday decorations,” Magnusen said, noting that when that he enjoys September in the park, hot and sticky weather and storms can hinder travel. usage was recorded at times when the crowd calendar said it would be the cleanest and that was weeks

Orlando, Florida: Walt Disney World Travel Guide, Theme Parks And More

As a frequent visitor to the park, early May is Masarik’s favorite time for great weather and low crowds, so pay attention to prices. it will be higher than the end of August/September, but you will see Orlando and Walt Disney. The world at some of its best prices.

While Disney doesn’t care if you visit the park, we asked our experts to look into their crystal balls to discover some of the worst days to travel there in 2023. Dates to avoid include the week between Christmas and New Years, if possible. Year, weeks before and after Easter, and most of March when it reaches its height. “Mid-March to mid-April will be full every day,” Magnusen said. Meanwhile, if you’re traveling during Thanksgiving or the week between Christmas and New Year’s, expect to pay the highest prices for tickets and accommodations for your trip. Mickey-centric.

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But it depends on what might affect your vacation, they all warn. “Think about weather and climate, and how it relates to your interests,” Gerosimo said.

Best Travel For Disney World

Travel agencies can provide you with up-to-date park information and changes, guide you through technology, and provide digital services such as item creation. restaurants and other special opportunities. They will also create a special route for your family, which will not cost you extra as a passenger, Gerosimo said. “Booking through me costs just as much as booking directly with Disney, but you get the benefit of the sponsorship and you’re supporting a win/win small business,” he said. Now some markets may be behind us.

Best Places To Relax Or Take A Break At Walt Disney World

Travel experts like Dr Terika Haynes, CEO of Dynamite Travel, offer a wealth of knowledge for their clients. He recommends arriving at the parks early, and consider staying on-site at a Disney hotel. “If you do this, you can take a break in the middle of the day. This will give you time to rest or just relax in your hotel – while avoiding the hot weather – and you can come back to the park later.” He said. While in the park, you need to stock up on food and drinks. , and Haynes advises customers to use the meal ordering feature on the Disney app, which will cut down on your wait time for grub so you can spend on it. fun rides and entertainment.

“Know where to spend your money and what you can add to your trip to make it special and special, Masarik said. “For example, you know how to use the My Disney Experience app and how to find special routes, Uses Lightning Lanes and Genie+. very important.”

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