Best Travel Helicopter In The World

Best Travel Helicopter In The World – We dream of epic adventures, of reaching that far-flung corner that seems completely unexplored, of observing stunning natural landscapes from a whole new perspective, of experiencing cultural wonders so far away that most people have never heard of them, let alone less they saw them. . . Helicopter tours can be the key to making this dream come true – efficient, easy and exclusive. According to adventure travel experts, some destinations are especially best explored by helicopter, and with carefully selected pilot-guides at the helm sharing the most stunning views and landing spots, travelers are set for the ultimate experience in these places . Below are our favorite helicopter tours around the world.

Kenya is particularly suitable for helicopter travel due to its extremely diverse landscape, culture and wildlife. By air, you can connect and discover the most interesting and beautiful places, from the Great Rift Lakes to the northern deserts to the Masai Mara plains and the Chyulu Hills.

Best Travel Helicopter In The World

Best Travel Helicopter In The World

You might fly to Lake Turkana, famous for attracting thousands of nesting flamingos, which turn its surface into a bright pink cloud. Experience the spectacular colors of Lake Turkana while watching flamingos at sunset, not to be missed!

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After a night at the luxurious and beautifully secluded Desert Rose, a lodge with five guest houses carved out of living rock, with open-air baths and spectacular views, take a helicopter ride to the massive Silale Crater and over sand dunes, painted cliffs and the hoodoos of the Suguta Valley.probably landing to meet the Pokot people.

On another day, you can fly over the northern part of Samburu country and land at the Singing Wells, where Samburu herders draw water for their animals from deep wells in the river bed while singing traditional songs. If you’re drawn to Mt Kenya, of iconic shape and size, you can drive around its twin peaks Batian and Nelion and along sheer cliffs and glaciers, looking down on the plains that lie some 12,000 meters below. Its crystal blue crater lakes offer excellent trout fishing and fly fishing.

In western Canada, untamed snow-capped mountain ranges explode above the ground and primeval forests tumble seaward into a maze of islands, fjords and bays. This charming part of the planet fascinates visitors with majestic mountains, ancient glaciers, giant cedars and a multitude of active wildlife. Helicopter and seaplane tours make it accessible and take you to luxury wilderness lodges from which to explore.

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Helicopters are on hand every day to take you further inland for a bird’s eye view of the deep blue crevasses and towering granite cathedrals of the Bugaboo Spires, to phenomenal hikes across vast ice fields and strewn meadows with wild flowers, perfect for a picnic. and reaches isolated rainbow trout spawning streams in the Great Bear Rainforest, one of the last large areas of intact temperate rainforest in the world. With or without helicopter assistance, you can also tackle a high alpine fixed climbing route; to communicate with the native Kwakwaka’wakw people; paddle board; kayak; watch out for seals, eagles, whales and bears; and simply soak in the stunning surroundings from the sensationally placed whirlpools.

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With few roads and limited tourist infrastructure, Chad is off the travel radar, but those intrepid who venture into this North African country are rewarded with sensational mountain and desert landscapes, incredible wildlife sightings and fascinating cultural encounters. For the ultimate, most all-encompassing look, opt for a 13-day helicopter adventure. Spot elephants and hear an inspiring conservation success story on a safari in Zakouma National Park. Then spend time exploring the stunning Tibeşti Volcanic Range, which crosses the vast Chadian desert and is dotted with fresh water springs, palm trees and ancient rock art, some of it 8,000 years old.

After flying over its highest peak, Emi Koussi, at 11,200 meters, you move into the Borkou region, which is 200 meters above sea level and forms the middle between the Sahara and the fertile lands of central Sudan. Soar over the sand dunes and spectacular lakes of Ounianga before landing on the Ennedi Plateau, where you walk among canyons, arches, bell towers and sandstone pillars carved by wind and water and study UNESCO-recognized prehistoric rock paintings. On the way, you might meet nomads feeding their camels at Guelta d’Archea, or some of the last remaining Toubou people, semi-nomadic shepherds of the Tibesti Mountains.

Nepal’s sensational Himalayas have been inviting mountain lovers for centuries. Today, probably the most technologically advanced form of trekking is helitrek.

Best Travel Helicopter In The World

Helicopter travel gives us the opportunity to experience the thrill of being on top of the world without having to go through the physically demanding and time-consuming experience of getting there the traditional way. State-of-the-art mountain helicopters allow you to fly very close to many of the main peaks of the Everest region, including 27,940ft Lhotse, 27,838ft Makalu and 26,864ft Cho Oyu.

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You can also hike to Everest Base Camp (16,900 feet) and have breakfast at nearly 13,800 feet, standing face to face with the great peaks of the Himalayas. For a more cultural touch, you can stop at Tengboche Monastery and spend time in the village of Pheriche, meeting the locals at its tea house.

An incredibly diverse island continent, Australia dazzles travelers with its signature wildlife (such as wolverines and kangaroos) and a range of stunning landscapes, from tropical rainforests and thriving coral reefs in the northeast to red deserts in the center to mountain ranges in the south and valleys full of vineyards and quiet beaches in the west. It’s a huge country and helicopter tours are useful if you can cover the miles and provide unusual perspectives. The iconic Ayers Rock (Uluru), for example, is particularly impressive when approached from the air. After a stop there, you can fly to the remote Pitjantjatjara land on Cave Hill to see magnificent cave paintings and explore Aboriginal songs (stories).

In Queensland, you can fly over the beautiful blue-green waters of the Great Barrier Reef, the largest living thing on the planet, and dive with colorful schools of fish. From Melbourne, fly along the stunning coastline to the Mornington Peninsula for a tour of a sustainable farm, a cooking lesson, tasting of local cheeses and fruit, and lunch with local winemakers. And from Sydney, a helicopter tour of the UAE’s Wolgan Valley offers unique access to the World Heritage-listed Greater Blue Mountains Wilderness Area. To extend your trip to Tasmania, board a private helicopter in Hobart and fly to the sublime Saffire Lodge on the Freycinet Peninsula, popular for its enticing white sand beaches and sumptuous geology, then continue to Cradle Mountain Lodge for a more sensational exploration and relaxation. .

Ethiopia is home to an amazing geography and a vast history spanning diverse religions and philosophies. To appreciate Ethiopia’s most amazing and least visited wonders, hop into a helicopter and fly north. First in the Tigray region, where ancient rock-hewn churches rise on steep peaks or hang from cliffs. By land – with long, demanding drives and challenging hikes on almost non-existent trails – you’ll be lucky enough to see one of these holy sites in a day, and by air you can reach some of the most popular spots in an afternoon . , not to mention enjoying spectacular aerial views of the layered mountains and sharp peaks rising from the plains. If you touch and enter the churches, you can meet their priests and see the colorful, centuries-old frescoes.

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Next, fly to the Danakil Depression, an otherworldly land of acid lakes, sulfur-colored springs, active volcanoes, and giant salt flats sitting on a geographic divide in the Great Rift Valley. You can float above the bubbling lava lake in Erta Ale’s southern crater and land near Danakil to see what it’s like to stand in one of the lowest and one of the hottest places on earth.

If you want, camp overnight and watch the bright orange and red lava showers roll across the dark sky. Then, when you return to civilization, keep an eye on the inhospitable land below you for the huge camel trains of the nomadic Afar people returning to collect salt.

New Zealand is renowned for its natural splendor and amazing bio, ecological and scenic diversity, and helicopter tours can offer visitors some of the most dramatic and breathtaking views in the country. On New Zealand’s South Island, don’t miss the chance to fly to the country’s highest peak, 12,313-foot Mount Cook – or Aoraki, as the Maori call it. You wind your way through rolling farmland and stunning turquoise lakes before reaching the majestic glacier-capped Mount Cook. After you sit down to learn about the glacier and enjoy a gourmet picnic, you can return to the skies and head towards Queensland along the western side of the Southern Alps, taking in the views of high ridges and beautiful, unspoiled landscapes .

Best Travel Helicopter In The World

Another top destination in the Southern Alps is Minaret Station, a family-run and luxury farm and lodge in a pristine glacial valley accessible only by helicopter. When you get there, you can relax

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