Best Travel Insurance World Nomads

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As travelers, we don’t always anticipate that something will go wrong on our trip, and more often than not, it doesn’t. But what happens when disaster strikes? This can be a very dangerous position to be in, and I hope none of you want to be in that position. That’s why I wanted to share my personal story and World Nomads review here to illustrate why it’s so important to buy travel insurance before your next trip.

Best Travel Insurance World Nomads

Best Travel Insurance World Nomads

Now, after almost three years as a World Nomads customer, I can honestly say that they are not only the best travel insurance for backpackers, but also excellent travel insurance for almost any trip – I wouldn’t do a flight or a period without them. Here is my story…

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I will never forget waking up in Hong Kong in the morning. 3 days after the visit, I was sleeping in my friend’s bed and he had already gotten up and gone to work.

Actually, it wasn’t just text. It was my mom’s snapchat messages, missed calls, and hidden messages. They all belonged to my stepfather. I immediately knew it was something

Wrong. My stepdad was trying so hard to get hold of me and it didn’t take a phone call to know it was related to my mom.

At that point I was about a month into my trip around the world, which was supposed to last about a year in total. In early February, I traveled to India to begin this exciting new chapter. Twenty-two days later, another destination on my list, Hong Kong, was cut without warning.

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The plan was to stay in Hong Kong for 6 days and then fly to Chiang Mai, Thailand to meet new friends I made in India. As you can probably guess by this point in the story, I had already booked a few nights at the airport to Thailand, but I had never actually been there.

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But I learned that my mother, who had been battling breast cancer for about 8 years (but seemed to be in a good place at the time), was hospitalized after a fall at night. The first time he had a seizure, he had no previous symptoms of cancer.

I was scared. And as far away from home as possible. I immediately got in touch and booked my first one-way flight back home, which was scheduled to leave in a few hours.

Best Travel Insurance World Nomads

This may not seem like a lot of money to some, but I quit my 9-5 job and completely destroyed my life for this travel dream. I counted on every penny I saved to make this dream come true. On the flight to Thailand, I spent several nights in a non-refundable hotel, and my total loss was $1,452, which was not the amount I thought I could lose in just one month of travel.

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Luckily I bought World Nomad travel insurance, but to be honest I was too distracted worrying about my mum to think about the price at the time. At the time, I never made a World Nomad statement, but I was sure they would

, so I didn’t stress too much about expensive flights. That was the last thing to worry about, besides the fear of losing my mother.

When I finally got home and went to a doctor’s appointment with my mom, still a little crazy and under the influence of seizures, the oncologists at UVA told me that her breast cancer had metastasized to her brain and her chances were bleak. . They gave him about 3 months of no treatment, otherwise he would be able to withstand “whole brain radiation” (I’m upset just writing that) and maybe extend his life by a few months. My family was nervous and desperate, to say the least.

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This is not to mention the story of our family’s trials and tribulations in the darkest hours before my mother died (she beat their prognosis by a year without whole brain radiation, but died on May 23, 2017). I will share more about my mother’s passing in due course. But in the hopes of saving some of you from future inconveniences, I wanted to share my personal story about why I’m so strict with travel insurance.

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You see, travel insurance isn’t just about saving money and having a back-up plan in case something goes wrong, it’s also about the most stressful times you’ll face while traveling. add that money to your luggage.

World Nomads took a lot of the stress out of me at that dark time in my life and I will never choose another insurance provider as a lifelong customer. They made the application process easy and understood all the hassles. Best of all: they reimbursed me every last cent I asked for.

It didn’t happen overnight, but after I pulled myself together long enough to file a claim with World Nomads, they gave me a full refund for last-minute flights, flights to Thailand, and hotels I never got off of. . The process was thorough and thorough, but it didn’t make me tear my hair out and scream at the person on the other end of the phone.

Best Travel Insurance World Nomads

The team at World Nomads did an amazing job of guiding me through the process, answering all my questions and making it as painless as possible, for which I am forever grateful.

Travel Insurance: Protect Your Trip

If you haven’t gotten the gist of this post yet, let me break it down for you. The answer is YES.

Traveling should be enjoyable – it should give you the best memories of your life. It’s simply not worth it to forgo travel insurance and risk putting yourself in serious financial trouble and completely ruining your trip or the chances of others in the future. What happened to me at the time was terrifying, but it was nothing compared to what I encountered on the road.

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I know you’ve seen the GoFund Me pages for people who have had accidents overseas and need money to get home. These are people who do not have travel insurance. People who don’t spend a few dollars a day will end up hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt if they don’t get help from others. I don’t blame them, maybe they didn’t know. But if you’re reading this, you’re learning from their mistakes. If you are seriously injured in another country and have to fly home, you may be trying to pay off that debt for years, maybe a lifetime. And it’s just not worth it.

But there are other reasons to get travel insurance. What if you accidentally drop your camera and it breaks? What if you fall off your bike and break a front tooth? What if I have to cancel an upcoming trip because of a terrorist attack? What if your luggage gets stolen and you’re without clothes for the entire trip? These are all things that can happen and you’ll be so glad you were prepared.

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I feel so lucky that the most I wanted in years of travel was this $1,500 flight and hotel expense, because I’ve heard worse stories and spent every dime on World Nomads. It has been worth it for my peace of mind ever since.

The best thing about World Nomad is that they make it super easy to get a travel insurance quote in under 30 seconds. You can try it yourself in the widget below! Then enter a few details about where to travel and voila!

Accepting the quote will give you the option to purchase either the Standard Plan or the Explorer Plan. The difference between the two is clearly shown below your list, and there are drop-down menus that explain each item in detail (I’ve included screenshots of what.

Best Travel Insurance World Nomads

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