Best Travel Movies In The World

Best Travel Movies In The World – If you want to curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watch a good movie, check out these unforgettable tales of adventure, horror and comedy. Grab some candy and invite your whole crew to learn, laugh and memorize some of the lines you’ve heard on the pier. In no particular order, here we go.

From a technical standpoint, Kurt Russell is pretty accurate, save for one sailing-related quirk. See if you can spot it. Any sailor worth their salt will remember most of the key lines, and as silly as it is, some scenes in this movie will be very real to anyone who has spent time on an old ship. .

Best Travel Movies In The World

Best Travel Movies In The World

A riveting 2019 documentary about Tracy Edwards and her all-female crew in the 1989 Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race. You can’t beat this true story for its grit and important history lessons. There’s also a touch of humor, if only among the great fashion and bad beards of the era.

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The story of a young couple on a yacht charter. As they head into the path of the hurricane, they become disillusioned and the rest is a story of pure will to survive. Shailene Woodley’s performance in this story is impressive. If you want your other half to go on a long trip, go it alone.

The 2017 film, featuring a very real and troubled Donald Crowhurst, focuses on the 1968 Golden Globes, the first one-man, uninterrupted rotation. Colin Firth captures the agony of impending failure as the film sets the Crowhurst’s grim voyage as it faces high seas and an uncertain future.

Based on a true tragedy in the 1960s. Jeff Bridges stars as the captain of a training ship and a group of wealthy new sailors, keeping a ship in order through discipline. It’s a disturbing study of what it means to be a sea captain when disaster strikes.

An eclectic cast of real America’s Cup drivers and stars like Matthew Modine and Jennifer Gray play out in this competitive tale. The plot is thin, the dialogue is stilted, the acting is spotty at times, but the cinematography is excellent. You can’t beat this movie for sheer beauty.

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Travel to the remote parts of the South Pacific with Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill to meet the villainous Billy Zane. It’s full of totally impossible scenarios, shipping errors and a young Kidman’s weird perm, but it’s a slightly twisted fun that will make the Oscars a reality.

Any happy hour can be fun. If you get the chance, watch the film’s two-hour making and admire the final product. Not everyone sees this movie as a comedy, but if you watch closely, you can spot some humor.

In 2009, the US-flagged container ship Maersk Alabama was hijacked by Somali pirates. Tom Hanks convincingly plays the captain of this hostage drama that was made into an award-winning feature film in 2013. It is a portrait of leadership at its most educative moment.

Best Travel Movies In The World

Finally, a classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller based on a John Steinbeck novel. After a German U-boat sinks a passenger ship, survivors join a German officer to pull a lifeboat out of the water. There has never been a more riveting study of group dynamics and human nature than this meticulously crafted, award-winning 1944 book.

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There are probably 50 other ocean movies worth checking out, so start with these and you’ll be a nautical movie buff in no time. Looking for one of the best off-road movies to watch? I hope this list of hiking movies was helpful to you!

They’re both inspiring and informative, the next best thing to tying up your shoes and stepping into real life.

You need a compelling storyline, stunning cinematography, and epic overall production values ​​to keep the excursions entertaining.

To make the decision easier, I’ve put together a list of the best backpacking and hiking movies about unusual things I’ve seen or heard about in the past.

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From Hollywood blockbusters about hiking to homemade hiking documentaries, there’s something for you.

You can find these excursion movies on Netflix, other niche sites, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Released in 2014, The Wilderness, based on Cheryl Strayed’s best-selling memoir, finally tells the story of resilience on long walks.

Best Travel Movies In The World

A wonderful book (and, in my opinion) not short enough for a really good hiking movie, following Wild Strad as he hikes from the Mojave Desert across the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) to Canada, alone but For your oversized bag.

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It details Strayed’s checkered and traumatic past, and recounts his reflections and self-discoveries during his travels in Canada.

As with most other things, expect to be moved, captivated, and inspired to go a long way alone.

As far as I can tell, it went from being a relatively obscure and little-known hike to a wildly popular route for anyone looking for a challenge!

If you’d like to see a film documentary about the PCT, check out Tell on the Hill.

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A documentary about the epic 2,663-mile trek from the Mexican border to Canada by a handful of intrepid hikers.

Each hiker documents the trip with a handheld camera, and you’ll get a unique, cliff-hanging view of the trail and complete 5/6 months of hiking.

Give it a watch, get some great shots of different landscapes, get the juices flowing, and try a hike for yourself.

Best Travel Movies In The World

With an epic soundtrack (courtesy of Eddie Vedder), Into the Wild tells the true story of Alexander Supertramp (aka Christopher McCandless), who, frustrated with society’s excess, inequality and incarceration, embarks on a long journey. Leave it all behind and go. An epic, tumultuous journey “in the wild”.

Best Travel Movies To Inspire Wanderlust

Emile Hirsch is excellent as McCandless, and the film itself is exhilarating, inspiring, challenging and sometimes moving.

I think it will appeal to people who are tired of the routine, yearn for adventure, and enjoy meeting interesting people.

Based on yet another incredible true story, Tracks won awards when it first came out in 2013. It follows the thrilling journey of an Australian woman, Robin Davidson, as she attempts to traverse 2,000 miles across the red dirt of central Australia.

Twenty-seven-year-old Davidson (Mia Wasikowska) leaves Alice Springs and heads west to the Indian Ocean with four camels and his beloved dog as companions.

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As you might expect, she battles inclement weather, notorious Australian wildlife and her own demons along the way.

Expect stunning cinematography, thought-provoking stories, and intricate looks to make some lace up their hiking boots, take risks, and test their limits in an effort to discover themselves.

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While it might not be the best hiking movie, A Walk in the Woods is still worth your while!

Best Travel Movies In The World

Despite a strong cast including Robert Redford, Nick Nolte and Emma Thompson, “A Walk in the Woods” opened to mixed reviews in 2015.

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It may not deserve an Oscar, but most agree that it’s well-constructed, light-hearted charm and wonderful chemistry between the characters!

As for its story, the off-road film is based on Bill Bryson’s best-selling book of the same name, which follows him and his old friend Katz along the Appalachian Trail. Trail) story of a 2,000-mile trek.

In addition to being easy to watch, A Walk in the Woods is said to be a cute, humorous story of a friendship who faces his own mortality in a more thoughtful way.

This time, though, it’s a homemade documentary about Chris Gallaway’s (filmmaker’s) seven-month journey on this unforgettable trip to Maine.

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I haven’t even seen it yet, and as far as I know, that fact is a huge failure for me! Well-crafted, personalized and full of beautiful photos, anyone who takes the time to view it can look forward to an honest look at the “grandfather of the long trail” and what it’s like to hike. .

With trail camaraderie, stunning wilderness, and constant trials and tribulations, it’s (as the trailer notes) “like you’re hiking without the blisters”!

Anyone who loves hiking has heard and said it countless times (nearly always more than 1.5 miles, needless to say!), which is why the makers of this documentary chose him as the title.

Best Travel Movies In The World

In the video, you watch a group of artist friends embark on an unforgettable month-long hike along the 210-mile John Muir Trail.

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Go for breathtaking scenery, inspiring vibes, and a newfound appreciation for the great outdoors.

The Way is one of two Camino de Santiago movies on this list! Check it out to see Martin Sheen at his best.

Martin Sheen plays a no-nonsense father whose only son decides to take the Way of Santiago (also known as the Way of St. James).

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