Best Travel Pillow In The World

Best Travel Pillow In The World – The bobble head, the ragdoll, the striped bird: these are all movements that you may be familiar with if you’ve ever tried to sleep while sitting on a plane, car or train. Without neck support and your body relaxed and flabby, your head tends to travel more during that particular flight or car ride than during your vacation. So that the constant swing does not cause neck pain that ruins your vacation, it is important to have a good travel pillow.

We’ve rounded up top-quality travel neck pillows, from ones that wrap around your neck to keep your big brain in place, to choices that offer a firm but soft surface to rest on. No matter the shape, each of them will say goodbye to bobblehead syndrome the next time you travel. (Here’s another travel tip: Check the CDC’s website for the latest travel safety guidelines when you’re on a plane this summer.)

Best Travel Pillow In The World

Best Travel Pillow In The World

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Best Travel Pillow In The World

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Whether you’re taking an overnight flight or riding shotgun on a road trip, a sturdy travel pillow can be the perfect sleeper companion on the road. But with so many options, how are you supposed to know which is which

So read on to explore my top five travel pillows, all of which I’ve personally tested. Plus, she gives expert tips and tricks for finding the best travel pillow for your body, budget and lifestyle. Let’s begin!

Trtl Travel Pillow Plus takes the original trtl Travel Pillow neck support to a new level!

First on my list is the trtl Travel Pillow Plus, the perfect choice for those who need extra head and neck support.

Best Travel Pillow Reviews By As We Travel

I think this pillow is the best for promoting healthy posture in an upright position. It features a scarf-like design and an internal plastic support system that works in tandem to keep the head and neck out of alignment.

Although it is true that a trtl travel pillow is very different from the U-shaped designs that are used, the plastic interior is less likely to compress compared to foam, polyester or other softer materials. Basically, the hard but flexible plastic helps keep your head, neck and spine in a safe and comfortable position, no matter how long your journey.

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And don’t worry – you can’t really feel the plastic against your skin because it’s buried under two thick pieces of memory foam. In addition, it is compact, weighs less than a kilo and is very easy to store when traveling. Check out my full Travel Pillow Plus trtl review for all the details on this unique accessory!

Best Travel Pillow In The World

Speaking of long hauls, sleepers taking an extended flight may be particularly suited to the Infinity Travel Pillow.

How To Use A Travel Pillow: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Thanks to its special “infinity loop” design, this pillow can be used in many different ways depending on where you need the most support. You can wrap it like a scarf to support your chin and neck, use it as a backpack to relieve the pressure on your back, or tuck it between your head and the window like a miniature pillow.

The unique versatility of this pillow makes it ideal for very long trips in my opinion. For example, you can use it to support your neck during the first leg of the flight and then switch to the support later. And remember – you are not limited to my suggestions! Feel free to experiment with the Infinity Pillow until you find your perfect comfort zone.

Not to mention, its breathable bamboo upper is soft, moisture wicking and cool to the touch. Check out my full Infinity pillow review on this travel accessory.

If chin support is your main concern, the BCOZZY travel pillow is probably the right choice for you.

Best Travel Pillow Of 2023

This pillow has an ergonomic, circular design that can be used in three main ways: You can wrap it around your neck for excellent chin support, turn it to one side to support your head, or fold it in half and put it in the middle. head and shoulders for a little extra lift.

No matter how you use it, this pillow is designed to keep your chin from sagging while you sleep! In addition, it has a double-sided outer fabric, where one side is made of fuzzy fleece material and the other is made of smooth microfiber. At the same time, its polyester fiber filling is plush but sturdy and does a great job of keeping its shape.

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One of my favorite things about this pillow is how small and portable it is, making it perfect for people on the go. You can put it in your hand luggage, wrap it around the handle of your suitcase or just wear it around your neck as a scarf.

Best Travel Pillow In The World

The Travelrest Nest memory foam pillow is U-shaped and, as the name suggests, is filled with a thick piece of memory foam. It offers a very malleable feel and does a great job of conforming to the precise contours of the neck, chin and jawline. If you like the way memory foam reacts to pressure, this might be the travel pillow for you. Iscream Silky Fleece 12

In addition, the sides of the pillow are slightly raised so that the head and neck remain comfortably supported, while the back of the pillow is tilted to match your seat. In my experience, this angled back allowed me to sit up straight and not be pushed forward in any way.

And did I mention it’s covered in the softest velvet fabric? I’ll be honest – this super comfy cover might be my favorite part of the pillow (and it’s also removable and machine washable). And as a little bonus, this pillow comes with its own carrying case and a set of ear plugs.

This pillow is covered with a moisture-wicking spandex/polyester blend and filled with ventilated memory foam. Every part of this pad is made with warm sleepers in mind. In fact, both the memory foam and the outer fabric feature the trademark “air vents” for improved breathability.

As a hot sleeper myself, I can honestly say that this is the coolest pillow out there. And as we just saw, this pillow has a U-shaped design with angled sides for better head and neck support. However, what stands out is its ability to customize comfort.

The Best Travel Pillows For Road Warriors

Depending on how tight or loose you want it to fit around your neck, just adjust the hooks on either side of the U. Personally, I like to keep it at its tightest level, but it’s worth experimenting with what it feels like good for your body. And again, this pillow comes with its own cover

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