Best Travel Vloggers In The World

Best Travel Vloggers In The World – YouTube is the best platform for avid travelers to showcase their love of exploration and adventure. Let these 11 travel YouTubers inspire you to book a flight and get out!

Over the past decade, the vagabond lifestyle has grown in popularity, and travel bloggers looking to stand out have flocked to YouTube to blog about their travels instead. The video platform is the largest of its kind, a search engine giant owned by Google, and offers travelers the opportunity to monetize their content as they grow their audience.

Best Travel Vloggers In The World

Best Travel Vloggers In The World

With so many unique people, places and perspectives around the world, it’s no surprise that these content creators are taking a more visual route to share their experiences with the world. Videos give these researchers a chance to show their personality and share information that resonates and connects with their audience more than your average blog post.

The Best Travel Vlogging Gear

Vlogging makes the journey personal. There’s something about speaking directly to your audience, looking them in the eye, and taking them on the journey you envision.

If you can’t travel but need some inspiration, you can simply visit a travel vlogger’s YouTube channel and watch them explore the world. Through these YouTube personalities, the joy and magic of world travel is spread widely, with the ability to live locally at the touch of a play button.

It’s possible to escape a boring work week at the office when you see it through the eyes of a travel vlogger. Not only has technology made the visuals more magical to admire, but creators have given their channels a life of their own. Through compelling stories, fresh creativity, smart editing, and informative details, YouTube vloggers and creators can share their experiences and teach aspiring or soon-to-be travelers to navigate the unknown.

With so much travel-related content on YouTube today, it can be difficult to sift through thousands and thousands of travel YouTube channels to find out who makes the best travel videos.

Best Travel Vloggers And Youtubers To Follow In 2023

Quality and consistency is a unique perspective that sets a YouTube channel apart from the crowd and creates an engaging experience for the viewer. For the best travel YouTubers, it’s important to create content that inspires, informs, and challenges your mind with possibilities.

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Ready to embrace the spirit of travel? Grab your comfiest pillow and snacks as you watch these YouTube travelers take the world by storm! We’ve taken the best travel channels on YouTube and narrowed it down to a list of the best travel YouTubers to watch in 2022.

These two Australians fulfilled their dream of sailing the world’s oceans without any previous sailing experience. Elayna and Riley are living out every traveler’s wildest fantasy, living on a boat, smelling the salty sea air, and sailing off into the sunset as each day ends. They even travel with their new baby Lenny!

Best Travel Vloggers In The World

The sailing couple uploads new videos every Monday with useful information for those who want to start sailing! Having covered more than 50,000 nautical miles, they have the experience and knowledge to achieve the goal of seafarers to set sail and travel the world by sea.

Travel Vloggers You Should Follow In 2021

If you’re looking for a taste of the weird and extreme side of travel, Mike Corey is your man. Mike is always looking for weird and unheard of world travel experiences that ignite that sense of adventure in his followers. He blogged about his time at the Exploding Hammer Festival in Mexico, his Kambo Cleansing ritual in the Amazon, and more.

Mike is incredibly creative and has amazing video recording and editing skills. Not only is his storytelling compelling, but it’s also a lot of fun to watch! His YouTube channel is a brilliant smorgasbord of crazy experiments that stretch the imagination and pique human interest in a particular direction. “Fearless” is the perfect word to describe Mike and his travels!

This adventurous couple has traveled to over 100 countries on every continent and lives by the motto “adventure is for everyone”. They have been married for twenty years and were looking for something different from life when they decided to create The Planet D. Forbes named them one of the top 10 travel influences in the world! In 2008, they began to turn their passion for travel into a full-time job.

Dave and Deb share an inspiring message – you don’t have to be rich, adventurous, fit as a fiddle or a young millennial to travel the world! They love diving into all kinds of unique experiences and are a valuable source of information for anyone looking to incorporate adventure into their lives more consistently.

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Explore The World With The Best Travel Youtubers

After studying abroad in Prague in 2012, Drew got the travel bug and hasn’t slowed down since. She taught English in Korea and used her travel blog and social media to promote it to the world when she left in 2015. Today, he has traveled to over 150 countries and has been endorsed by countless big names such as Lonely Planet, GoPro, Elite Daily and the Huffington Post. He even holds the Guinness Book of Records twice!

He is on a mission to visit every country on earth and uploads videos of his ongoing journey. Check out his blog and videos for the best ways to save money on world travel and all the crazy travel stories he’s collected over the years.

The Gee family describe themselves as “just your ‘average’ family working as family travel journalists from around the world”. Of course, when they say “average,” they’re playing on the idea that the average family lives in a nice house, is married with kids, and works a regular job to pay the bills. This adventurous family decided they weren’t done exploring the world and discovering what life had in store for them, so they chose to ditch the whole “settlement” stereotype.

Best Travel Vloggers In The World

In 2015, they took a big leap and sold everything in the name of travel, and they are thankful every day that they were brave enough to do it. Since then, they have been exploring the world and having fun with their three little pups!

These Are The Best Travel Vloggers You Should Follow In 2021

Cailin O’Neil is a Canadian solo travel blogger who creates travel videos detailing the pros and cons of travel. He loves to go on new journeys and his content is always full of positive energy! Experience and destination are her main focus, and she enjoys trying many different foods in every country she visits.

The useful information he shares about the popular destinations he discovers and his “City in a minute” videos are very helpful for his followers. Check out his YouTube travel channel to learn how to get to a specific destination and the ins and outs of solo travel.

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Christian LeBlanc is a travel vlogger whose passion for seeing the world becomes everything he does. From the way he talks about landing somewhere new to the quality and effort he puts into his videos – this guy lives to travel. With this passion, he strives to inspire people to follow their dreams to see the world. He is big on stepping out of your comfort zone and enjoying life to the fullest.

His aptly named audience, “Team Get Lost,” has become a fast-growing community of equally passionate travelers who watch Christian’s videos to fuel their hiking passion. Watch his YouTube travel videos and you’ll discover a world of possibilities you never thought possible.

The Best Travel Vlogging Cameras In 2020

Kristen and Siya are world-traveling professionals and post tons of helpful content on their YouTube channel for adventurers to learn and grow. They make traveling with a newborn a breeze! You’ll find that their channel is a gold mine of endless resources on how to adopt a minimalist travel mindset and how to travel light, eco-friendly, zero waste and more.

They have so many interesting ideas for content that they can implement and present in a creative and engaging way. Their brand has a realism that inspires viewers to improve their travel habits and think about traveling on a budget. Check them out for a few laughs and get ready for your next trip!

If you’re looking for honest travel advice, you can find it on YouTube travel channel Wolter’s World! Mark and Jocelyn and their two children blog about their experiences around the world so that other travelers can view their content and better prepare for future trips. They offer practical advice and guidance on world travel.

Best Travel Vloggers In The World

Wolter’s World was tired of seeing YouTube tourists make interesting videos without any valuable information, but Wolter’s World started a travel channel that tells it like it is. You will see the ups and downs of their journey,

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