Best Travel Youtubers In The World

Best Travel Youtubers In The World – Adventure travel vloggers offer a fascinating insight into the world of travel and adventure. You can explore destinations from the comfort of your couch and get endless inspiration for your next trip.

Visual storytelling enabled by video content is perfect for travel. It’s a great way to discover new and unique perspectives on travel. Travel videos are perfect for aspiring travelers who struggle to write content.

Best Travel Youtubers In The World

Best Travel Youtubers In The World

Plus, it’s a great way to get to know the creators and faces behind travel blogs. Travel vlogs offer a more personal approach that combines immersive experience with extraordinary creativity.

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As you can see, there is a lot of travel related content on YouTube, all of different standards. To help you find the best travel content out there, I’ve compiled a list of the top travel vloggers and YouTubers for the most interesting travel video content.

From personality-led travel stations to stunning film masterpieces, here are the best travel blogs and YouTubers to follow in 2022.

Mike Corey’s Adventure Travel vlog, Intrepid and Far Away. It travels to exotic and beautiful destinations far from the mainstream. This is an incredibly creative vlog that encourages people to face the anxiety of traveling the world.

Mike sees travel and life as an extreme sport. The result is a wild, unique and vertically insane travel experience. Its tourist station is a hub for adventure and adrenaline-fueled adventures.

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Drew Binsky is an American travel vlogger and YouTube documentary filmmaker. Her travel vlog focuses on discovering and celebrating cultures around the world. It brings videos of its viewers’ daily journeys, telling the unique stories of the communities and cultures behind each location.

In an updated travelogue approach, Drew focuses on sociopolitical issues such as human rights, gay and transgender acceptance, and challenging racial and religious stereotypes. He wants to break the stereotype that the world is not safe, inspire others to travel and broaden their perspective on the world.

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Best Travel Youtubers In The World

Nadine Skora is a seasoned globetrotter who brings positive energy and fun to travel. His energy is truly infectious and adds an optimistic and lively dimension to travel and adventure.

The Best Youtube Channels To Watch For Travel Inspiration In 2023

It is this approach that elevates his storytelling and inspires young people to travel. His videos are very helpful and informative, from installation guides to useful travel hacks.

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Sam Calder is a Canadian traveler and creator of unique travel videos. As a seriously talented travel filmmaker, Calder’s videos are cinematic masterpieces. Cold is a channel for high quality travel content, as well as some educational videos for aspiring filmmakers.

In his travel videos, you’ll find funny stories and some of the best moments you’ll ever see. Calder is also known for his incredible stunts and back flips from tall structures.

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Videos are few and far between, but they’re always worth the wait. My favorite travel movie is Cold’s

Christian LeBlanc is another Canadian adventurer. His unwavering passion for travel shines through his well-executed videos on his YouTube channel, Lost LeBlanc. As a result, he created a dedicated community for like-minded travelers.

LeBlanc encourages viewers to step out of their comfort zones to pursue global adventure and discovery. It provides a wealth of resources for filmmakers and other travel photographers, teaching both the creative and business sides of travel photography.

Best Travel Youtubers In The World

Mark Wien’s travel vlog, formerly known as Nomad Science, is one of food. He believes that food is the reason you travel, and his amazing videos strongly support this proposition. The content combines incredible food discoveries with a visual travel experience.

Black Travel Vloggers You Should Be Watching On Youtube

Mark is based in Thailand with his wife, but he often travels around the world trying amazing food from different countries and cultures. He is always looking for local food and delicious dishes.

In Phil’s Good Travel vlog, Phil Calvert travels across Europe, spreading positivity wherever he goes. The purpose is to promote unity among people from all backgrounds, races and educations.

Since black travelers are often a minority in Europe, Phil decided to create a community of black travelers in this part of the world. She brings a lightness and confidence to her travel videos, and her enthusiasm is truly contagious.

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Sorelle is a bundle of energy with a big, contagious smile. Her YouTube channel offers more than just travel, whether it’s home updates or “advanced selfie” photography tips. In short, it wants to inspire confidence and creativity.

Top 25 Travel Youtubers & Vloggers On Youtube

Her videos feel very genuine and don’t feel shallow or forced, and sometimes you’ll meet other bloggers. Sorel always strives to be a better person, and inspire others to do the same.

He recently moved to Iceland, and if you love Icelandic content (who doesn’t!) then you’ll love his latest video.

Travel blogger Brook Savard from Tasmania aims to inspire young people to travel more and make solo travel less lonely.

Best Travel Youtubers In The World

Brooke chronicles her journey on her YouTube channel in a way that feels authentic and accessible. Famous blogger, vlogger, author and traveler.

Top 5 Travel Vloggers On Youtube To Inspire You In 2022

Eva Zu Beck is an adventure traveler and solo female explorer. On her YouTube channel, Eva explores destinations rarely seen in mainstream travel media. Whether visiting Aleppo and Damascus in Syria, climbing K2 Base Camp in Pakistan or traveling solo through Mongolia.

Eva aims to tell the stories of those people, communities and cultures that you may not normally see or visit. It encourages people to get out of their comfort zone.

Eileen Adalid is a travel blogger from the Philippines. He did what many of us want to do: he quit his corporate job at the age of 21 and traveled the world. Eileen shows her audience how to travel the world as a digital nomad and inspires her Travel Wishes community to do the same.

On her channel, I’m Eileen, you’ll find beautiful travel videos full of tips and tricks. It also shows how to live a sustainable adventure lifestyle.

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Jenelle Elaine’s YouTube channel, known as the woman sitting in a car with a pet snake, has exploded in weeks. Her travel vlogs have a light-hearted feel with a strong focus on sustainability.

All of his videos are shot and edited on his iPhone. Its low video production values ​​provide a more realistic portrayal of the life of a truck driver. It handles the glamorous side of travel without feeling clunky or contrived.

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A thriller and adventure enthusiast, Oneika Raymond inspires people of color to travel the world and live outside their comfort zones. It educates and inspires through entertaining storytelling.

Best Travel Youtubers In The World

Oneika is not just a successful tourist station. She is also an award-winning author, journalist and keynote speaker – keynote speaker at the Travel Summit and Women in Travel Festival.

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The Gee family sold everything and left home to travel the world to become a family travel journalist. The Bucket List Family Travel Vlog chronicles their travels and adventures around the world.

They describe themselves as “just your ‘average’ family” and they don’t consider most people’s travel family life to be ‘pretend’ at all. The Gee family will make you question whether settling down is the best way to approach family life.

Hopscotch Global is run by travel couple Kristen and Sia. Until recently, they might have fallen into the traveling couple category – but now that they have a daughter and a dog, they’re full-fledged family travelers on the run.

Their goal is to encourage couples and families to travel more. The couple shares travel tips, destination guides, foodie adventures, and tiny homes on their channel.

Rent ‘n Connect

Walter’s World Channel is a great destination for honest travel advice. It includes four families who have lived, studied, worked and traveled around the world.

Walter addresses the pros and cons of travel so viewers can better prepare. In sharing his honest perspective, Voltaire offers useful insights into the cultures and people of the places he visits.

He likes to show the more realistic side of travel, not drone shots and cliffhangers. There are new videos every Wednesday and Saturday.

Best Travel Youtubers In The World

The Makepeace family consists of Kaz, Craig, Calera and Savannah. They are on a mission to prove that travel doesn’t stop after kids. They’ve been touring the world since 1997, so these guys really know what they’re talking about.

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Travel alone, as a couple, as an expat, as a digital nomad, in an RV and

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