Biggest Travel Lift In The World

Biggest Travel Lift In The World – Fort Lauderdale Cruises Cruises Cruises First Yacht ‘The Beast’ at Lauderdale Marine Center

Lauderdale Marine Center (LMC), the largest boat repair center in the United States, is pleased to announce that a large-scale custom boat builder, named Animal, has begun moving boats from New River to the service yard. Built by the Italian company Cimolai, it has more than five floors and a height of 47 meters. Painted green, the Animal is now one of three elevators operating in South Florida with a capacity of more than 400 tons and is the largest on the New River. , the center of South Florida’s boat repair community.

Biggest Travel Lift In The World

Biggest Travel Lift In The World

With a maximum capacity of 485 tons, the green machine can lift boats up to 180 meters in length and a beam, or width, of 34.5 meters. The first boat to be lifted by the new elevator was the 143-foot motor yacht Van Mill

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“LMC’s increased marine capacity allows us to maintain our position at the forefront of the ship repair industry in South Florida and accommodate the growing global fleet of large vessels that come through the shipyard each year.” Service area. “Doug West, president of LMC. “For jobs of all sizes and budgets, our unique business plans give owners and captains control and peace of mind from the moment they arrive on site.”

Other improvements to the LMC include the improvement of the western part of the mountain property, which has expanded the capacity of the building to accommodate 14 additional boats up to 120 meters, with multi-stage and high voltage up to 480 volts.

Renovations of the adjacent Riverbend Marine Center, purchased by LMC, are nearing completion and include new tenants, offices and room for an additional 75 boats.

LMC also recently announced the opening of the world’s first Water Trade Zone (FTZ) at its facility. The new ZLS provides significant benefits to the South Florida marine industry, as passenger license regulations prohibit the sale or display of foreign flag vessels to US citizens while in US waters outside the ZLS. The Marine FTZ at the Lauderdale Marine Center is expected to support business growth in the South Florida boating industry as more owners, builders and builders continue to store their inventory in the area for display, operation and maintenance. .

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Located in Fort Lauderdale on the New River, visible from I-95 and near the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, LMC is a 65-acre facility that includes a construction, marina and marine care center that provides complete recommendations

Of marine repairs and services. Consisting of 10,000 meters of mooring line, it accommodates boats up to 200 meters with 22 covered berths and 130 wet berths. The facility also owns five cruise ships with a carrying capacity of up to 485 tons. LMC’s business is leasing office space and commercial offices to approximately 60 individuals on-site that provide a variety of marine-related services such as repairs fiberglass, electrical, paint, engine service, plumbing, electronics, carpentry, mechanics, metal fabrication and welding.

For more information about the Lauderdale Marine Center, visit Like LMC on Facebook at /lauderdalemarinecenter, follow LMC on Twitter @lmcboatyard and on Instagram @lauderdalemarinecenter and subscribe to LMC’s YouTube channel, new trends for commercial yachts and superyachts in the region.

Biggest Travel Lift In The World

BSE Maritime Solutions (BSE) will invest $6 million in a mobile lift, manufactured in Italy by Cimolai Technology SpA and capable of lifting ships up to 1,120 tons.

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BSE owner and CEO Justin Parer said the Cairns Slipway would focus on promoting superyachts, Border Force, Defense and commercial vessels.

“Cairns Slipways has provided ship repair services to defence, tourism, wealth and business for more than 30 years, with more than 1.5 million tonnes of vessels using its facility and more than seven million operating hours,” he said.


The increased capacity at the BSE Cairns slip will also provide infrastructure to support the expansion of the HMAS Cairns base.

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“We hope to capitalize on Warren Entsch’s direct support of promoting Cairns as a yachting destination and the support we have received with the recent Qld Superyacht initiative,” Parer said, noting Mayor Bob Manning’s passion for the industry. and a strong promotion by Advanced Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef Superyacht Group means the investment makes sense.

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When finished, the mobile lift will be 23 meters long and will measure more than 30 meters and more than 23 meters wide. The machine will be supported and rotated on 32 wheels and will remove the ships from the water using eight lifting cables to be transferred to a stronger support or repaired.

Advance Cairns CEO Nick Trompf welcomed the huge investment in key areas to care for Cairns’ beaches. “BSE’s $6 million investment is based on funding and two more Cairns airports received this year from the federal government,” Trompf said.

Biggest Travel Lift In The World

“By establishing a large mobile fleet, BSE is well positioned to take advantage of Cairns’ growth opportunities in marine care, a sector that already employs more than 4,500 people.”

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MaryAnne Edwards, head of Australia’s international export group, Superyacht Australia and Marine Trade Australia, said the upgrade to the 1,120-tonne fleet would change the landscape of Australia’s superyacht trade and capacity. .

“AIMEX has been working with government and local governments to make Australia more attractive to the manufacturing industry and we have seen that infrastructure of this nature is essential to achieve this.

“Investment will be needed in this area, but the real and practical investment BSE has announced will go a long way in terms of international exposure,” Ms Edwards said.

Parer added: “This investment is primarily aimed at making Cairns the best ship repair destination in the world and it is great to see that we have been able to take the next step.” Recent Delivery of the Marine Travelift 820CII (820 metric tons / 1,804,000 lb capacity) Mobile Boat Hoist by Stevens Towing Company, Inc. The shipyard, located on Yonges Island in South Carolina, will transform marine services by reducing dry-docking capacity in the region.

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It was founded in the late 1800s as a single ship by the Stevens Brothers, Joseph Stanyarne Stevens and William Yates Stevens who transported goods and supplies from Edisto Island to Charleston and many points in between. The company remained in the Stevens family and continued to expand in order to gain market share.

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Today, third-generation Susan (Groves) Stevens and fourth-generation Robert and Johnson Stevens oversee several locations: Yonges Island, Pierside Naval Shipyard in North Charleston complete with overhead repair support cranes and the Riverbulk Terminal near Edenton, in the United States of America. The company also owns 13 tugboats, a US-listed Jones barge, a variety of 500 ton floating barges, and more than 50 barges. This new 820CII entered the 1980’s 150 ton Marine Travelift fleet has been unveiled at the Yonges Island Naval Shipyard.

He continued: “We hope to meet the dry needs of Southeast Asian cruise ships, as well as cruise ships. Operations are tight and customers find it difficult to access large yards, making it difficult to meet ship schedules. We hope to reduce the dry time for them,” he continued. said Johnson Stevens, president, Stevens Towing

Biggest Travel Lift In The World

All electronic circuits are standard on the 820CII model, providing high performance and high performance for large machines. This 820CII is also designed with an additional hydraulic harness for more flexibility. Additional conversion options will allow Stevens Towing crews to tow vessels with different hull designs and shapes, including barges and barges from their fleet.

Mobile Crane Ltm 11200 9.1

In addition, the engine bay and crew station have been moved above the lower deck so crews can drive a forklift underneath to help secure and protect the machine’s critical equipment from heavy seas.

LED lights are installed for safe use in low light or adverse conditions. This machine also includes a cold start engine and an auto variable throttle for long life and savings on fuel consumption and maintenance.

Stevens Towing representatives anticipate that the addition of this 820CII to their facility will provide a better option for customers who need service and repairs on their vessels using a larger space instead of a dry dock. They are looking forward to serving the Jacksonville and Norfolk areas from the Carolinas and Georgia.

In addition, the Stevens Towing Shipyard will be equipped with a 60-foot-wide towing facility, making it one of the few yards in the United States with this capability.

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“The barge is getting bigger – that’s one answer

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