Biggest World Tour

Biggest World Tour – Elton John, Metallica and Travis Scott have signed the highest-grossing world tour of all time.

Elton John, Metallica and Travis Scott are among the artists who can claim the highest-grossing world tour of 2019.

Biggest World Tour

Biggest World Tour

Pollstar’s annual report released on Monday (July 1) is headlined by Elton John, who is currently on the Wavewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. The opening four months of the North American tour, as well as the first three weeks of 2019 in Europe, grossed an estimated $82.6 million (€65.6 million).

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Pink and Justin Timberlake lead the world with $81.8 million ($64.6 million) and $75.5 million ($59.9 million), respectively. Sheran is in sixth place on the list with earnings of $63.6 million (£50.5m). It grossed more than $429 million (Rs 5,335 million) at 99 shows worldwide, making it the highest-grossing tour of 2018.

Rock and metal veterans also put in strong showings, with Metallica in fourth place with $69.7 million ($355.3 million) and Fleetwood Mac fifth with $67.7 million ($53.7 million). KISS, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Bob Seger and the Silver Arrows also appear.

Travis Scott rounds out the top 10 list with the highest-grossing world tour for a rap artist of 2019. He took home $51.7 million (£40 million). The full list of the top 100 highest-grossing tours includes Eminem, Post Malone, Bad Bunny and Drake.

Pollstar’s report is based on box office receipts from November 22, 2018 to May 22, 2019. Watch it in full here. Big concerts and festivals in stadiums and arenas around the world without big concerts for another two years.

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Some of the world’s biggest artists will be returning to world tours in 2022, considering that despite everything going on in the pandemic, people still need music.

While some have scheduled their first tours for 2022, there are some artists who start selling tickets for concerts and festivals in 2023, anticipating that they won’t have full stadiums until 2023.

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With so much uncertainty about what will happen in 2022 and 2023, there may be some certainty that the pandemic will turn into a “fair” endemic phase that we will experience today without the risk of going to a concert or festival.

Biggest World Tour

It is difficult to predict whether there will be any festivals in 2022 until 2019, as millions of people want to return to normal life. Thousands of people will attend festivals in 2022, but there are still many restrictions on access to venues.

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Most organizers prefer to wait until 2023 for festivals to sell out, predicting that concerts will only be held this year without restrictions or testing.


QUANTO GANHAM OS CANTORES PORTUGUESES POR CONCERTO AUMENTO DOS PREÇOS DOS BILHETES NÃO DEIXAM PORTUGUES EM CASA ECONOMIA DOS FESTIVAIS DE VERÃOMMetallica is a walking force of nature. Not only did the band pioneer and perfect a style of heavy metal that continues to inspire generations of fans and musicians alike, the foursome remain relevant and even successful as a high-octane touring band. stadiums and arenas and setting touring records on demand in a world with no signs of slowing down.

It’s not hard for Metallica to be the biggest touring band of all time. The numbers speak for themselves: According to Pollstar Boxoffice, Metallica has sold an estimated $1.4 billion since 1982, selling an estimated 22.1 million tickets, beating AC/DC (14.3 million tickets) and Ozzy Osbourne (10 million, 13.2) trailed the biggest rock bands of the era. Countdown to Ozzy and Black Sabbath). The closest competitor for revenue was Guns N’ Roses, whose “It’s Not For Life” hit grossed nearly $800 million.

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Record Breaking Concerts Of All Time

Those 22.1 million tickets put them in select company, while also setting the all-time touring record with the 360 ​​run, cementing Metallica’s rightful place as one of the biggest bands in the world, and it’s still growing. . The band’s major touring act over the past five years puts it in a class with not only U2, but The Rolling Stones, as well as newcomers such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. However, when you’re playing in 48 countries and every climate (including Antarctica) over the course of Metallica’s career, which includes the number of attendees on their current tour of Moscow, it’s fast and furious. . Since the Black Album, its total North American sales have been $125 million, and the latest tour has been among teenagers and could be Metallica’s farewell tour for a non-comedic reunion or a band to create additional work. the largest group in the world.

“I think it makes me think that all our good years are yet to come. We might even do it full-time one day,” he said. “That’s my MO. It’s always, ‘What’s your favorite record?’ It’s a big part of why Metallica still connects with so many people around the world.

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Biggest World Tour

Pollstar caught up with the founding member of Metallica ahead of the band’s opening night S&M2 concerts at San Francisco’s new Chase Center. The September 6th and 8th shows add to their record audiences on the current WorldWired tour, which kicked off at the end of 2016 at London’s O2 (over 20,500 over two nights). From the KFC headquarters in Lujville (23,084) to the Luhniki Stadium in Moscow (64,232).

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The total estimate for the tour is $430 million for 4.1 million tickets, including the Chase Center shows, and continues with the South American stadium dates in April.

Many bands would take a break almost 30 years after their huge success, 1991’s eponymous Black Album, which sold nearly 30 million copies worldwide. But Metallica remains in a class of its own, especially in terms of touring.

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“How was that? The natural order of things is, you have a peak, it’s hard to match, you give up, someone else comes along and takes the crown, and that always happens in music,” says Prime frontman Cliff Bernstein. Peter Mensch has led Metallica since 1984. It’s interesting that Metallica took their fifth album in 1991 as a starting point, and now, 28 years later, our band is huge. “No One Left Metallica”

For early hits such as “Seek and Destroy” from their 1983 LP Kill ‘Em All, the band borrowed heavily from heavy punk bands and developed their already catchy music into something that quickly became a hit. . 1984’s vocal music, a heavy hit with a triumphant and glorious consciousness, 1984’s Lightning March and 1986’s Puppet Master. period

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The band continued to go from strength to strength, cementing their place among the greats with the technically perfect and mechanical attack heard in 1988… Justice For All, which was topped off by the commercial success of The Black Album, which spawned 1991’s Enter. ” movie. “. With its menacing little guitar lick, it joined staples like “Stairway to Heaven” and “Smoke on the Water” as a folk-banned song at the center of the guitar.

“We can go through the top five albums forever,” says Bernstein. “But will it have the same staying power? If we don’t have something new to put in front of people from time to time, can there be a loss of interest? Would the band be as busy if it wasn’t for the purpose of putting out new material to play? I don’t think so. These kids have a high level of creative drive. Hardwired in no case will it be the last album.Albums can come at large intervals

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