Cheap Kid Birthday Party Ideas

Cheap Kid Birthday Party Ideas – Throw the cutest birthday with a few of these kids birthday party ideas. You’ll find decorations for a range of party themes to suit every little one’s preferences.

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Cheap Kid Birthday Party Ideas

Cheap Kid Birthday Party Ideas

Even small details can make a big impact when it comes to kids birthday party ideas, and these custom paper straws made by our

Kids Birthday Party Ideas Cheatsheet (downloadable Pdf) — Riiroo

Set stylists prove it. To make them, simply print out several photos of the birthday boy or girl – they can all be the same image or different – leaving some space around the face. Punch a hole in the top and bottom of the cutout, then thread a paper straw through the holes. They are some of the cutest additions to kids birthday party food ideas and make a big photo-worthy impact.

Of course, if you don’t want to make them at home, you can order these pre-made facial straws by the dozen.

If your little one loves to cuddle with their pet, few birthday party ideas for kids are better than a kitten and puppy theme. This cute wallpaper from

On Etsy can be used behind a dessert or snack table and makes a perfect photo opportunity. Fill the table with some homemade treats served in small dog bowls, matching place cards and a stuffed animal or two.

Birthday Party Favour Ideas For Kids

Stuck on which activities to choose? Here are some party games for kids that are sure to bring smiles from ear to ear.

Turning your home into a (much safer) Jurassic Park is easier than you think. For a dinosaur-themed birthday party, these upgraded balloons are just the ticket. Our set stylists made them by cutting out the heads, legs, tails and spikes of popular dinosaurs (you can find a ton of free templates online), gluing on some glasses and taping them to blow up balloons.

For a really roaring dinosaur birthday party, mix up the DIY dinos with these giant inflatable dino balloons. Because they are made of aluminum foil, they will last longer than the average balloon and come in a pack of four scary creatures.

Cheap Kid Birthday Party Ideas

On Etsy. The poster download is fully editable, so you can customize the name, date, birthday, etc. and then have it printed at a local print shop.

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Best Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Kids

The cozy design of this poster goes well with a candy, camping, lumberjack, or outdoor themed party. Just whip up any of these s’mores-inspired recipes and your party will be on point.

Fit for a princess party, these magical unicorn paper cups made by our set stylists are just too cute. To make them, gather several long strips, fold them in half and tie ribbons. Tie another ribbon in a bow around the tail, then hot glue it to a paper cup with an eye drawn on it in marker. The cups are also a great idea for a unicorn themed birthday party.

Pressed for time? You can pick up awesome pre-made birthday party decorations, like this affordable set of 163 unicorn-themed party favors. Includes everything you need to party for up to 16 guests, including balloons, plates, birthday sash and photo backdrop.

This RV living party in a box makes decorating easy, even if you’re stuck inside for the winter. It’s packed with enough dinner plates, dessert plates, glasses, napkins, cake liners and more for up to 16 party guests.

Budget Friendly Ideas For Children’s Birthday Party Menus

Each piece is exquisitely designed to match the included banner and six-piece cake topper and is a particularly fun element for travel enthusiasts of all ages and stages. If you’re wondering how to throw a surprise birthday party on the go, this is definitely one of the best ideas out there. Your child will go crazy if you make a few of these animal-shaped treats too!

Let the superheroes watch over your child’s birthday party with these refurbished balloons. You can put them together by cutting out superhero masks (here are some free templates) from construction paper. Then tape the cutouts down with blown up balloon tape and use a marker to fill in any extra details. Tie the ends with string and place the balloons around your party room. Your little heroes are sure to work up an appetite as they play.

Mix up your DIY creations with these superhero-themed party decorations for an especially powerful look. Comes with 66 pieces(!) including balloons for each of their favorite heroes. And no superhero birthday party is complete without kid-friendly finger foods to replenish their energy without forcing them to slow down.

Cheap Kid Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re making a cake for your little one’s first birthday, dress up his high chair with a banner. Etsy shop

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Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Put together this whimsical ‘Alice in Wonderland’ banner that wraps around a chair table, with two sizes available.

Once the cake is thoroughly crushed, hang the banner on the top of your photo booth backdrop or over the drinks or snack table. Check out more fun first birthday party ideas (including additional party decor ideas at Alice in Wonderland).

When you need some incredibly easy (and cheap) ideas for a kids’ birthday party, look no further than a classic LEGO party. These lightweight LEGO-inspired weights are way better than traditional balloon weights. Delia of Delia Creates made these LEGO weights for her son’s birthday party a few years ago by filling a glass mason jar with large LEGO pieces and tying the balloon strings just below the mouth of the jar.

You can use your own LEGO pieces or buy an inexpensive pack of “building bricks” to replenish your stash for this easy-to-master theme.

Cheap And Easy Birthday Party Ideas For Indian Kids

This cute pom pom crown for the birthday king or queen is sure to be a hit year after year. It’s a charming addition to any royal-themed event and a photo-friendly way to highlight who the birthday child is in all their crowning glory.

Plus, it makes a fun addition to a dress up box after the big day and doubles as a photo booth prop thanks to the shimmery gold glitter and gold thread detailing.

Are made of layered paper and sticks like lollipops. The 12-top set comes with four Fuel Up characters, racing cars and flaming numbers. Plus, they can be adjusted with the age of the child. Pop the tops into some fluffy homemade cupcakes and they’ll be gracing your dessert table in no time.

Cheap Kid Birthday Party Ideas

If her whole world is colored in shades of pink, including her school supplies and favorite outfits, she’ll love this 225-piece rose gold birthday party decoration set in a box, which is perfect for any age. It’s packed with party essentials like happy birthday banners, curtains, balloons and a sash and tiara set.

Kids Party Ideas

The set has enough supplies for 25 guests and even adorable cakes. Any touches of metallic rose gold will tickle her heart pink!

Hops are mandatory. Big, bright and bold, the kit comes with everything you need to collect flowers, leaves and vines. They can also be bought already assembled to save time.

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Use the flowers, which come in quantities of one to five, to decorate tables, create a photo booth arch or brighten up a bare wall. Follow this tutorial for more tropical birthday bash ideas.

Sells a kit made from glitter or metallic paper, ensuring the shapes catch the light as they swirl over your guests.

Birthday Ideas For Kids At Home

On Etsy. These downloadable paint sprinklers are perfect for a young artist’s birthday party and can be used all around the house.

Throw in some paint brushes, paint cans and vibrant rainbow recipes for a colorful celebration. Join the theme with this tablecloth that encourages guests to create their own masterpiece.

This balloon banner set comes with a five-foot glittery “Under the Sea” banner, 24 colorful balloons, and a white net to hold the balloons. You can even customize the glowing banner to say whatever you want (up to 15 characters).

Cheap Kid Birthday Party Ideas

Check out these mermaid birthday party ideas and mermaid-inspired recipes you’ll definitely want to include at the party.

Encanto Party Ideas That Are Truly Magical

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