Christmas Games For Seniors In Nursing Homes

Christmas Games For Seniors In Nursing Homes – Download a collection of 9 free printable Christmas games for adults! Holiday party games are a fun holiday activity for family gatherings, Christmas parties, the office, and for older kids at school. The printable game bundle includes bingo, scattergories, festive word scramble, word search, fun movie trivia, holiday alphabet, and more.

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Christmas Games For Seniors In Nursing Homes

Christmas Games For Seniors In Nursing Homes

The holiday season isn’t all about delicious food and great music. Guests and family members also want to be entertained. So I’ve created this collection of 9 free printable Christmas games for adults that you can enjoy with your family, friends and colleagues.

Cypress Basin Hospice Christmas Party

These party games are suitable for small and large groups and will make Christmas parties more fun and enjoyable. You can play my printable Christmas games at parties with your friends, at family gatherings, at your Bible study group, or with your co-workers at the next office Christmas party.

This collection of holiday-themed games is a little text heavy, which is why I’ve titled the Post Christmas Printable Games for Adults. Of course, you can also play these printable holiday games with kids. Printable Christmas games can be played on long car trips, between meals, or to counter holiday boredom. Older children (from 7 years old) will especially enjoy these games.

This post was first published in 2019 with 6 games. This year I updated it and 3 more games to thank you for the kind messages we have received over the years. My heart is full to know that these printables bring joy to you and your loved ones!

Whether you need office party games for large groups, printable dinner games, Christmas party ideas for the ladies, or Christmas games for the whole family, this printable games PDF set is ideal for families and a fun Christmas party idea.

The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List {free Printable}

You can download each of these fun Christmas party games individually or the complete set at the end of the article. Printable Christmas quizzes with answers are included where appropriate.

Christmas Bingo is a fun, printable Christmas game for adults and kids. The game can be played with bingo pads or counting chips, but to make it more fun and festive, use peppermint stars or Hershey’s kisses as markers.

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This holiday alphabet game is easy to play and fun for all ages. I usually play this game with my niece and let her suggest words. The rules are very simple:

Christmas Games For Seniors In Nursing Homes

This free printable Christmas scattergories game is my family’s favorite – probably because I’m slow and always finish the last one lol. Either way, printable holiday backdrops are fun to play at parties and with older kids. The rules for playing Christmas scattergories are quite simple:

Crafts For Seniors: 52 Fun And Simple Ideas That Inspire

Holiday movie match game is always a hit at Christmas party in my office. You can play this Christmas game individually or in a team. Movie buffs and quiz lovers will love it!

Looks like Santa’s elves have mixed up the Christmas words! Let’s decipher them. You can play christmas world scramble game alone or in group. If you feel up to a challenge, set a timer and race to see who will solve the word scramble first.

This Christmas word search is a fun way to pass the time, play with the kids or entertain your guests. I’ve hidden 26 holiday words in the word search game, but you might find even more. And be sure to search for holiday terms going top to bottom, left to right, and diagonal. We’ve also included the fix!

Christmas is celebrated in many countries and cultures around the world. It’s no surprise that Merry Christmas exists in every language you can think of!

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You can let everyone do it at their own pace or set a timer and have everyone play together. The player with the most correct answers wins!

I hope you know your Christmas carols, because they are the key to winning this game! The goal is to match the clues to popular holiday songs.

This game is a bit difficult, and you might find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out some of them. Luckily, there’s a handy answer key to help you out!

Christmas Games For Seniors In Nursing Homes

How well do you know your guests? I bet you will learn something new about your family or friends by playing this

Fun Christmas Activities For All Ages {free Printable!}

To play, each contestant writes three statements about themselves, from their favorite Christmas memories to the worst holiday gifts they’ve ever received.

Two of these statements must be true and one must be a lie. The other players must try to guess which statement is false.

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Tab or click the button below to download your free printable holiday game Two Truths and a Lie!

Printable Christmas games are easy to set up and a very economical way to have fun because you don’t have to buy expensive hardware and supplies to play. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a party or gathering:

Fun Christmas Activities

Hope you enjoy these printable Christmas games for the whole family! If you play, leave a comment and tell me how you used these holiday party game printables.

Tab or click the button below to download all 9 printable Christmas games for adults and kids!

Thank you so much for visiting Country Hill Cottage – we’re so glad you’re here! Got any comments you’d like to share? Leave a note in the comments section below! Christmas is coming soon ! This is the perfect time to devote time and energy to the elderly in your family.

Christmas Games For Seniors In Nursing Homes

Not to mention that vacations can be fun for seniors and those around them. The trick is to make them feel connected to others so they feel a sense of joy and belonging that they usually crave. Your efforts will go a long way and they will greatly appreciate what you do for them.

Fun Indoor Activities For Seniors This Holiday Season

So spend Christmas with your parents, grandparents or other aging seniors this winter. Below are some fun indoor activities for seniors that will help keep them engaged and entertained.

Seniors prefer gentle solitude and limited socializing, which is why you can play a fun indoor game like bingo with them. The game is quite popular among them. Not only is it fun, but it also improves their focus and concentration. When they remember the call mixes, their hearing, short- and long-term memory, and other brain activities are enhanced.

Plus, to make Christmas bingo a little more enjoyable, you can save prizes for everyone who made as many as possible like snow globes, Christmas scrapbooks, socks, hand creams and lotions , etc.

Older people with dementia or impaired vision can use cards with bold fonts and typefaces and differentiate colors. There are special online bingo cards that you can download from the web and also print.

Free Printable Christmas Bucket List With Christmas Activities

Seniors who need help participating in strenuous activity should be entertained at home with loved ones at this time. Games like bingo do not require much effort, so you do not need to facilitate your loved one with extraordinary care. Other than that, be sure to keep Christmas Bingo fun for them!

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Doing puzzles and riddles with your loved one can help them by creating associations between the two brain halves of their brain. Putting the pieces together involves the use of different types of memories.

By working on a puzzle, your loved ones can boost their critical thinking and decision-making skills. Completing a puzzle will improve their cognitive functioning and bring them joy and happiness. It also has therapeutic benefits. Buy a set of the type of puzzle you think will be the most fun. Do it with your loved one and see how much he will enjoy it.

Christmas Games For Seniors In Nursing Homes

Host a game night once this holiday season with your whole family at your house. Also include your elderly relatives and give them special attention. You can choose to play chess (something that is freshest in their minds since, well, chess was once a game only for old people). If it’s too difficult or too long, not to mention boring, pick something fun (chess-lovers mind).

Gift Ideas For Nursing Home Residents

Card games like UNO and Poker will be a lighter but fun activity this Christmas. This one might seem a little inappropriate, but Dumb Charades should also be fun, with all the guesswork and suspense. It will also be a treat for your beloved eldest this Christmas!

You probably saw this coming a while ago. Movies can outshine all other activities! As long as they’re fun movies. Try your hand at some of these new Netflix holiday movies like

. Considering renting is pretty much the only option this time due to COVID, Netflix should be your go-to app for that. You can also try buying movies not available on Netflix or borrowing DVDs from a friend or neighbor. Invite them too! More the merrier, the merrier. If they have elderly relatives, then yours could be spending time with them.

Imagine a perfect movie night with your

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