Entertainment Ideas At Wedding

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Dancing is a traditional wedding reception activity, and has been for ages And with good reason! A celebration, old and new friends, some good music, a dance floor, and maybe a few cocktails is a tried and true recipe for a good time. However, this can also be a big bummer for those who don’t particularly like their tails wagging Or the same old songs and group dances might get old for those who attend many weddings (Cupid shuffle again!?) So…any fun wedding reception entertainment ideas besides dancing? Of course! And here are our 10 favorites

Entertainment Ideas At Wedding

Entertainment Ideas At Wedding

First on our list of wedding reception entertainment ideas is hiring a live event photographer Having an artist at your wedding do a painting craft at the event is a wonderful preservation of your wedding to bring with you into your new life. Look at this example:

Wedding Entertainment Ideas: 32 Must See Options

However, it is not only a memory to keep for yourself, but you also get to share it with your guests Seeing this painting come alive in real time will be a treat for your guests For some, it can also provide a moment away from all the excitement of the dance floor Place your live painter out of the way to see the whole scene, but not so far that they are inaccessible This way your guests can wander around to see the artwork in progress

Hiring a caricature artist may be less formal than painting a live event, but it’s a wedding reception entertainment idea that will be tons of fun for your guests. Let your guests sit down to draw and be amazed and amused by what the caricature artist comes up with. It also offers a very unique keepsake to take home with them and remember all the fun memories made. Not only that, it also gives your guests a much-needed opportunity to sit on the dance floor and take a break from all the activity while having some fun.

If you want to treat your guests to a wedding reception entertainment idea that is truly unique, hire professional dancers to perform at your wedding reception for you and your guests! If you have a favorite dance or dance troupe, having them dance at your wedding will be a real treat for you and your guests.

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For example, if you love ballet, having a dancer perform a ballet would be a nice addition to your wedding reception event. Or perhaps there is a style of dance that is culturally unique to you, your partner, or both of you that you would like to pay homage to your culture and share with your guests. For example, the Cambodian aspara dance or an Irish step dance (Riverdance). Or maybe you just want to kick your wedding reception entertainment up a notch with some belly dancers! Either way, your guests will love it

Wedding Entertainment Ideas To Upgrade Your Wedding

Not everyone enjoys boogieing on the dance floor, so you must have some wedding reception entertainment ideas to give your non-dancers something to do. A variety of backyard style games are an excellent option for keeping your guests engaged individually or in small groups when choosing not to dance. If you have children in your marriage, they may occupy some of the kiddos as well

Offering activities like this is a thoughtful gesture for those who aren’t used to dancing and keeps the options open for more fun overall for your guests. Also, these backyard games are very easy and inexpensive to set up, whether your reception is outside and you have a lawn to use or you’re indoors and just marking a spot for them. Some activities you might include:

If you and your partner have a bit of a naughty side and want to encourage your guests to feel like kids, one of the most amazing wedding reception entertainment ideas is to provide a bouncy castle. You read that right A bouncy castle! And yes, they have (huge) bouncy castles for adults Let your guests bounce those dancing shoes off like a favorite childhood favorite for a little young-at-heart fun. Or they can just enjoy watching others bounce it This addition to your reception is sure to be a hit and one your guests will never forget!

Entertainment Ideas At Wedding

Everyone likes to be impressed, and nothing is more impressive than magic! So, choose some wedding reception entertainment that will surprise your guests by hiring a magician! Whether you set up your own booth to create a formal stage show during the reception, or show tricks around the table, your guests will be delighted and amazed by this magical addition to your wedding!

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Winter Wedding Entertainment Ideas

As your guests flow in and out of the dance floor and wander around your reception to mix or grab a cocktail, why not give them something to look at? A couple of wedding reception entertainment trends that are trending are employing circus-type performers to perform near high-traffic areas such as bars and/or perform tricks and stunts during the cocktail hour. If you’re an extravagant couple who really wants to leave an impression on your guests, rent out a portion of the “Big Top” and make your reception the “Greatest Show on Earth!” “

Another wedding reception entertainment idea is quickly becoming a wedding reception staple, and it involves a photo booth. Especially in this day and age of social media, a photo booth is a great way to provide your guests with an Instagram-able opportunity that provides memorable (and postable!) pictures that are just as fun to take. Memories later!

Provide plenty of silly, cute and fun props for your guests to pose with If you’ve chosen a wedding theme that can be fun to play with, let your guests really get into it by letting your props reflect the theme! A fun and interactive photo booth gives your guests a much-needed break from being goofy after all those serious steps on the dance floor.

Another similar wedding reception entertainment idea that is trending is to provide a slow motion video booth It’s similar to a photo booth with a booth, except the result is a (usually silly and funny) slow-motion video that will be the most fun and unique for your guests! Watch this video to check out some of the results!

Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

Include some wedding reception entertainment ideas to keep your guests entertained just sitting at the table Whether you need to break the ice while taking a break from dancing or getting to know other guests over a cocktail, having an activity or two available at each table can keep the party going even in the small moments. A great table activity might be a wedding-themed crazy lib that will be as hysterical for your guests to fill out as it will be for you to read it later! Or you might consider using some of your favorite photos of you and your partner as a unique and fun way to keep your guests occupied (and “Oooo-ing” and “Awww-ing”!).

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Last, but certainly not least, what would a list of wedding reception entertainment ideas be without FIREWORKS!? If it’s in your budget and venue/county-friendly, don’t end the night for your guests and start your married life with a BANG!

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Entertainment Ideas At Wedding

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Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Will Keep Your Guests Happy

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Whatever your passion or interest there is something that can take the form of entertainment

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