Find Travel Deals Without Destination

Find Travel Deals Without Destination – Being flexible with your destination is definitely the best way to save on airfare (be open to some destinations and wait for the deal). But here’s how to save money even when you have a very specific destination in mind.

If you don’t have any flexibility with dates, you should use our main search tool to find the best available rate for those dates (detailed instructions here). This article is for those who are willing to take the time to do some extra research to find the cheapest dates for their specific destination.

Find Travel Deals Without Destination

Find Travel Deals Without Destination

We are often asked the question: When are the cheapest dates for that destination? This is because most of you already have a very specific place in mind for your next trip. Ideally, you should keep several options open when it comes to destinations. You’ll have a better chance of one of them appearing on your flight deals page, often at 50% off the regular price (don’t forget, these deals are updated daily: dates and destinations change every day).

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The best way to save is definitely to find a great deal for your destination by monitoring our deals daily.

Other than that, another way to still save money over a regular fare (if you can’t be flexible about the destination) is to at least be flexible with the dates.

Since it’s not always possible to find your destination on our Deals page (read our article Why only certain cities appear on our Deals page), we’ve launched a new series of articles and tips to guide you when you have to book flights.

And when you want to put in a little effort to find the best price on your own.

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The other tool we told you about at the beginning of this post (our favourite) finds the best available rate for any dates and any destinations. Cheaper than this, because it compares all booking sites. So if the dates and destination are already set, this first tool is simpler.

Today I am talking to you about this very powerful tool that can perform very advanced searches. It will help you save money and find cheap flights by helping you find the cheapest combination of dates for your destination.

You probably won’t find a deal for half the regular price, but it’s useful if your dates and destination are not on our deals page, as it will show you the best dates to book at the cheapest price and all the features will give you other options. Pro tip: Once you’ve found the best dates for your destination, we always recommend that you at least check if the price is lower on the main tool, because they compare many sites and are therefore often cheaper!

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Find Travel Deals Without Destination

First, go to the tool’s website. If you would like to put it in your favorites or bookmarks, we would appreciate if you took the source URL directly from the link below (not the one that once opened), because it contains our referral code and allows us to get a small commission (which we don’t costs you a penny more) which allows you to support us so we can continue to help you travel for the lowest prices! Or even simpler, you can always follow along here to support us. Thank you in advance, we really appreciate it!

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Let’s say what you’re looking for is a flight from Toronto to Miami, but it’s not in our deals today, and you have some flexibility with dates and want to find the cheapest dates.

Make sure to select “RETURN” at the top and not “ONE-WAY” (if that’s what you’re looking for).

If you have some flexibility with your dates, you can choose to use a range of dates, so you can see prices for departing earlier/late or returning slightly earlier/late. In this example, we’re using departures between February 1 and 7.

In the same week, the prices were $223, $320, and $592!!! That’s a discrepancy of over 150%!!! that’s normal. This is what we mean when we say that airfares fluctuate

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You can then choose your desired ‘stay time’ (between 2 and 10 days in the example below)…

…or do the same as before with the Date Range feature to adjust for possible return dates (from the 21st to the 27th shown below).

Note that once you’ve chosen your departure interval, you can also see on the calendar the price for your return trip for each day of the month, color-coded.

Find Travel Deals Without Destination

That’s it, you will now be able to see all date options on the right panel at the best available rates. This tool will also show you a nearby airport when it is cheaper than the selected airport.

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It will be much cheaper to fly here from Buffalo than from Toronto, if you are willing to drive there. The $150 difference isn’t much, but if you’re traveling with 3 friends, you can save $600. Don’t miss our next article on how road trips can save you a lot of money.

Tab specific so be careful because sometimes by selecting the middle tab the ‘cheaper’ price is lower (but not in this case).

Suppose you want to go from Toronto to Miami, but you don’t have to go on specific dates, you can use the Any Time feature which will select the cheapest time for you. To return, you can either use “Anytime” or specify the duration of the trip.

This is really the best option for getting the cheapest dates, except checking our flight deals page regularly! If you don’t have exact dates, you will likely be able to find a deeply discounted fare on the deals page first!

Google Travel Insights

By clicking From, you can either enter just one city, multiple cities separated by commas, entire countries, or a radius of any location on the map. This will compare with flights from nearby cities (such as Buffalo in the example above).

You can do the same for the arrival city, it makes it possible to add secondary airports which are often cheaper than the main city airports. In this case,

Geographical range search is particularly useful in Europe, where there are many cities close to each other and where the difference in prices can be significant between two destination cities. Also, you can usually go exactly where you need to go by taking a $10 train, so it’s well worth the effort if your plane ticket is $200 less to go to that other city!

Find Travel Deals Without Destination

Note that you also have the option to select an entire country instead of a city. For example, if you want to get around Vietnam anyway, land where it’s cheapest.

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Once you’ve found your exact date and airports and you’re ready to book the flight, we personally recommend checking out our main search tool (the one you should always use when you know your dates and destinations), because this tool will do just that. Compare dozens of booking sites to find the best one at the cheapest price.

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The price is often a few dollars lower than this tool. Again this tool is especially useful for more advanced and complex searches while others often find a cheaper rate once you find dates.

Let’s be very clear: You won’t find deals with extremely low prices or discounts with this tool, and that’s what our deals page is all about. We discover them for you.

This tool is useful in situations where dates or destinations are not on our Deals page or are inflexible. And don’t forget that our deals are updated daily so they change every day, keep watching them or sign up for our free newsletter.

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Last but not least: it’s often cheaper to buy a ticket for most cities in Europe when you divide your itinerary into two separate rickets. This takes a little more work, but you can sometimes save hundreds of dollars. Read this article for more details.

This is a very interesting tool for finding the cheapest dates and helps you save money again!

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Find Travel Deals Without Destination

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