Fun Birthday Ideas For Adults

Fun Birthday Ideas For Adults – Friends and family with a birthday in the next month? We assume that all previous plans must have changed. Below are ideas to make it a special day — whether you’re in the same house or celebrating from afar (you know, even down the street). And if you have a kid with a birthday coming up, check out our blog entry on baby ideas too!

Signs in the yard! Not sure if you have posters around, but what about boxes? Enlist kids if you have them to help decorate!

Fun Birthday Ideas For Adults

Fun Birthday Ideas For Adults

Adding to the above, you have a sign that says HONK for the birthday boy/girl. Horns throughout the day will get at least a giggle 🙂 (if you don’t have a kid, then move on to the next idea).

Charming Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Grub Hub bagels in the morning at their home or order an ice cream pie, cake, cupcakes for delivery or pickup. Please support local businesses when possible. Marylanders! Check out THB for bagels and The Charmery for ice cream pie!

Channel your inner child and make a fort to curl up in while you make a drink and watch a movie.

Have your household and birthday boy/girl dress up like you’re going out. Shave those legs, put on the cologne, make up, princess dresses or bow ties for the kids, give it a shot. Everyone will feel refreshed and ready to celebrate!

Ask neighbors who may pass by your house/apartment to do a Social Distancing Birthday Carol—sing Happy Birthday from the street. Again, only for friends/neighbors who can walk to you and keep a safe distance!

Casual Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

If the weather is nice, consider camping in the yard or deck or having a candlelit dinner

Check out local bands and DJs hosting LIVE events on Facebook. Bring the club into your living room! You’ve successfully (you might say) made another run around the sun as a mature adult. Congratulations! This is truly a great feat these days. Your birthday is coming up and you want a special celebration. As it should. Birthdays should always be special… And definitely not just for kids. Being an adult is hard (like really hard), so make your adult birthday extra special! Whether you’re planning on throwing a major birthday party (if the state of the world ever allows us such privileges) with all your grown-up friends or just a fancy little party, we’ve got you covered with 24 fancy grown-up party ideas. ideas.

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The best part about throwing a birthday party as an adult? You can make all the decisions. And while we’re constantly bombarded with making tough life choices every day, there’s definitely an upside to that responsibility. It’s your birthday! Want a giant chocolate cake shaped like your favorite movie character? Do it. Want everyone to show up wearing only yellow? Do it. The sky’s your limit (that and your wallet). Come on, have fun making decisions at once!

Fun Birthday Ideas For Adults

Send your birthday invitations in minutes. will print, address and mail them all for you.

Creative Birthday Cake Alternatives

Here it is. The list you’ve been waiting for. Browse and get inspired. And remember: you don’t have to do everything exactly as listed here. You can always take some of these ideas and make them completely your own. There are no rules here.

You’re an adult now, remember? Send real party invitations to take your birthday party to the next grown-up level.

Adults birthday invitations can be anything you want. You’re all grown up now, so you can play by your own rules, remember? If you want to make your invitations with a silly T-Rex on the front, then go for it! Or, if you want to combine a silly carefree feel with a little more, how about this bright yellow invitation with a handwritten font by Erika Firm.

Who doesn’t love champagne? It is elegant and delicious. There’s something about the bubble effect that brings out the child in us. Why not add a little cloud of sugar to give it a red (and cute) look. The best part about being an adult is eating all the sugar we want, right?

Adult Gastro Pub Birthday Party With Craft Beer + Buffalo Chicken Meatball Recipe

Speaking of bubbly… If you want a pop glam theme for your birthday party, match your invitations! This bold lettering invitation is perfect especially if you’re thinking of serving up those sweet champagne clouds!

(Pro tip: It’ll print, address, and mail the invitations for you, so you can do all the grown-up things on your to-do list without sacrificing the sophistication factor.)

Ok, so who remembers loving jello shots in college? Anybody? Well, now that you have all the experience in the world, why not make your own gelatin shots that you really like? Give the old recipe a makeover. How cute are these? from TipsyBartender

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Fun Birthday Ideas For Adults

Vases are so yesterday. Use ice cream cones for a fun twist on your decor… That way, you have a little snack to munch on later. Going with a pink theme? These would be perfect additions to any table or ice cream bar. (Also, how much do you love the sprinkled rim of that plate?!?) from

Places For An Adult Birthday Party In Toronto Now That Things Are Open Again

You are the star of this party. Make your own cupcake toppers and add your delightful smile to the party. Party hats are kind of a must. Get crafty and make them yourself with your local printer and die cutter, or just order some from Etsy.

You can go all out by renting out a space or simply move the furniture and transform your living room into the hottest dance floor of the decade.

Who said balloons can’t be stylish? Make your own balloon garland and impress your guests!

Yes, you heard that right: Tequila Roast… shot. A shot that’s in a toasted tequila? We really don’t care how it works. Sounds epic. Fry responsibly 🙂

Snazzy Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Everyone loves brunch. Let’s face it, getting old means wanting so much to stay inside after the sun goes down. Have daytime booze with all your friends and then you’ll even have a little time to take a birthday nap! Total win-win.

Or any lighting at all. The days of partying in the dark are over. People want to see (and hear) their co-partners. Whether you’re hosting your party outside or inside, you can turn on some lights for a beautiful setup.

You’ve come so far in life, show your new number. Use giant balloons as decorative accents, photo props or just fun toys to make sure no one forgets whose birthday it is.

Fun Birthday Ideas For Adults

A birthday party is incomplete without a birthday cake. That being said, you should do it your way; whatever that means. Instead of using a numbered candle – which of course is always an option – opt to use a candle or two. It will definitely create more excitement and save you from the tasks of blowing out the candles (probably for the best these days).

Most Fun Adult Party Games Ever

Whether you’re going to write your name or just a good old fashioned ‘YAY’ – giant balloon letters will definitely add some pizazz to your birthday party.

Holy smokes. You read it right. They’re adorable and will probably send you into a sugar rush, but the Instagram photos of them alone will make it all worth it.

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Hosting your birthday party this summer?! Check out these refreshing iced tea recipes [and drinks] that will work wonders for a birthday barbecue or outdoor summer picnic.

Not sure what appetizers to serve now that you’re all grown up and all? Want to look classy AF? Check out these easy recipes that will make you look super sophisticated

Adult Birthday Party Ideas To Celebrate Any Year

Want something other than birthday cake to serve at your grown-up birthday party? Think cupcakes, donuts, sugar-coated pretzels, cake pops, lollipops, and any other sugar you’ve ever enjoyed in your life. A birthday cake is definitely not the end point.

A little booze on the traditional candy piñata. Be sure to use plastic bottles (no need to clean up broken glass and drink in the middle of the party).

Who said birthday parties have to be indoors? No one. Ever. While winter birthdays almost guarantee that the party will be inside, you can certainly think outside the box. Throw a stylish outdoor picnic or take the celebration to the beach!

Fun Birthday Ideas For Adults

You’re an adult now, so writing thank-you notes should come naturally. Be sure to thank everyone who gave you something special or helped make your birthday party the way you envisioned it. Sending a hangover-induced thank-you text definitely won’t do the trick. And even though that hangover hit you hard and fast, you don’t have to waste any thank-you notes. You can mail all your thank you notes right from your computer with whoever can mail your thank you notes for you. Go ahead, write them while enjoying an ice cold Bloody Mary. It’s so easy to worry about the basics of party planning, like invitations, catering, and decorations, that you don’t think too much about what your guests will be doing. AFTER they appeared, they looked at

Adult Birthday Party Decorationsmilestone 40th Birthday50th

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