Fun Ideas At Wedding Reception

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We’ve seen our right wedding portions – and with that, about every wedding trend in the book. From a donut-worthy donut wall to an overused jar, it’s a unique (rarely done) idea for a wedding that leaves a lasting impression. But how do you decide which personal details to include and how do you enter them? “The best way to make a wedding stand out is to make it your own,” says Allison Jackson, owner and host of Pineapple Productions. Others “.

Fun Ideas At Wedding Reception

Fun Ideas At Wedding Reception

Allison Jackson is the owner and host of Pineapple Productions, a Washington, DC-based wedding planning company.

Unique Wedding Ideas To Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable

As a starting point, take some time to think about what you represent as a couple. “My approach to wedding design has always been inspired by the couple’s story to create something completely original, unique and unique,” Jackson said. “I like to ask couples how they met, how they got engaged and how they spent their time starting to come up with ideas for wedding details.

Shared interests, travel and family history are also great sources of inspiration, ”she added. Second, do not forget to consider your guests! Your wedding is about celebrating your legal union with your SO, it is also about celebrating the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. Some parts to look for for inspiration when planning your wedding:

The smallest bouquet makes a chic and stylish statement in a way that the average rich bouquet can not – it is the perfect way for the bride to incorporate her modern style. Let the Nosegay or Biedermeier bouquet be the highlight of your wedding day as you travel down the aisle.

Ask the invitee to record their favorite song on the RSVP card or have them email you instead. Compile all the song proposals into a playlist and give it to your DJ for a variety of jams that guests will enjoy.

Secrets To A Fun Wedding Reception

What does blue need? Forget the idea of ​​a classic blue dress or jewelry – blue flower girl is so cute

When accompanied by a flower crown. On the other hand, let the flower girl throw blue painted flowers for the enjoyment of this ancient tradition.

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Add your own stamp and your first partner throughout the wedding for a personal touch. Branding it on everything from wedding signs to table numbers and a preference for consistency.

Fun Ideas At Wedding Reception

The traditional cake of the bride and groom is in the 1980s. Top your cake with accents that complement the vibrancy and theme of your wedding. While this rustic-chic lantern is the perfect touch for an industrial wedding, a flamingo gown can be a decoration for a beach party.

The Most Fun Wedding Reception Activity Ideas

Instead of using a real plate for a charger, choose something more suitable for your table, think brown leaves for the tropics or classic tiles, as shown above for a romantic Italian villa look.

For some of the treats guests will actually use, set up a “plantation” of fresh fruit and small baskets (or small baskets) that they can fill through the gate. Another fun idea is to decorate an apple or pear with a custom sticker with your name or words along the lines of “We make a couple”.

There is no denying the charm of a wooden sign or the elegance of a reflective sign, but everyone uses it. Choose something creative that reflects your theme, such as a cheerful Iota sign with a slogan focused on sweet love. For the reception, consider combining the neon sign with your wedding sign as a photo booth wallpaper.

If your wedding is going to take place away from where you grew up, provide a tasting spot with food from the area. Some ideas: salted crab and lobster for New England, peppers and tacos for Texas or Oyster for New Orleans.

Fun Wedding Reception Ideas To Delight Your Guests

Consider your perfect meal day (breakfast to dinner, plus snacks and desserts). Allows your caterer to combine your and your choice of options into a great wedding meal for a varied menu.

If you plan to serve food from different cultures, a luxurious buffet may be the only way to satisfy different tastes.

Why not match your cookies to your decor? The wedding cookies shown above are “printed” with a scarf pattern that is beloved by the bride. Another idea is to set up a dessert table with cookies frozen by your family acronym or shaped like the number of your wedding date (“6,” “20,” “17”) for a personal touch.

Fun Ideas At Wedding Reception

Respect the state you love by incorporating it into your decorations or food. We love the way these tropical Florida-shaped cookies inspire fun. If your state has a slogan (for example, “Virginia Is For Lovers”), then it could be a source of inspiration as well. Couples who meet in Virginia can weave a LOVE sign throughout their reception decor.

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Outdoor Wedding Ideas

If you are planning a destination wedding or have a lot of guests from outside the city, include a map of the area where your wedding will be in your invitation – after all, they will spend an entire week there!

Order custom labels for wine and water to put your own stamp on libations. If you really want luxury, you can order a small bottle of champagne as a favorite.

Instead of chairs or armchairs, choose unique seating that reflects your wedding style for your ceremony, such as a rug or a tribal tree upholstery. While it is easy to capture aesthetics, make sure the seat you choose is comfortable. Bales of hay, poufs, and ottomans are all worth exploring if there is a specific excitement you want to recreate.

Tie your groom’s boutonnière into your theme – snail shells bring marine decor throughout the circle, while pineapple leaves celebrate autumn and cucumber trees create a desert atmosphere.

Fun Wedding Reception Activities & Wedding Games

Traditional guest books are often kept in closets. Instead, choose a coffee table book that covers your favorite topic (like this book about Los Angeles history) and that you will want to present at home. Guests can write on the photo or on the margins.

Give your shawls some personality by letting them print with happy facts about you and your partner. You can also include vague questions about the newlyweds as ice breakers for guests.

Instead of having the waiters carry a tray of champagne around, let them fill the platform with bubbly pauses instead. If just a touch of sensuality is what you are doing and it fits the theme of your wedding, then we recommend adding a selection of cocktails or festive straws to the guest drinks.

Fun Ideas At Wedding Reception

Is the weather forecast for your wedding day gloomy? Rent a Sno-Cone machine, popsicle bar or ice cream stand and chill!

Bridal Shower Games And Activities That Are Actually Fun

Tell the history of any family recipe you are serving. Keep the explanation short and important and include it in the printed menu. For example, “Aunt Martin’s French Onion Soup / Grandma Betty’s Peach Cake”.

Name each reception table (for example, “Chinese”) related to your appointment. There is a tent card on the table with a brief explanation: “We met second year college students here during the study abroad program!”

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Add unexpected elements to your bouquet to give it your own personal touch. We like the way the feathers complement the giant protea king in this arrangement.

Is there a cultural dance that you like at a family wedding? From tarantella (Italy) to silver (Cuban) dance, ethnic jigs give the party a unique flavor.

Fun And Creative Wedding Reception Backdrops You’ll Love

Think papaya (Philippines), canned cream (Italy), pomegranate candy (Middle East). It does not matter if the groom from another country thinks many times!

Set up a mini photo studio at the reception for guests to place it in front of the camera. Send their photos with your thank you card for a pleasant surprise. GIF photo booths are exploding right now, just do not forget to share your wedding hashtag to encourage you to participate in the #love #promotions.

Instead of displaying the menu on standard stationery, create a creative one and spread it out on a marble plate or blackboard in beautiful calligraphy.

Fun Ideas At Wedding Reception

Is there a charity you love? Instead of making a gift, make a gift on behalf of your guests. Leave an explanation card on each dinner table.

Wedition: Unique Wedding Party Ideas For Your Wedding Guests

Arrange a cocktail hour outside? Set up various grass game stations such as croquet, badminton and jumbo jenga around the cocktail area and reception area to provide some entertainment for your guests in addition to gambling.

There is a warm-up ring ceremony in which both brides go through guests to send their greetings and love. Before placing on each finger.

Hire an artist to paint at your event or reception. They will create works of art out of the happiest days of your life that you can hang on the walls of your future home and property for years to come.

Incorporate your native stone into your desk for a special touch. We love Boho

Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas

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