Fun Ideas For Company Parties

Fun Ideas For Company Parties – Office party ideas are ways to celebrate special occasions at work. Office parties unite colleagues and strengthen a sense of community through a planned event. The ideas on this list suggest games, food, activities, decorations, and other fun features that will make your work party a memorable affair.

This category includes company Christmas parties, team parties and office mixers and is a personal version of virtual team building parties.

Fun Ideas For Company Parties

Fun Ideas For Company Parties

From baby showers to black breakfast parties, here’s a list of office party ideas that will entertain and engage your crew.

The Office Birthday Party

Bingo is one of the simplest office party games. Everyone knows the rules and the game requires no setup or equipment other than bingo cards. To make your life easier, we have created an Office party Bingo card that you can use for your next company gathering.

To play, give cards to partygoers and encourage guests to play while mingling. The first player to mark five consecutive squares and shout “BINGO!” wins a prize. Preparing a few prizes is a good plan as sometimes more people hit Bingo.

Be sure to randomize the fields so that not all guests get Bingo at the same time. You are also welcome to add your own ideas. Customizing squares to be company specific gives the game a more personal feel.

Cocktail parties and office happy hours are one of the best work party ideas. These events allow employees to relax and socialize while enjoying a drink. You can take the party to a local bar or rent out an event space or book a bartender to visit the office. To make the event more memorable, you can create signature cocktails or give the group mixology lessons.

Ways To Make Your Office Christmas Party Fun With Slido

Holding Olympic-style games is a fun way to mix celebration with competition. For entertainment, partygoers can team up and battle it out in a series of challenges like relay races and desk chair football. Winners can get trophies or medals, and all “athletes” can get festive after the games by sharing snacks, drinks and sports talk.

Everyone has bad days. Sometimes the office collectively has a bad day. On these occasions, you can lighten the mood with a bad day party. Bad day parties involve anything that will cheer the group up, such as a karaoke machine, punch balloons, nerve guns, motivational quotes and snacks. Employees can de-stress by talking or playing games with colleagues and focus on topics other than work.

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Since bad days are rarely predictable, most bad day parties are spur-of-the-moment affairs. To simplify your impromptu party setup, put together a bad day team building kit  in advance so the supplies are already ready. After all, the last thing you or your teammate want to do on a stressful day is stand in line to buy plastic forks at Walmart.

Fun Ideas For Company Parties

You can also set aside a small budget to order food or splurge on other indulgences, such as mini massages or trips to the batting cage.

Office Christmas Party Ideas In London 2022

People love a good whodunnit. By playing a murder mystery, you turn the entire office into a life-size game of Clue. Many companies offer pre-made murder mystery scripts that you and your employees can recreate. While you could acquire props and costumes to create a more immersive atmosphere, at a minimum you need characters, clues, and enough players to make the game a challenge.

During your party, you can play a fun murder mystery game. Get a script first, then assign parts to players. Participants play characters and read lines, and partygoers stay alert for clues to try to solve the mystery before the activity ends. Props, costumes and dramatic flair make the game even more fun.

Earth Day is April 22. Few people know that fact directly, because although we observe the day, we rarely celebrate it. This year you and your team can celebrate Earth Day with an eco-friendly soiree.

As climate research increases, companies and consumers care more about going green. By hosting an Earth Day extravaganza, you remind employees of the importance of nature and encourage your employees to be more environmentally conscious.

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas To Make Your Team Merry

Office award shows are a celebration and employee recognition activity rolled into an entertaining evening. Recognition makes employees feel valued, appreciated and safe in the workplace and is a useful technique for employee engagement.

Hosting an awards ceremony and party is one way to make staff feel even more special. Most companies commission custom trophies to hand out to winners, with categories ranging from “Rookie of the Year” to “Customer Service Award” to “Top Performer.” Humorous categories like “ruins of everyone’s diets” can also be fun.

Hosting the awards at a restaurant or event venue makes the affair more significant, but you can create a busy atmosphere in the office by rolling out a red carpet, hanging gold twinkle lights and floating star-shaped balloons. Encouraging a fancy dress code adds an extra layer of fun and glamour. Provide food and drinks to enjoy during the ceremony, and recruit a charismatic host to hand out awards and charm the crowd.

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Fun Ideas For Company Parties

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the apartment rarely gets the pomp and splendor it deserves. One of the best office party breakfast ideas is to host a black tie breakfast. A black tie breakfast party starts the day on a fun and fancy note. This affair involves more than a box of bagels on the break table. The dress code is cocktail attire; think dresses, suits or classy pyjamas. This type of party is great for big days where your team has a formal presentation and needs to arrive in formal attire.

Festive Holiday Office Party Games That Everyone Will Love

Breakfast is one of the best ideas for office party food, as hectic mornings and commutes often prevent people from enjoying a proper meal. By laying out a solid spread and planning energizing activities, you can ensure your team starts the day on a positive note.

Photo booths are a hit at any party. DJs and event companies rent out photo booths for a few hundred dollars, but this kind of budget might only be an option for fancier corporate retreats or holiday parties. Fortunately, you can make your own photo booth for any occasion.

Although professional booths are expensive, budget photo booths are cheap and easy to assemble. Dollar stores are great places to buy props or you can print free props. You can also use a sheet or throw together a simple balloon or streamer curtain to use as a backdrop.

Photo booths are one of the most popular office party activities. Posing for photos is fun enough, but you can entertain your guests even more by holding a photo contest and offering a prize to the team with the funniest photo.

Zoom Party Ideas To Make Virtual Parties Feel Fresh Again

Movie nights are classic office get-togethers, in part because they’re so easy to put together. At a minimum, all you need to throw a movie night is a movie or two and a television or screen and projector. Of course, these events are more fun if you add extras like popcorn and candy, movie trivia games, and Hollywood-worthy decor.

With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, you can select and project a movie directly from your laptop or phone.

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Educating and celebrating diversity enriches workplaces. Your office can celebrate many nationalities by hosting a cultural festival. Instead of observing only your own country’s national holidays, pay tribute to international holidays. You can either set up different stations on the same day for a trade show extravaganza or hold a series of parties throughout the year.

Fun Ideas For Company Parties

You can also celebrate common holidays like New Years and Halloween by featuring customs from around the world. Of course, you want to honor other cultures, not appropriate them, so a tactful approach is necessary. Consider inviting authentic vendors, artists, and restaurateurs to educate and entertain your group, or invite colleagues from these cultures to volunteer to lead activities.

Corporate Event Ideas To Level Up Guest Engagement

Nostalgia has a broad appeal and extraordinary bonding abilities. Throwback parties are great ideas for office gatherings. For a blast from the past, choose a decade such as the fifties or eighties. Or you can ask your employees to arrive dressed in fashion from a decade of choice and use the clothes for a fun guessing game.

Food, decorations and activities should relate to the chosen time period. For example, you can hang a disco ball for a seventies party, dress in tie-dye for a sixties party, and serve old-school diner-style burgers and shakes for a fifties party. Of course, you should also put together an era-appropriate playlist.

If you choose a recent decade, your company’s history is recalled during that time. You can also ask guests to submit a photo of themselves from that era and invite other participants to view the slideshow and guess the colleagues based on the photo.

Food has united people for centuries. Potluck parties are a basic and inexpensive office party idea that is easy to plan and execute. For best results, create a sign-up sheet so no two colleagues bring the same items and no one forgets drinks. This record also helps guests know which chef to compliment for a delicious dish. Filling up on disposable plates, napkins, utensils and cups is one

Holiday Party Ideas If You Actually Want Guests To Have Fun

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