Fun Ideas For Married Couples

Fun Ideas For Married Couples – Free date ideas for married couples who aren’t bored? Yes – check out these free date night ideas (even the cute ones!).

You and your spouse want to get your date on… but do you want it to be a free night?

Fun Ideas For Married Couples

Fun Ideas For Married Couples

I can’t wait to show you all the fun and romance you can have without spending a dime (talk about a bargain)!

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If you’re stuck in a dinner-and-a-movie-date rut, you’re probably wondering what couples can do for free.

Check out these free date ideas for married couples below. Remember – have fun with it!

The best thing about this is that for someone who is shy about their dancing ability (my husband, *cough, cough*) this is a great alternative to dancing in front of others.

We toured the Texas State Capitol and got to see some beautiful architecture, learn some interesting stories, and see lots of old paintings. It was totally worth it (especially since there was no cost!).

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Now, talk, play two card games, or watch a movie together while using chopsticks with your favorite snacks!

My husband and I learned so much about each other and saw each other’s faces light up when we took the time to share a favorite childhood movie with the other person.

We both agreed that if you watched a movie as a kid, it holds a special place in your heart and evokes all kinds of emotions. But watching that movie for the first time as an adult? Well … it’s usually not that good.

Fun Ideas For Married Couples

Psst: We did this for books too! We agreed to each pick one life-changing book, buy it for the other person, and read it cover to cover. 5. Create a couple’s bucket list

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Print out this free couple bucket list and talk to each other. What do you like to do as a couple? What does your wife want from each of you, and what does your husband want you to do as a couple?

Bonus: *actually* schedule one of the things on your couple’s bucket list! Either as a surprise or together.

Have you ever tried eating with chopsticks? My husband and I met in Japan so we are really good at it. But when you try to do it with American food?

Tip: Save some chopsticks the next time you get Chinese takeout or poke bowls. 7. Search for a free event on Eventbrite

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Free Or Cheap Date Ideas (a Whole Year Of Unique Ideas!)

Check out these free jumping room printables. They come with audio files for the missions (you will need to download their free iPhone apporfree android app).

Prepare in advance by placing the following items in your home: scissors, pens, single-sided printed copies of free missions, etc. Then, work together to solve the mystery.

Psst: Like these ideas? You’ll definitely want to check out my Cheap Garden Date Ideas article, and my 37 Spicy Home Date Night Ideas for Married Couples. 9. Eat a sandwich in front of your town’s water fountain

Fun Ideas For Married Couples

Spending time together outside of the home is really important – but you need it to be free.

Top Romantic Date Ideas For Married Couples

Surprise your wife or husband by making some first-rate sandwiches, packing them up and driving to a fancy town or city fountain. Stop your life to sit on the bank, break dinner and talk to your loved one.

We rode the Galveston-Bolivar ferry several times while living in Houston. It was free and we got to see dolphins and pelicans!

Then, pick a crime podcast to listen to together (one I enjoyed was Serial). You can pause it and discuss certain parts and watch each other’s reactions as true crime stories unfold.

Trust me when I say that listening to a podcast together is different from sitting in front of the TV together!

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I love outdoor board games set in parks. Once, we found a giant chess set with doll-sized pieces to play together.

Set ground rules for the evening before you figure out what movie or show to watch together, and the actual date night, roll the dice.

Or, with Netflix, you can use their “Play Something” area – it will randomly pick something for you to watch together!

Fun Ideas For Married Couples

I have detailed free printable board games for adults here. Find one you like, print it at home, and play together.

Fun Things For Couples To Do At Home When Bored

A few free days with my husband were nothing more than setting up the laptop in our bed and taking an online marriage class.

Not only are you helping people, but you can also remind yourself of those butterflies and the excitement of new love.

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Plus, unlike all those middle school dances you attended as kids, you actually get to go home together.

Make dinner at home special tonight by dressing each other to the nines. Wear a suit, wear a suit with a tie, and include a nice set of heels and shoes!

Free Romantic Games For Couples To Ignite Sparks

Get wine or whatever drink you like, and a really detailed puzzle. This date gets even more fun as the night goes on… it’s totally okay to be silly and not finish the puzzle!

Got a deck (or two) of cards? Great. Use them to see how the two of you can build a house of cards together.

Use this cute, free printable to do an internet scavenger hunt. They even come with a beautiful digital invitation that you can send out during the day!

Fun Ideas For Married Couples

Did you know there is a category of Marriage Ted Talks? You can have dinner with a Ted Talk on Marriage playing in the background.

Date Night Ideas At Home That Are Creative, Cheap, And Fun

Open up Google Maps on your laptop and take turns showing each other where you lived and/or where you grew up.

Take time to download each other’s phone photos in one place. Then go through them.

Share which ones are your favorites and why. What do you remember about that day and that memory?

I’m always amazed when my husband shares a moment from something he remembers or a specific thing we did together – most of the time, I didn’t see this or it didn’t strike me as important.

Perfect Icebreaker Games For Couples

When our 5-year-old was just a toddler, we took a trip to visit my aunt and uncle. They (amazingly) volunteered to watch him one day so we could go on to be a couple.

My favorite memory of the day? Going to a boat/dock, sitting on the edge with my husband and talking. We took off our shoes and socks, rolled up our pants, and dangled our legs for at least an hour.

Psst: Here are 17 more free summer day ideas. 25. Recreate a blockbuster Friday night at your library

Fun Ideas For Married Couples

Do you remember when Blockbuster was open and you went with your date to talk and pick movies together?

Super Fun, Cheap Or Free Date Night Ideas

In this age of streaming, you’ll be happy to know that you can recreate that experience at your local library. Head to their DVD section and spend 20-30 minutes choosing movies together for a movie date night.

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Many cities and some cities have interesting works of art not behind the walls of paid museums but in parks, near museums, etc.

Find out what are the best art installations in your area for free, and make a way to check them out with your loved one.

The church we were blessed to be a part of in Houston actually held a couple’s 6 week class with childcare and dinner one night each week.

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It was a wonderful little thing we worked on together and a nice break from the little guy.

For example, I found out that El Paso (where we now live) has a free urban rose garden that opens to the public on March 1st! I can’t wait to take my husband.

You can go there to talk about something specific, grab a quick bite to eat, or sit on a bench and listen to a podcast together.

Fun Ideas For Married Couples

Take turns taking free online love language quizzes and discover each other’s basic way of falling in love.

Couples Therapy Worksheets, Questions & Activities (pdf)

Grab your bikes (and dust them off if necessary), and go on a few-mile bike ride together. Pack some snacks in your bag and stop for a quick picnic when you find a beautiful view.

Prepare for this night by asking your spouse to write you a love letter. During dinner, read them aloud to each other.

Anywhere you need to move around—a park, a trail, the beach, etc.—take a nice long walk and add some rocks.

Psst: What if it’s a national park? Make sure you don’t leave the rocks behind and take them home. Free romantic date night ideas

Sweet + Sexy Date Ideas For Married Couples

In a perfect world, you could just run to the store and buy a nice, almond-based massage oil (this is the one we own).

But, you can make this Valentine’s Day idea happen tonight, because you have all the ingredients you need to make homemade massage oil (and if you don’t have essential oils? use oils).

You did

Fun Ideas For Married Couples

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