Fun Outdoor Game Ideas For Adults

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When the weather warms up we love to go outside and hang out on our patio. Every now and then we have to replace it with some fun yard games. These awesome games are perfect for kids and adults to play. Use them for a family game night outside, or sit back and relax while you sip an iced tea or cocktail while siblings play!

Fun Outdoor Game Ideas For Adults

Fun Outdoor Game Ideas For Adults

But when you’re stuck at home and need some family fun, these yard games will help you get by! Install some of them to play today!

Best Outdoor Games For Kids: Fun Ways To Play Outside

Create a fun and easy game at home with my rainbow paver hopscotch tutorial. Go with a classic style or let your kids mix it up with something new and different!

This DIY Yard Yahtzee from The Pinning Mama is a simple game that kids can start making. It costs about $5 and can be played in several different ways!

Get everyone in knots with this easy to play outdoor Lawn Twister. Parents can join in on the fun or sit back, spin the wheel and let the kids take care of it!

We used to play tetherball for hours at recess in grade school, so I knew this Tetherball DIY from Old Salt Farm would be a hit. Such a fun and easy backyard game for kids of all ages.

Of The Best Water Games For Families In The Summer

Can’t go to the bowling alley? Bring the fun of Bowling to your backyard with this Bowling Set. This is a game I can see us playing again and again!

Start an epic marshmallow battle with these DIY Marshmallow Shooters. See how we made our own with just a few simple ingredients!

Remember the classic game of pickup chips? Well, I Heart Naptime has a set of Giant Pick-Up Sticks that are perfect for the outdoors.

Fun Outdoor Game Ideas For Adults

Make a simple Hula Hoop Croquet with this idea from The Crafting Chicks. It’s the perfect cross between kickball and croquet!

Creative And Fun Group Activities For Teenagers

Make a DIY Ring Toss using inexpensive pool noodles. That’s all you need for this fun and easy backyard game from Trish Sutton.

Teaching Mama has an awesome Backyard Obstacle Course that she has set up in her backyard. This looks like such a fun activity for kids and adults!

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You can use several tomato cages to make this giant Kerplunk puzzle game from Design Dazzle. This would be great for the whole family to play!

Our Win Minute Summer Games are perfect for backyard fun or outdoor family fun! These are easy and quick to set up and will keep your family entertained all week!

Fun Camping Activities For Adults: Campfire, Classic, And Active • Gudgear

Kids Activities Blog installed this simple Backyard Tightrope in her yard and it looks amazing! Let kids work on their climbing skills with endless fun from this fun game.

Build a tall tower and don’t let it collapse with this Giant Jenga game. The classic board game is made larger than life in the outdoor version!

You don’t need a ton of space to play this Flamingo Ring Toss from Sugar and Candy. It is perfect for children and adults to visit!

Fun Outdoor Game Ideas For Adults

Hello Creative Family made these colorful Yard Dice to play the TENZI game outside. This game looks like a lot of fun!

Cool Diy Outdoor Game Ideas

My family loves to play memory match games, so of course we love this giant puzzle version from Studio DIY. Make it using its templates or get creative and DIY a version that’s all your own!

How big is this Frisbee Golf game from Chas Crazy Creations? This is such a fun backyard game to play that it’s so easy to set up!

If you’re a fan of The Price is Right, then you’ll love my game of Backyard Plinko. You can make your own version at home and it’s one of the most unique background games we’ve seen!

Frugal Fun For Boys created this amazing Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course using simple items. You can also buy your own if you are limited on time or supplies.

Things To Do In Singapore For Outdoor Loving Singaporeans

Upset about the cancellation of the summer Olympics? Make your family’s Olympic Games fun using these ideas from Physical Kitchness. A little family competition never hurt anything!

Which yard game will you play first? We are so excited to get out this weekend and try some of these as a family!

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Fun Outdoor Game Ideas For Adults

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Get Your Children Outside! (printable List Of Fun Outdoor Activities)

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Now is the time when it might come in handy to set limits on screen time for your partners. When they go out they will be able to see the adventures that await them. With just a little effort, you can easily enjoy the outdoors with your pre-teen that is sure to create great memories, family time and bonding.

Here are some super fun outdoor activities that are great for pre-teens to do outside. Be sure to download the free printable to keep these ideas accessible and useful.

Telling your partner to move out just might be easier said than done. If they find that bed is more comfortable than going outside, why not see if some of these fun outdoor activities are of interest to them? You never know, they just might find out that there are more fun things to do outside than they ever thought possible.

Try These Fun And Free Family Outdoor Activities In Your State

And those are just some of the fun activities. Obviously, there are so many great options and options to choose from that this list can be a great idea on different ways to get your balance out.

While it’s tempting to let them sit indoors and watch TV or stare at a screen during the day, there’s no denying that there are amazing healing properties to be found outside.

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Getting some fresh air and feeling the warm rays of the sun on their backs can be a perfect way to boost their mental and emotional well-being.

Fun Outdoor Game Ideas For Adults

Make sure you connect with them and participate in these fun outdoor activities as well. The list is much more fun when everyone is involved!

Fun Diy Outdoor Wedding Games

Once you download this Outdoor Activities Checklist, you can hang it on your refrigerator or command center for easy outdoor ideas for your kids.

Research has shown that if you like this, you will also like the following articles. I’ve put them together here for you! There are plenty of things to do with kids all year round (weather permitting). Many of them are FREE! Here are 30 easy outdoor activities for kids that you can do in your backyard, community, or nearby park.

Some activities have a clickable link below the instructions or a printable like a natural scavenger hunt printable. Other activities are ideas that our kids love and will help you get outside more. Along with all this, we also created this printable calendar with 30+ days of outdoor activities for kids.

It’s great for all ages, so whether you have younger kids or teenagers, the activities will be fun for everyone! Print this calendar and use it to spend hours outside playing, having fun, and getting outside every day.

Outdoor Team Games For Adults That Remind You Of Your Childhood

If the kids don’t know how to ride, it’s a perfect opportunity to teach them. Here’s a growing bike guide and our tips to help you get started.

Create your own still life artwork with a crayon or soft pastel palette. Get the step-by-step file cleaning tutorial here.

Find something in nature that catches your eye and interests you. It can be a bird, an insect, a flower, or something else outside. Look closely; use a magnifier if you have one. Draw/draw what you see and when you catch

Fun Outdoor Game Ideas For Adults

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