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Fun Quick Games For Meetings – “As the saying goes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is especially true in the world of distributed teams,” said Meaghan Williams, HubSpot’s Remote Work and Inclusion Program Manager. Team building gives your team a greater sense of togetherness. You can probably imagine a team building game in your head: an exciting team trip, a fun outdoor activity, or a happy hour chat after work. But what does online team building look like? When your team members work remotely, developing team building without face-to-face communication can be a bit of a hurdle. Williams noted, “It can be difficult to build a sense of belonging and commitment to the team when you’re away. While it can be difficult to figure out how to build team morale, it’s not work can be done. Remote team building games improve your team’s morale and sense of belonging, which is essential for your team’s overall productivity and employee satisfaction. Let’s find out. in the next section. Online Team Building Games When looking for ways to connect with your team online, Williams suggests that everything is an option. This attitude is counter to thinking. limits the game and opens up new areas of possibility. “This mindset has led to everything from remote yoga to remote holiday parties, and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way,” he said. With that in mind, let’s h we take a look at the exciting options for building your team. MTV’s ‘Cribs’ Remote Team Building Games Remote Work Bingo Mafia Happy Hour Emoji Stories DIY Pantry Challenges Book Club Pop Culture Trivia Farm Field Trip Scavenger Hunt Lunch and Learn Never Dance Party 1. MTV Remote “Cribs” Similar to Working on the popular MTV show “Cribs”, you and your team can spend some time showing off your remote workplace. This game, inspired by the Help Scout team, is a fun way to explore your colleagues’ workplaces. To give it a “challenging” look, have team members vote for their favorite workplace at the end, and the winner gets to enjoy bragging rights for having the most impressive remote job. 2. Remote work bingo Using a bingo template, create bingo cards and organize a quick game as a “brain break” for you and your team. You can customize it to suit your company and your team like below: Ask your colleagues to send ideas about the Bingo space to make it a collaborative process. You can even offer prizes to the winners, such as online gift cards. Another plus – Bingo can easily be played at regular meetings. To make Bingo work remotely, choose someone as a moderator. They call out a random phrase and wait a few seconds to search the player’s card for that phrase. If the player has that phrase on the card, they will use a tool, such as paint, to mark that spot. Once a player has marked enough spots in a row, they will announce “Bingo!” in a video call and wait for the moderator to confirm the answer. If the lines are vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, and match the space, the partner wins. 3. Mafia Mafia is known by two different names, and is often played by large groups. Basically, the game is a “whodunnit” mystery solving challenge. One of the players is a silent “killer”, and it’s up to everyone to find the culprit. There are two roles given in the Mafia to maintain the organizational structure, such as “Doctor”, “”Town City”, “and “Spy.” The best part of the game? It’s all available on a video call. Click here to see the full Mafia gameplay. At HubSpot, we’ve reinvented Mafia to match Zoom calls. We used a combination of chat boxes, Slack, and turned off the camera to re-imagine the campfire class in a virtual setting. 4. Happy Hour One of the most fun remote team building activities I’ve done with my team is remote happy hour. It’s an opportunity for your coworkers to get together and bond outside of work, remotely. At HubSpot, we use happy hour to foster deeper relationships with our team members. At one point, we even held a virtual wine tasting, where the participants brought a glass of German wine and listened to a colleague explain how to taste a particular character, and point out something about the wine that not everyone knows. , as a creative process. air in a wine glass. Participants can bring a beverage of their choice (tea, seltzer, or other non-alcoholic beverages are also encouraged), talk about what they brought, and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. Download Free Company Culture Template Write your company culture code with this free template. 5. Emoji Stories Using less than six emoji, start writing stories in instant message threads or video call chat sections. Then, your partner will add to that story using five more. You can keep going until each partner is free, or until you run out of ideas. To get the ball rolling, here’s a story that might start: 🏘⛈💡🚫 … what happens near a neighborhood without power during a storm? 6. DIY Pantry Challenge Are your team members obsessed with shows like MasterChef or Chopped? If not, are they big on YouTube cooking shows, like Bon Appetit’s Gourmet Makes? If so, it might be fun to challenge your co-workers to create their own version of a popular cooking show or tutorial on their favorite comfort food recipe! This can be done in a variety of ways, but to give it a “challenging” look, choose a dish that’s easy to make, like a patty melt or mac and cheese. Give your team a week to photograph their own version, upload it to Google Drive, and choose a winner based on the creativity of the dish. Cooking is a great way to express your creativity, and as the saying goes, food often brings people together. Plus, leftovers mean no extra thinking to do during the day! 7. Book Club HubSpotters are no strangers to booking clubs. A recent book club we hosted focused on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and identity. One of our colleagues chose a book to match this theme, and participants discussed what the book means to us and how we can transfer the ideas presented in the book to create change. in the workplace. This can be a recurring event or a one-time meeting, but the goal is to discuss ideas outside of the team project. Talking about a good book can be a nice break from your day – whether it’s monthly or twice a year. 8. Pop Culture Trivia What song did Britney Spears sing at the 2001 VMAs? Where is the sitcom Parks and Recreation? Unwind with your teammates with a friendly game of pop culture trivia — 2000s style. You can ask questions with your team, or search for fun tips online. Appoint a moderator, divide your team into groups, and let the game begin! 9. Farms Do you remember going on field trips with your classmates when you were a child? They are a great way to learn and explore with friends. Nowadays, the online travel experience is moving to the online platform so that the young and the old can enjoy these meetings. For example, you can talk to local farms to see if they are willing to set up remote farm tours for your team. We’ve done this at HubSpot, and it’s a great way to connect with colleagues when you’re about to scream at the cute pigs or goats you see on your screen. 10. Scavenger Hunt When was the last time you took a deep dive into your company’s website? If your answer is, “None”, this is your chance to challenge your colleagues. Choose a page or tab on your company website for you and your team members, and create a group profile. Split into teams, or do it as a solo venture. After 20 minutes, whoever has the most points wins! An idea to get the scavenger hunt ball rolling: “Find testimonials from customer X.” 11. Lunch and Learn RSVP to your team to join a webinar and learn new skills. Alternatively, have your co-workers take turns hosting a small lunch and study session to get tips on how to get things done in a simple way. For example, if I’m going to host a meeting, it might be “How

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