Fun Things To Do Inside The House

Fun Things To Do Inside The House – Now that many of us are staying at home with our kids more often, we need to find fun and exciting activities at home to keep the kids entertained at home. It’s good for kids and helps parents stay sane, especially when you’re home for days at a time.

We focused on indoor activities that require little to no preparation, using items that parents usually have at home, such as pasta, paper, rice, thread, water, and other everyday household items. This means that you can browse this list at any time and find something interesting for the kids.

Fun Things To Do Inside The House

Fun Things To Do Inside The House

Go through these ideas with your children and see which ones seem interesting. Some of them will keep your kids busy for hours!

Fun Activities To Do Inside During Quarantine • Petite In Paris

Better yet, they will work on fine and gross motor skills, which are important for children’s growth and development. Enjoy these indoor activities!


We have a wide range of indoor activities for kids, from crafts and sensory activities to ideas to get kids moving. Here are a few of our favorites to try any time of the year.

Now, when some products are out of stock, you can skip the food activities (unless you have a stock of expired pasta or rice!) When we use food for games, we don’t use it once and then throw it away, it’s often lasts for weeks, months or even years!

On Fun Things To Do When Stuck At Home — Fundamentalgrowth

When you need a little exercise and can’t get outside, our Bug Action cards will get you and your kids moving! And it’s a lot more fun than jumping on a treadmill! You’ll have a blast that marches like an ant, hops like a grasshopper, and squirms like a worm. It’s so much fun! (they are also available for free right now with a code – error)

Homemade Rainbow Play Dough We all need a boost from time to time, and nothing brightens up a kid’s day like making homemade rainbow play dough. You probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen, so you can start making a batch right away. This is a great activity for learning how colors go together.

Pasta Fun Get your baby or toddler in the mood with this fun pasta game. You’d be surprised how much time they’ll spend pushing spaghetti through holes in a colander or mixing up some pretend dinner. This is an excellent practice of fine motor skills for babies.

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Fun Things To Do Inside The House

Construction Sensory Bin Engage curious toddlers with the Construction Sensory Bin for hours of playtime. All you need are your child’s construction toys and some cereal to set it up. Kids will love playing with their food and snacking as they push their trucks to scoop and move the cereal.

Indoor Activities For Kids

Rainbow Sensory Rice Container If you have food coloring, white rice, and vinegar, you have everything you need to get started with our fun Rainbow Sensory Rice Container. When the rice is ready and dried, add it to the tray or pot along with your child’s toys, scoops, etc. If stored in an airtight container, it will last for years!

Tape for saving animals. Lifebuoy is great indoor fun for younger children. Babies and toddlers will enjoy pulling the ribbon from the small toy animals to “rescue” them.

Sensory Hand Washing Bin Now more than ever, children need to practice good hand washing skills. This sensory hand washing container from Toddler Approved is just perfect for that! A vinyl tablecloth can make cleanup easier, but you can also place the pan on some towels or in the bathtub to minimize water mess.

Web Obstacle Course Develop gross motor skills in a fun way with this web obstacle course from Mama Smiles. The inspiration for this activity was a book by Eric Karl:

Fun Indoor Activities To Do During Winter Or Quarantine

. Enjoy a story and a fun activity in one! Use yarn, thread, fishing line, twine, or whatever you have on hand!

Chop To It Game Minute to win it is a great idea when the kids are stuck at home. It will be like a party! One of the easiest to set up is this Chop To It game from Happiness is Homemade. All you need are chopsticks, cereal, bowls and a timer. If you don’t have chopsticks, use straws or stirrers instead.

Balloon Tennis Help the kids get the hang of the exciting game of Balloon Tennis from Little Bins for Little Hands. You probably have some leftover balloons left over from the party. You will also need a fly swatter or something like a paddle, cardboard tube, etc. to hit the balloon.

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Fun Things To Do Inside The House

Indoor Chalk Activity If you don’t mind using chalk on the floor, this indoor chalk activity from Moms and Crafters will keep your child entertained for hours. Draw your city or fictional place. Will it have farms? Castles? Oceans or ponds? You decide! Then the children will be able to drive their cards or run their animals along the roads. If you don’t have chalk handy, you can do this with masking tape (it peels off easily) or by tracing it on a large piece of paper like wax paper, parchment paper, or the back of wrapping paper.

Fun Family Games And Activities You Can Enjoy At Home

Smoothie Cafe Pretend Play Help kids create a Smoothie Cafe! This activity from Artsy Momma is not only great pretend play fun, but kids can practice valuable math skills as they serve up their pretend smoothies. This will keep them playing for hours!

Coin Sorting This Coin Sorting activity from Rhythms of Play is a Montessori-inspired activity that encourages children to work independently and develop problem-solving skills. Great for preschoolers. Make sure you wash and dry the coins first and don’t do this with children who are still putting things in their mouths.

Dinosaur Dig If you have cornstarch, water, dinosaur figures, or toy dinosaur bones, you can create this fantastic Dinosaur Dig for kids. This activity from Fun Learning for Kids encourages a love of science!

Do you have bubble wrap from recent packages or a move? Wrap it around your kids’ feet, place a large sheet of kraft paper (or even the back of wrapping paper) and let them stomp and print on it. They’ll love this Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting activity from Mess for Less.

Pinterest Saturdays: 6 Fun Christmas Activities To Do Indoors

Playdough Cupcakes Set up lots of beads, buttons, paper, glitter and other bits and pieces for the kids to make Playdough Cupcakes! This activity from Artsy Momma pairs perfectly with Camilla the Cupcake Fairy’s book, so you’ll be in for a little reading and a little crafting. If you’re making this with little ones, you can just use taste-safe dough, sprinkles, and edible glitter.

Fridge Door Marble Run. If you have strong magnets and cardboard tubes, this Fridge Door Marble Run by Go Science Kids is very easy to complete. And if you don’t have enough magnets for that, you can simply glue cardboard tubes to the wall to create a marble path. It’s great fun for little ones! Don’t worry if you don’t have balls; round flakes or bouncy balls will also work.

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Paper Cup Folding Don’t forget about simple activities that can keep kids occupied for hours, like this paper cup folding activity from Hello Wonderful. You’ll be surprised how high kids can stack them! Make it a game by setting a timer and seeing who can place their cups the most before the buzzer sounds.

Fun Things To Do Inside The House

Artistic Jump Boxes Use masking tape (or washi tape works too) to set up a jump box exercise like this one from Bubba’s Mom Dad. It’s a great way for kids to burn off some energy while they’re at home.

Awesome Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy While You Work From Home

Sensory Pasta Basket Another fun pasta activity, this sensory pasta container from Must Have Mom is great fun for toddlers and preschoolers. You can even add a few bottles of seasonings like Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper to sprinkle over raw pasta. Add colanders, ladles, bowls, etc. for scooping. They can play with it over and over again!

Paper Airplanes It’s time to brush up on your airplane crafting skills! This post on how to make paper airplanes that fly far from TinkerLab has suggestions on how to try to improve your airplanes. Your whole family will have a great time building and testing their planes.

In addition to this collection of fun and easy indoor activities for kids, we’ve also put together a fun list of 60 indoor activities for kids that you can print out. There is also a blank version that you can add your own ideas to.

To download this printable list for free, click the link below and use the discount code – indoor. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you. There may be affiliate links here

Social Distancing Games And Safe Activities For Kids

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