Fun Things To Do When Your Bored At Home

Fun Things To Do When Your Bored At Home – Learn 50+ things at home when you’re bored! From crafts to picking up an old hobby, you’re sure to find an idea you’ll like!

If you’ve ever found yourself bored and stuck at home for a long time, you’ll find this list of very useful things to keep you busy! Whether you’ve given birth to a baby, are recovering from an illness, or are caring for a loved one, quiet times at home can be fruitful and even enjoyable!

Fun Things To Do When Your Bored At Home

Fun Things To Do When Your Bored At Home

Having been homeschooled as a child and working from home for more than a decade, I have spent a lot of time at home. And I’ve had to figure out how to entertain myself or keep myself busy.

Things To Do Instead Of Eat When You’re Bored

This is probably why I keep a home decor blog myself – because I learned to do projects around the house to keep myself as a fun kid. It sure comes in handy when I’m stuck at home and need to fill time!

And did you know? You can even order paint online if you can’t make it to the store! Benjamin Moore provides paint samples and paint gallons for shipment. So you don’t have to put your painting projects on hold if you spend time at home and can’t make it to the store.

2. Decorate for the coming season. Here you will find many seasonal decorating ideas: spring, summer, autumn, Christmas, winter.

5. Start an exercise program online. Youtube videos like Cosmic Kids Yoga, Kidz Bop Kids or Go Noodle are great for kids. I personally love Suzanne Bowen Fitness. And the Peloton app is offering a 90-day free trial of their online workout right now for Android and iPhone users.

Things To Do When

7. Read a book. I mostly read non-fiction so this may or may not be your style, but my recent favorites are:

8. Start a blog. What better way to spend your time than sharing your gift or skill with the world? If you know how to cook, craft or really the sky’s the limit – start sharing with your friends!

12. Learn a new skill. is a great place to learn new skills like photography, watercolors, calligraphy, creative writing, interior design and more!

Fun Things To Do When Your Bored At Home

21. Make a custom photo book. I recently used ChatBooks for the first time and was really impressed! I plan to make an album every year!

Things That Are Fun To Do When You're Bored

22. Write letters to people who are alone! My grandparents just moved into a nursing home and can’t see anyone right now. We are going to write them and make them into cards.

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23. Teach someone a new skill. Use your free time to teach your kids something you never had time to teach them!

30. Color. Both children and adults find coloring soothing. I personally love this adult coloring book and this one too!

34. Journal. A gratitude journal is a wonderful way to start; and bullet journals are also very popular!

No More Bored Jar

35. Organize your phone’s apps. Put all the apps in one folder and delete the ones you haven’t used in a month.

40. Set goals for the next year or a few months. My favorite goal planner is Cultivate What Matters’ Power Sheets.

I hope this list was helpful! What would YOU add to the list? Share in the comments below. Things to do when you’re bored at home! Here are 90 fun AND productive things to do while you’re stuck at home.

Fun Things To Do When Your Bored At Home

It doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve compiled a list of 90 things you can do – that don’t involve watching TV!

Fun Things & Activities To Do At Home When Bored [2023 Update]

You can come up with a new recipe from the items you have on hand. Or open a cookbook or search the internet for a recipe that sounds delicious.

If you’re stuck at home (or a spa is out of your budget), have a pamper day! Here’s everything you need for a proper home spa day.

Tell a story about something that happened to you, or use your creative writing skills to create a fictional story.

Get a FREE 30-day trial of Audible (plus 2 free audiobooks) on Amazon to listen for free.

Fun Winter Activities For Teens

Spend time with a friend or family member virtually. Hearing their voice is so much better than texting!

Put out a blanket and pack food in your living room or backyard. Sometimes just a change of scenery helps a lot.

Dream about all the fun things you want to do in your lifetime. Or make a seasonal list of what you want to do this season or next season.

Fun Things To Do When Your Bored At Home

Use the playlist you just created (or just music on the radio or online) and dance around your living room or basement.

Fun Things For Tweens & Teens To Do When They’re Bored

Nothing cures boredom like a delicious pastry! Use a boxed mix from the pantry or find an easy recipe online for a sweet treat.

Some of them are cheeky, but they usually have a funny perspective on things you haven’t thought about.

Whether you have kids or not, there’s just something weirdly fun about building a living room fort out of pillows and blankets.

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You probably have books you’ve bought but never read. Now is a good time to open one!

Things To Do When Bored At Home

Or subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and enjoy reading as many e-books as you can handle.

Whether you’re into true crime, productivity, cooking, personal finance, or just about anything, there’s a podcast for that!

Coloring books for both adults and children are relaxing to color. If you don’t have one, you can find free coloring sheets to print at home.

Fun Things To Do When Your Bored At Home

List all the things you would like to own for your birthday or Christmas. That way, when someone asks you what you want, you have ideas ready to give them.

Super Fun Things To Do When You’re Bored!

Give yourself a mani or pedi. You will love to see how beautiful they look over the next week.

Even if the weather isn’t ideal, take a walk around your neighborhood for some fresh air. You come home so much younger.

Nowadays, it is rarer to listen to an album from start to finish. Delete an old favorite to listen to.

Print or cut pictures of the things you dream about from magazines. Then hang it somewhere you can see it.

Don’t Be Bored!: 40+ Fun Summer Activities For Kids

You don’t have to go to a campsite to camp! It can be just as fun in your living room or backyard.

Use random ingredients from your fridge and pantry and host a cooking competition like the Food Network show Chopped.

If you have an old journal that you’ve been neglecting, or you’re about to start a new one, now is a good time to get your thoughts down on paper.

Fun Things To Do When Your Bored At Home

Pick up items that are meaningful at this point in your life and make a time capsule that you can look at in 5-10 years.

Fun Things To Do When Bored

It’s fun to browse the great houses on real estate websites. It’s just meant to be fun – if it makes you feel bad about your current accommodation, skip this one!

Do you have a particularly cute or funny pet? Have fun putting together an Instagram feed for them for everyone to enjoy.

Write some of these ideas on small pieces of paper. Then put them in a jar that you can draw from when you’re bored.

Spend quality time with your pet. They love it if you get down to their level and interact.

Free & Fun Things To Do In Summer 2022 (with Friends, Family Or Solo)

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for home decor, outfits, recipes, or just about anything else, start making boards to organize your dreams and favorite ideas.

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Take it in turns to massage your spouse or friend. You’ll both feel relaxed and it won’t cost a cent!

Talk to book-loving friends about starting a book club together. You can take turns choosing the books and have weekly or monthly meetings.

Fun Things To Do When Your Bored At Home

Find an easy-to-use craft online that you can make from things you have around the house.

Fun Things To Do When You’re Bored

YouTube can really take up a lot of time. Find something you’re interested in learning about and enjoy the rabbit hole of endless content!

You don’t have to be (or be) a little girl to enjoy a tea party. If you like tea or snacks, bring it along!

Pick an area that bothers you – big or small – and remove it. Toss or Donate everything you don’t use and plan the rest.

We all have digital and print photos that we desperately need to organize. You will be SO happy you did!

The 53 Most Creative Things To Do When You’re Bored At Home

Even though the holidays are months away, there are things you can do now to start preparing. That way you won’t be overwhelmed in December.

For about $50, you can completely change the look of a room. And you can usually do it in just a few hours!

Set a timer for one hour and see how much cleaning you can get done. Here are 51 homework assignments that only take 10 minutes!

Fun Things To Do When Your Bored At Home

An organized pantry makes preparing dinner much easier. And you probably have more food than you think, so make an inventory of what’s there.

Productive Things To Do When Bored (at Work Or Home!)

It never hurts to have more than one source

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