Fun Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

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Dancing is the custom at the wedding reception, and has been that way for many years. And with good reason! A celebration, old and new friends, good music, a dance floor, and maybe a few cocktails is a tried-and-true recipe for a good time. However, it can also be a big problem for people who don’t really like to shake their tail hair. Or maybe the old songs and dances are too old for those who attend many weddings. (The Cupid Shuffle! Definitely! And here are 10 of our favorites.

Fun Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

Fun Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

First on our list of wedding entertainment ideas is to hire a live artist. Having an artist at your wedding create a painting of the event on the web will provide a wonderful keepsake of your wedding. with you in your new life. Check out this example:

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However, it’s not just a memory to keep for yourself, but something you can share with your guests. It will be a treat for your guests to watch this painting come to life in real time. For some, it can also provide some time off from all the hustle and bustle of the dance floor. Position your live artist out of the way to get a full view, but not too far away to be approached. This way your guests can move in and out to see the progress of the artwork.

Hiring a caricature artist may be less formal than a painting, but it’s a fun wedding idea that will be a lot of fun for your guests. Let your guests sit for a picture and be amazed and amused by where the caricature artist comes up with. It also gives them a unique souvenir to take home and they remember all the fun that was had. Not only that, but it also offers your guests a much-needed chance to sit down and relax from all the action on the dance floor while still having fun.

If you want to treat your guests to a truly unique wedding entertainment concept, hire professional dancers to perform for you and your guests at your wedding! If you have a favorite style of dance or dance, letting them dance at your wedding will be a real treat for you and your guests.

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For example, if you love to dance, having a group of dancers perform a dance is a wonderful addition to your wedding. Or maybe there is a style of dance that is culturally important to you, your partner, or both of you that you want to do to honor your culture. Eat and share with your guests. For example, a Cambodian Aspara dance or an Irish step dance (Riverdance). Or maybe you want to take your wedding celebration up a notch with some belly dancing! Either way, it will be something your guests will love.

Exciting Wedding Party Entrance Ideas

Not everyone enjoys boogying on the dance floor, so it’s important to have some wedding entertainment ideas to give your non-dancers something to do. Different backyard games are a great option to accommodate your guests individually or in small groups if the dancer chooses. They can also use some of the children if you have children in your marriage.

Providing activities like this is a thoughtful presentation for those new to dance and still leaves room for general enjoyment for your guests. In addition, these backyard games are very easy and cheap to set up, whether you host it outside and have a lawn to use or you are inside and just mark a space for them. Some of the activities you can include might be:

If you and your partner have a bit of a crazy side and want to encourage your guests to feel like a child, one of the most surprising entertainment ideas is to provide a bouncy castle. You read that right. A haunted castle! And yes, they have (larger) senior facilities. Let your guests kick off those dancing shoes for a little hearty fun jumping around like a grown-up on a fun childhood vacation. Or they can enjoy watching others push themselves up. This addition to your reception is sure to be a hit and something your guests will never forget!

Fun Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

Everyone loves to be entertained, and nothing is more exciting than magic! Therefore, choose wedding entertainment that will surprise your guests by hiring a magician! Whether you hire a magician to perform a formal show during the reception, create their own side room, or roam the tables and perform tricks, your guests will be delighted and amazed by this special addition. at your wedding!

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Top 5 Things To Do At Your Wedding Other Than Dancing

As your guests flow in and out of the dance floor and wander around your reception twirling or grabbing a cocktail, why not give them something to look at? Some of the most commonly employed wedding entertainment ideas are a spectacular decorator to perform near high traffic areas such as the bar and/or hiring players to trick and treat during the cocktail hour. If you are an extravagant couple who really wants to leave an impression on your guests, pay a portion of “The Big Top” and make your reception “The Greatest Show on Earth!”

Another fun wedding favor idea that is quickly becoming a wedding favor, and it involves a photo booth. Especially in this day and age of social media, a photo booth is a great way to give your guests an Instagram-enabled opportunity to get memorable (and creative!) photos at their best. Fun to take as they save for later memory!

Provide lots of silly, cute, and fun things for your guests to model. If you choose a wedding theme that might be fun to play with, let your specials reflect the theme to entertain your guests! A fun and interactive photo room will give your guests a much needed break to go crazy after those serious moves on the dance floor.

Another popular wedding entertainment idea that is trending is to provide a slow motion video booth. It’s the same idea as the photo booth, except that the result is a (often silly and funny) slow motion video that will be the funniest and most unique souvenir for your guests! Watch this video to check out some of the results!

Wedding Game Ideas To Keep Your Guests Having Fun!

Include some fun wedding reception ideas to keep your guests entertained even just sitting at the table. Whether taking a break from dancing or needing an ice cream while entertaining other guests, having an activity or two available at each table can be keep the party going even in the small moments. It’s a great table setting that could be a mad lib wedding favor that will be buzzing for your guests to fill out as you read later! Or you might consider using some of your favorite photos of you and your partner to turn into custom puzzles as a unique and fun way to get your guests moving (and “Oooo-ing” and “Awww-ing” on your photos!).

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Last, but certainly not least, what would a list of wedding entertainment ideas be without FIREWORKS!? If it’s within your budget and your venue/reception area, why not end the night for your guests and start your married life with a BANG!

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Fun Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

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Unique Evening Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

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As much fun as some people find it open and fun at weddings, others are not so happy to spend the whole night on the dance floor. Even if your guest list is full of classic clubs and you’ve packed your DJ set with the best songs, it can be a good idea to plan for a few tracks.

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