Fundraising Ideas For Golf Tournaments

Fundraising Ideas For Golf Tournaments – Making an engaging hole station is not as difficult as it might sound. Share this page with your potential tournament sponsors for ideas and also let them know that our events team is ready, willing and able to help!

A nice stand with cheap snacks is all that is required at a minimum. Make a strong impression by adding one or more of the ideas below:

Fundraising Ideas For Golf Tournaments

Fundraising Ideas For Golf Tournaments

Remember all the silly games you played at the school carnival? Put your own twist on one and make it your booth game. Make your screen fun and engaging!

How To Host A Profitable Charity Golf Tournament

This can be played in a kiddie pool or a bucket! Make cards in advance with a price per card and a steel tag glued to the back. Players fish with a small rod or plug; there is a magnet on the hook end. A player can win a prize and maybe pull up “Try Again” or “No prize for you!” Make it free to play and keep it fun!

Popular snacks to hand out: jerky, bananas, energy bars, veggie bags, orange slices, hard-boiled eggs, nuts, dried fruit, apples, water bottles, juice bottles, breath mints (tic-tags tied to a tee are popular). Small 1-2 bite portions to consume at the hole, or things they can put in their bag without it going bad or crushing.

This engineering firm offered “All That and a Bag of Chips” where golfers could sign up for a free consultation.

Not only does this make a good impression on golfers, but it also helps reduce cases of dehydration. Tanks are available for rent or you can DIY a setup similar to what is seen in the picture. Google “Golf Dunk Tank” to get started.

How To Host A Low Waste Golf Tournament Fundraiser

A giant Jenga game can be made inexpensively with 2x4s. Be sure to have prizes for the winners.

Put together a pre-made service for each golfer. This can be your entire experience, or you can add it to an activity. Everyone remembers that the company provided the coolest stuff!

Put together little goodie bags for each golfer; promotional items, samples, brochures, etc. and offer a fishbowl for business cards. This booth was taken from the fishbowl to win the golf bag shown.

Fundraising Ideas For Golf Tournaments

There are so many great “Minute to Win It” games. Pick one that’s quick and fun and make it your hole activity!

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Fundraising Ideas For Any Cause

“Hole In One” – string up a pinata and let people take a spin on it. They can “take a turn” and try to tear a “hole in one”. Very silly! Dress the part!

Create a photo booth! Post the photos on your own social media wall and add #PeninsulaRotaryGolf so we can post them on our wall too. Even better, tag

Hold a small raffle! You have a basket or three items that make your business or organization look good, sell raffles and hold a raffle under our prize program. Your raffle can benefit the Christmas Angels’ Gift Tree, Shop With a Cop or your organization.

A restaurant tournament sponsor that serves a bite to eat and good conversation. We’ve heard that pulled pork is very popular!

Tips For Marketing Your Fundraising Golf Event

Serve tea and dessert at a table near the tea itself. Hand out golf t-shirts with your business name printed on them, or golf themed cakes, cupcakes, etc with your branding on them or the packaging.

Set up a marquee displaying your company’s merchandise and give golfers a perceived value proposition to take away, such as free X when you buy Y. If you purchase a product or service through the links on our site, we may earn a commission. Read more about Giving Assistant.

If you want to grow some green, consider spending a day on the greens. A golf tournament fundraiser can be a great way to raise thousands of dollars for your organization in a single day.

Fundraising Ideas For Golf Tournaments

People are drawn to golf tournaments because they provide an opportunity to enjoy a day of leisure in a social atmosphere. Tournaments also create a competitive environment that can create excitement and attract the interest of amateurs and professionals alike.

Golf Fundraising Ideas

Attracting lots of attendees (and their donations) depends on planning an event that people want to attend. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you host a successful golf tournament fundraiser—even if you’ve never swung a golf club in your life.

If this research shows you are in the clear, the next step is to determine your goals. These can be about collecting a certain amount of money or recruiting a certain number of participants or sponsors. You will want to keep your goals in mind at every stage of the planning process.

If someone on your team already has a clear idea of ​​how to organize a golf tournament fundraiser (because they’ve done it before), go ahead and put them in charge. You will probably want to assign team members and volunteers to these areas.

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If possible, it’s also a good idea to recruit an experienced golfer (or more!) to act as an advisor. That way, you can run ideas off them to get a read on whether those ideas will appeal to golfers of all stripes.

Mini Golf Fundraiser

If possible, try to secure a private club, as this can generate interest from people who want to play at a venue that may not be available to them the rest of the year. If someone in your organization’s network is a member of a private club, that can get you an in.

If private clubs are not an option, consider contacting a public course to see if they are willing to lend their facilities for half a day.

If you find that you just can’t secure a golf course, don’t despair. You can still create a golf tournament at a different location by focusing on a putting or longest drive contest that doesn’t require 18 holes.

Fundraising Ideas For Golf Tournaments

There are several format options for a golf tournament. The right one for your needs depends on location, time constraints and feel for the participants and their preferences.

The Best Golf Swag Bags & Tournament Goodie Bags

Also think about how you will start the tournament. Many tournaments use a shotgun start where two or four players are assigned to each hole so that all players can start at the same time.

Plan to offer different levels of sponsorship so that a range of local and regional businesses can participate. For example, you can offer opportunities to sponsor anything from a single hole to serving refreshments or underwriting the entire event.

In return for the sponsors’ contribution, make sure you offer them ample marketing opportunities. Clearly delineate what they will receive at each sponsorship level, then make a plan for how they will deliver on those promises.

Ideally, you want to look for registration software that allows you to create a personal registration page and allows people to register (as individuals or as foursomes) online. You can also look for the following features.

Plan A Successful Golf Tournament Fundraiser In 7 Steps

To ensure that your fundraiser generates enough registrations, you should start marketing as early as possible. Plan to market through print and digital methods and try to get local media coverage.

As part of your marketing efforts, reach out to current donors, potential major donors and the wider community. Be sure to leverage any relationships with people active in the golf world and encourage them to recruit on your behalf. Also involve your sponsors in the marketing so they can help spread the word to their networks.

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Pair lots of donating attendees with lots of donating sponsors, and you have a recipe for some serious fundraising! As one of the most popular types of charity events, golf tournaments allow participants to live out their PGA Championship fantasies—all while giving to a meaningful cause.

Fundraising Ideas For Golf Tournaments

Use these golf fundraising tips to discover how to use the green to earn some green for nonprofit causes, including steps to plan and host a successful charity golf tournament, plus ways to raise money off the course.

Fundraising Ideas For Your Club Golf Team

Planning for your golf tournament should begin at least six to nine months in advance. The sooner you start creating event materials, finding sponsors, booking vendors and registering guests, the smoother your final event will be.

Raising money on the golf course doesn’t have to start and stop on the green. There are several ways to increase fundraising while giving participants a more dynamic day. Consider these charity golf tournament fundraising ideas.

In addition to an open golf tournament, there are two popular formats for hosting a charity golf event: best ball and scramble. Here’s how both golf fundraising formats work.

People often confuse these two types of golf. But they are two separate formats, each with pros and cons that your planning committee should weigh based on your expected audience.

Amazing Fundraising Ideas Any Organization Can Try Today

Charity golf tournaments may not appeal to anyone who isn’t “good” at golf or familiar with its rules. Instead of alienating crowds of potential attendees, create a simultaneous golf skills workshop with tickets at a fraction of the cost, but still open for food, drinks, raffles and event play.

People can choose the main activity that appeals most to them – going to the green or taking a group skills workshop. Ask your location about the opportunity for pro bono instructors

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