Hotel Room Tips And Tricks

Hotel Room Tips And Tricks – Frequent travelers use various tricks to not forget things in the hotel room. Here are our favorite tips and hacks so you’ll never forget your hotel room again.

When I was about five years old, I forgot my beloved Felix the Cat musical wallet at a restaurant while traveling with my parents. Yes, we took it – much to my relief – but the experience helped teach me how not to forget anything in the hotel room or restaurant again.

Hotel Room Tips And Tricks

Hotel Room Tips And Tricks

Compared to a child’s wallet, forgetting your suit, shoes, laptop, cell phone charger, passport or even your favorite bathroom items can irritate you or make you panic. You are not alone: ​​A 2015 study by Kelton Global found that nearly a third of American travelers have left something behind in their hotel room, with clothes, toiletries and electronic chargers at the top of the list.

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Travelers have a few tricks to avoid forgetting things in their hotel rooms, some of which can be found in our story, “Expert travel tips for packing and unpacking on tour.” Changing hotels every day on a business trip or vacation makes it more difficult not to leave valuables in your hotel room on the way.

Here are some of the best tips, which we use on every trip, so that you will never forget anything in your hotel room again:

So it’s a creature of habit. Okay, this might sound boring, but if you know your watch is always on the bedside table or your shoes are next to the bed, you’ll learn where they are. If you travel less often, find a place where you usually start and stay active.

Put your small things, such as watches, smartphones or chargers, in one place for double compensation, on the table or the corner of the table or cupboard, and do not cover them randomly with magazines or newspapers.

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Speaking of magazines and printed materials such as travel guides, if you want to keep them, separate them from books, guides and other general hotel magazines, perhaps next to you have small items (see above).

Avoid particularly eye-catching dresser drawers. Out of sight, out of mind, probably No. 1 way to travel forget about the hotel room. Once upon a time, my friend forgot ALL her clothes were neatly folded in the drawer! (Why he didn’t wonder why his suitcase was so roomy or light is probably another question.)

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Don’t unpack at the hotel unless you’re moving in at least a week or two. Just hang up some clothes that should lose some packing wrinkles, but basically live out of the suitcase using the packing box we love so much. You can pack things by category in different colored cubes (underwear in one, sportswear in another, for example) and leave the open box in your suitcase sitting on the luggage rack. The cube then changed the drawer organization.

Hotel Room Tips And Tricks

To remember what is hanging in the closet, open the sliding closet doors so that they are not visible. If the door is hinged, try hanging something on the door handle or above the door as a reminder. If the hinged door swings wide without being in the way, leave it open.

Genius Hotel Room Hacks

Award-winning photos make the perfect gift – for yourself, a friend, or a family member. Prints for the wall, on the table, as greeting cards, cozy fleece blankets, ornaments, fridge magnets, coffee mugs, luggage tags, coasters, mouse pads and puzzles.

Put one shoe in the safe with your valuables. You won’t get far without it! (If your shoes don’t fit, then try something else you can’t leave behind or carry like your car keys, glasses, or toothbrush.)

Place a note on the doorknob OR on the floor next to the door with the name of the item, such as “cell phone charger by the bed” or “food in the fridge”. You will not forget about the hotel room when you have to touch or almost trip over the notes on the way out.

Put something silly or bright or big on the zipper pull of the suitcase. You just can’t zip up a suitcase without a handle and, if you are a creature of habit, it must represent a specific item for you. I have a long hot pink and neon yellow twist tie that I keep around a small inflatable travel pillow. When I use the pillow in the hotel room, the twist tie to the suitcase pulls the zipper. For once, I didn’t have a twist tie, so I attached a small one to the zipper pull myself!

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The hotel balcony is another key point for forgetting things in the hotel room. If you’re putting things out to dry or out, use the notes trick mentioned above. OR put one shoe with these items so you can’t leave without them – and you’ll see other items when you pick them up.

Don’t “hide” things, like under the bed or under a stack of magazines, and don’t put your bag in an odd place like behind the ironing board in a hotel closet. If you want to hide something, then bury it in your suitcase. If you want to try to keep your bag hidden, put it further away from the door and in a place that is not visible from the door. Thieves are more likely to be opportunists who will grab and run.

About toiletries that are often forgotten in hotel rooms: Rely on a kit with compartments – I prefer the ones you unzip or unfurl and hang – so you just have to take it out and close it.

Hotel Room Tips And Tricks

If you don’t travel alone, rely on strong teamwork. You should do what is called a “room sweep” before leaving the room. It’s better to take an extra 30 seconds looking under the bed, in the closet or in the bathroom than to forget something in the hotel room. (Do this last sweep even if you’re solo.)

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Anything unusual should prompt you to take a look: Does your bag feel light? Was it really that easy to pick up stuff in a suitcase during the previous battle? If your head says, hmmm, something is strange, listen to that feeling.

Stop for a nano-second and think before leaving so you don’t forget about the hotel room. Check your pocket where your cell phone is, check your passport and wallet, make sure your tickets are where they are, and quickly check the list of essentials you don’t want to forget in your hotel room – like electronic chargers and toiletries found in the study most commonly forgotten.

Finally, things like toothbrushes or lotions can be easily changed anywhere (even in most hotels). Of course, it is annoying to have to find a store with travel items or to track down a new adapter if you are in another country, but if you follow our tips and focus on important personal items, such as necklaces or watches, or valuable items, such as cameras, computers or tablet, you’ll never forget anything in your hotel room again. And this will help you to avoid grudges on the trip.

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Leaving things at hotels is no fun. But when you stay at a hotel, you also have to think about your safety. Be sure to read our top hotel safety tips: Your hotel room security is important. Health is also a concern when you travel and of course when staying in a hotel. You want to read Is it safe to stay in a hotel? What you need to know to stay healthy. Make sure your hotel stay is also comfortable with this story,  10 top tips to help you sleep better in hotels.

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Hotel Room Tips And Tricks

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