Housekeeping Tips And Tricks

Housekeeping Tips And Tricks – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, they say, but as hotels struggle to return to pre-pandemic revenue levels, operational processes must adapt.

It’s hard to wrap your head around operations returning to pre-Covid levels without having to have the same number of employees. But it is imperative that hoteliers find ways to maximize employee efficiency to bridge the gap between keeping operating costs low and delivering value.

Housekeeping Tips And Tricks

Housekeeping Tips And Tricks

Balancing operating cost leverage while still meeting guest demands is a difficult balance. Old housekeeping practices, such as managing staff with pen and paper, make it harder to deliver a world-class guest experience. They also make the jobs of hotel management and housekeeping staff more complicated than they need to be.

House Cleaning Supplies & Products Used By Professional House Cleaners

These hotel housekeeping tips and tricks will allow your hotels to optimize the housekeeping process without spending more time or money.

Are you getting the right balance of shift work schedules with the uncertainty that COVID brings? Having real-time housekeeping data that integrates with your PMS can help you make data-driven scheduling decisions. It allows you to balance the workload without overworking your staff or over-hiring.

Even if you’ve progressed beyond pen and paper, spreadsheets don’t provide real-time information about availability, workload, and needs. You can use housekeeping scheduling tools to automatically assign rooms, using smart algorithms to reduce staff stress by ensuring an even distribution of work. By manually scheduling rooms, you can end up with one housekeeper overworked while another ends up with too much free time. Different sized rooms take different times to complete, and automated tools can use that data to create balanced and logical staffing schedules.

While always important, health and safety concerns are now at the forefront of your guests’ minds. New hygiene guidelines should be considered during the planning process so that housekeepers have minimal contact with guests and each other. Using automation tools takes the guesswork out of the process, plus it saves you time.

Safety Tips For Effective Workplace Housekeeping

Another idea is to offer a housekeeping option before arrival. As part of your pre-arrival communication, you can offer your guests to forgo housekeeping in exchange for an exciting deal or extra. For example, a hotel upsell software like Oaky allows you to do this with one click and provides you with deal ideas that can be automatically applied at the pre-stay stage. Guests are provided.

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Checklists are a great way to minimize errors and ensure that nothing is missed by housekeepers, but printing paper checklists every day is impractical and untraceable. Switching to digital checklists can save time, resources and allow employees to work more efficiently. In addition to being environmentally friendly, they enable employees to access digital checklists directly from an app on their phone. Checklists are updated in real time as the housekeeper checks off tasks and finishes rooms.

It’s easy to customize digital hotel checklists to match the type of room that needs cleaning. In fact, you need a different type of checklist for each hotel room because they all have different requirements. Health and safety are important, but sometimes it can be difficult for homeowners to know which chemicals to use where. Digital checklists are easy to customize and modify based on specific needs.

Housekeeping Tips And Tricks

So, no more using old paper checklists and digging through messy piles to find the one you want – digital checklists improve the efficiency, consistency and quality of housekeeping.

Housekeeping Tips And Tricks

If guests regularly complain about the same problem with room quality, it may be more than just a housekeeping mistake. For example, if the cleanliness of the shower seems to be a constant complaint among guests, it may be time to redo the tiling or grouting in the bathroom. Housekeeping staff can brush the showers, get into all the nooks and crannies, and it may still not meet the guest’s quality standards. Finding patterns in quality allows you to determine when things need updating or when a problem needs to be addressed with staff.

Hotel maintenance software can be used to track a wide range of maintenance issues. Some software tools, such as , combine this with customer complaint logging and household statistics, allowing you to compile that data into a single, readable report. The data will reveal whether regular complaints from a specific member of staff are a problem with internal processes or simply a bad product.

Room inspections have always been an integral part of a housekeeper’s job, but the process is often inefficient. Having to wait for the cleaner to report manually or flag the clean room in a long string of WhatsApp messages can delay the final inspection process. In addition, if you find any errors during the inspection, you should make a note of it, take a picture and track down the responsible housekeeper.

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With hotel housekeeping management software, you can see exactly how far each housekeeper is on their to-do list and when a room is ready for inspection. During the inspection, if there is any error, you can take a photo, upload it to the app, give a comment and assign a task to the concerned housekeeper with a click of a button.

Safety Sign: Housekeeping Tips For A Clean And Safe Work Environment

The time it takes to clean each room is tracked so you can spot any patterns or anomalies during the process. If one housekeeper takes 30 minutes to clean one room and another takes an hour, then you know something is off. Using this data, you can verify the efficiency and quality of work for each of your employees and create a success score for each individual. Without this monitoring and tracking process, you’re basing your standards on how long housekeepers say it will take, with no real way to verify this information.

There are multiple personnel involved in the housekeeping process, and finding ways to streamline communication can save a lot of time. Management, reception, maintenance, concierge, and housekeeping communicate constantly throughout the day, and having to run around to find the person you need is very inefficient.

Using an application like . All employees can communicate in real time, directly from their phones. Here are some ways to save time in communication:

Housekeeping Tips And Tricks

When housekeepers can use mobile phones in the workplace, it not only gives them access to digital checklists (and their effectiveness), but also gives them an easy way to access internal standards, guidelines and Gives educational materials if needed.

Vintage Housekeeping Tips That Stood The Test Of Time + Giveaway In Jan 2023

This may include access to step-by-step videos recorded by management to help employees better understand standards and requirements, or more specialized information on how to use certain products safely, helping to prevent injury or personal injury.

As we move forward, housekeeping processes must be optimized to utilize operating budgets and operate efficiently and safely. Using the tech tools at your disposal, plus these hotel housekeeping tips and tricks, will enable you and your team to perform more effectively.

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A Realistic Weekly Cleaning Schedule To Get You Started

As hotels handle more bookings and busier operations, feedback becomes critical to improving the experience. Delivering key insights across multiple touch points is an essential part […] We all know that regular house cleaning can turn any home into a healthy and welcoming oasis. And while it’s no secret that small, frequent tasks are key to avoiding a huge, insurmountable mess of your house cleaning tasks, it’s hard to know where to start. Never fear, the housekeeping experts at The are here!

Do these tasks at least weekly and you will forever be at the top of the house cleaning list.

1. Cleaning the bathroom – The bathroom is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. Clean and disinfect the toilet, sink and shower every week. This will help get rid of germs and control soap scum and mold, making future cleanups easier.

Housekeeping Tips And Tricks

2. Clean carpets and hardwood floors – Vacuum or sweep floors at least once a week if you have pets or small children. Keep them on top of the kitchen floor by putting them in a regular after-dinner cleanup. Use your favorite hardwood floor cleaner once a week, but make sure it’s safe to use on all types of hardwood floors in your home.

Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company: Tips And Tricks

3. Wash your bedroom sheets, kitchen and bathroom towels – There’s something wonderful about slipping into a fresh pair of sheets. While you wash your bed sheets, wash your bathroom and kitchen towels as well.

4. Eliminate Some Monthly Chores – Monthly house cleaning tasks do not need to be done all at once. Instead, schedule one each week. Once a week, clean out the fridge, wash the windows, dust ceiling fans, or clean the inside of your washing machine. The more you do now, the less you have to do

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