How To Leave A Hotel Review

How To Leave A Hotel Review – A detailed guide to help you understand guest reviews and inquiries for hotels. This includes the different types, their pros and cons, and how you can implement the right strategy and systems that can help proactively learn and increase your business growth.

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How To Leave A Hotel Review

How To Leave A Hotel Review

Only one out of every 26 customers is likely to file a complaint. The remaining 25 customers will simply take their business elsewhere without a word. This means it is important to let the customer know that they have a voice and that you will listen.

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Therefore, feedback, whether good or bad, big or small, is important in every field and in every industry.

It may sound like a cliché when someone says: “Go ask for it. Asking helps.” But this etiquette has been going on since time immemorial and is equally about the idea of ​​hoteliers asking their guests for their likes, dislikes, amenities and various improvements they would like to see in the property.

It adds the word “direct” before changing the feedback. While media such as online reviews, surveys, questionnaires, etc. can be of great help in obtaining guest feedback in this fast-paced world, the importance of customer feedback in its raw, “live” form should not be overlooked either. So, having the right guest feedback strategy for hotels is the need of the hour.

Many times we tend to use guest feedback and online reviews in the same direction. While using these two terms interchangeably is not entirely a bad practice, there is still some difference between the two.

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In simple words, reviews are a form of guest feedback. Both involve hearing from your guests and getting their insights that can inform your next course of action.

Over time, “guest reviews” were divided into types, reviews of which acquired their own unique flavor. Feedback collected at various points in the guest journey, no matter what the means, can actually lead hotels to encourage anyone to write an online review.

As you can see, both of these are incredibly important to driving business growth and creating a foundation upon which a guest feedback strategy for hotels can grow.

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How To Leave A Hotel Review

Creating a system that makes it easy for your guests to share internal reviews helps you capture guest sentiment at the right time while driving more online reviews. this can be incredibly good for your business as it allows you to actively learn directly from your guests. making it easy for customers to leave an online review for your brand, which in turn can help attract bookings.

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No person, machine, company, organization or property can operate smoothly without listening to or receiving feedback from their customers. Ultimately, what you do must be reviewed by who it’s done for: the customers.

Likewise, guest feedback from a property is important to know how it is doing overall, what aspects of service need improvement, and whether or not traveler expectations are being met or exceeded.

When it comes to guest feedback strategy for hotels, one thing that is most important is timing. By this we mean the time you are expected to offer a survey or feedback form to your guests.

At the same time, the survey form can also be given to find out about your guests’ first physical experience with you – check-in – even then, timing is important, as well as your guests’ mood and state of mind. For example, handing out a feedback form to an upset guest before they take a much-needed hot shower after an exhausting trip won’t do you any good.

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In the past, a very “pen and paper” approach was in vogue, with guests giving feedback on feedback forms and comment cards left on reception or in their rooms to be filled out.

But fast forward to the present, and you’ll see the many digital methods and tools modern travelers are turning to when reviewing their hotel stays, such as online surveys, questionnaires, quick links, and more.

But they are still used as a preferred way for hotels to collect feedback. On the other hand, technology and digitization can make it easier for guests and faster for hoteliers to collect feedback, categorize data, analyze trends and make changes faster.

How To Leave A Hotel Review

Guests may be encouraged to participate in online hotel guest surveys that help track both collective and individual guest opinions about the property and quality of stay.

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Using the power of artificial intelligence and advanced technology, most brands are trying to get to know their guests as much as possible and learn what’s trending, what’s popular, what’s infamous and what improvements need to be made. Get to know your guests and their expectations with this hotel guest satisfaction survey.

From time to time, hotel guests are offered comment cards, feedback forms, verbal questions to provide feedback on their stay.

There is a subtle difference between a hotel survey and a hotel questionnaire. A customer satisfaction questionnaire for hotels is a set of questions, usually multiple choice, that can later be used to conduct a survey. For example, if a hotel wants to know the quality of service provided by the staff, it can simply give you the following options:

Technology has made things easier, and while there are many new methods to collect guest feedback today, traditional methods are still used and help better genealogy and develop guest feedback strategies for hotels.

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In this discussion, we will look at both traditional and modern methods of guest feedback systems in hotels to collect suggestions, both of which, to some degree, seek to delight guests in a “direct” way. Apparently, the traditional and modern types remain largely the same, the only difference being the use of a feedback device.

Earlier, comment cards, feedback forms etc. were used to get responses and feedback. While they’re not fully out today, tools have evolved over the years that help properties stay ahead of the guest feedback collection game.

As mentioned earlier, the hotel guest comment card can be left at the reception or in the rooms. It can be placed anywhere on the property to maximize feedback collection and has long been a mainstay in the hotel industry to drive guest feedback strategies for hotels.

How To Leave A Hotel Review

○ The hotel feedback card is extremely user-friendly, highly recognizable and acts almost like a veteran in the feedback collection.

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○ A guest comment card for a hotel can be time-consuming and limit guests from expressing themselves fully due to space constraints.

○ May not give honest answers due to some bias and mainly because guests always rush to leave without wasting much time thinking about each answer.

○ Most people only turn to comment cards if their stay experience is on the extreme side of exceptionally good or exceptionally bad. This can skew opinions because no middle ground can be found.

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○ In the age of customer relationship management software and technology, this can be seen as a holdover from the pre-digital age.

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○ May cause illegible or illegible handwriting problem as the guest is in a hurry to leave.

○ Since it does not provide data and insights into the guest experience, it is quite difficult to track a particular pattern of behavior.

Like comment cards, the form of hotel guest feedback can vary from hotel to hotel based on what they offer.

How To Leave A Hotel Review

It includes some general questions such as name, date of birth, room number and email address, and asks about the stay experience. Again, the hotel guest feedback form comes with ratings, where various aspects of the property (staff service, cleanliness and hygiene, concierge service quality, room service quality, etc.) are to be rated by guests based on their experience.

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While this may be a centuries-old tradition, let’s think of this as a “hybrid”. If we take a closer look, of all the ways to get direct feedback from guests, this tops the list. Asking helps. How: Let’s move on to the example below.

So asking a hotel feedback question and having your staff take notes through work can help bridge the gap between the perception of the hotel as well as the guests.

Your property will always look like a “rock star” if you look at it from your perspective. But at the same time, guest feedback or a survey helps get things back on track and helps guests dispel certain misconceptions about your property. This is a good guest feedback strategy for hotels

96 percent of dissatisfied customers will not complain directly to you

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