How To Leave Airbnb Review

How To Leave Airbnb Review – Your vacation rental business is growing and you are receiving guest after guest. That’s great, but it also means you’re probably short on time and reviewing your guests often becomes stressful.

The good news? Airbnb host review templates can save you hours a week and free you up to focus your energy on providing 5-star review-worthy service.

How To Leave Airbnb Review

How To Leave Airbnb Review

Instead of having to respond to each guest individually, you can simply copy/paste a template or even automate the process and then go about your day. Because the most important thing is to focus on your business instead of getting stuck in manual tasks.

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In this article, you’ll learn how to increase your bookings with review templates, get closer to Superhost status, and our tip for giving personal reviews without spending any time (seriously). We also share more than 15 review templates that you can use to free up time.

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Reviews and ratings increase your visibility on Airbnb and are an important factor in the guest’s decision-making process. Reviewing guests helps you:

“It’s important to respond to all reviews and not just the positive ones. Explaining how you will improve will show future guests that you are taking questions and striving to improve.” —Louise Elizabeth Lowe, co-founder of Every Bit Help.

Pdf) Progress On Airbnb: A Literature Review

But the review sometimes becomes more of an afterthought for busy hosts and property managers. Here, Airbnb host review templates save you time by simplifying the process and helping you automate your workflow.

A template without any input variables (i.e. customization) applies to all guests. This means your reviews are less personal, but it makes it easier to manually review guests, especially if you’re rushing to make the 14-day review deadline at the last minute.

Adding input variables to your templates will make your host reviews much more personalized and guest specific. Just remember that the property management tool you use must be compatible with these variables.

How To Leave Airbnb Review

Responding to reviews shows future guests how you have acted in situations and improved the property. Try these templates:

Writing Good Airbnb Reviews And Responses

Pro tip: use your positive reviews as a guide to improve your ad. If your guests rave about your modern kitchen appliances, include them in your listing photos.

As of summer 2019, it is no longer a requirement for Airbnb Superhosts to maintain a 50% review rate. But since you still need an overall rating of 4.8, you want as many of your guests as possible to give you positive reviews.

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Let’s take a closer look at each of these steps and exactly how you can make them happen.

Your house manual, or welcome book, isn’t just for answering common questions like “what’s the wifi password” or “when is check out?” It also gives you the opportunity to establish right from the start that reviews are fundamental to your business and the Airbnb community in general.

How To Write A Negative Airbnb Review Infographic

Yes, you can send a follow-up message to guests to ask for a positive review. (In fact, that’s the next tip we’ll talk about.) But these follow-ups should serve more as a reminder than a genuine request.

“ Following up on guests can be tricky. While it has helped me get more reviews, sometimes guests feel inconvenienced by a follow-up message. ” —Jonathan Cohen, co-owner of Traveling With Abundance.

You can easily create your house manual and share it with your guests through guest apps with tools like Operto Guest. If you’ve mentioned reviews in your house manual from the start, it seems more like a natural rule of thumb than a favor you’re asking your guests for.

How To Leave Airbnb Review

Pro tip: when writing your house manuals, be sure to encourage guests to get in touch with any issues during their stay. That way, you can fix these issues immediately instead of having to hear about them in a public review.

Badly Reviewed Guest Attempting To Book W/ New Account?

Airbnb automatically emails guests within 24 hours of check-out time asking them to leave a public review of their experience. So, to avoid sounding pushy, frame your reminder as more of a thank you note.

Write to your guests directly with something like “thank you so much for staying with us! We hope you have a safe trip home and we look forward to reading your honest review.”

“One thing that works for us is interacting with customers as soon as possible after their experience. If we can stay top of mind while they’re still excited about the experience, we have a higher review response.” —Corey Holtam, founder of

Write a thank you note to your guests after their stay and remind them to leave you a positive review before they get caught up in their daily responsibilities.

How To Respond To A Bad Airbnb Guest Review: Tips And Real Examples

Pro tip: if you use a template for your thank you notes, don’t forget to include your guest’s name to make the reminder more personal. It’s the little things.

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Guests are more likely to leave you a positive review if you tell them you left them a good review first. Try to write reviews the same day they check out, after you confirm the condition of the property. That way, guests will be reminded to do their thing on the way home, rather than when they’re back to their busy lives.

” When you get an email that says “read what the host said about your stay”, you can’t help but be curious about what they wrote. All that stands in your way is to write a few words and post the review. A simple deal to scratch the ‘need to know’ itch.” — Tessa Mager, Founder of  Explore and More New Zealand

How To Leave Airbnb Review

So if your guests left the property in good condition, respected all house rules, and were great communicators, be sure to give them a 5-star review.

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Pro tip: set clear expectations for your guests when it comes to cleanliness, making it easier for you to rate them highly. You have the option of charging a cleaning fee. But if, for example, you want your guests to clean the dishes or take out the trash, let them know in advance so they can do it.

By copying and pasting review templates, you save time when managing vacation rentals. And the hours saved will be put to better use elsewhere, like making each guest’s stay more personal or improving your Airbnb ranking.

Some property and guest management platforms, such as Hospitable and Hostaway, help you automate the review process. All you need to do is upload prepared templates to your platform and create a rule based on a certain time.

For example, let’s say you upload a template that says “Great guest! Would 100% host again.” Then you just need to create a rule to trigger the platform to publish this guest review 7 hours after the guest has checked out (assuming your property was left in good condition, of course).

Airbnb Review Example (what You Want Your Guests To Say About You)

But you don’t actually need to research to find the perfect software (or be trained in how to use it) to stop worrying about reviews. You can only partner with Jetstream, leverage our technology stack and make the most of our hospitable team.

So instead of wasting time setting rules and uploading templates, you can let Jetstream take care of all guest communications for you. And yes, that includes leaving personal, human guest reviews.

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Jetstream only leaves a 5-star review after you’ve made sure guests have left your property in top shape.

How To Leave Airbnb Review

In this article, we provided you with 15 personalized and general responses and Airbnb review templates to help you simplify your property management workflow and welcome more guests. But there’s another way to make your guests feel special with personalized reviews (and spend even less time doing it).

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“98% of our guests are amazing, so having a note that says something like, ‘Great guest! Very clean. We would host them again!’ saves time,” says Calvin Hanson, Airbnb host at Shalom Spaces. It’s true that some templates can help you streamline your property management workflows and save some time.

But you still need to review and respond to each guest. And recycling the same templates, over and over, will soon feel impersonal. So what is the alternative?

If automated, recycled reviews are starting to sound too robotic for your business, Jetstream can give your listings that extra human touch by providing 24/7 multilingual guest communication. We take care of every guest request, from pre-booking to the review stage, so you can focus on the things that matter most.

You can also write a review by clicking the Write a review button on the email reminder you receive within 24 hours of checkout.

Leaving A Review On Airbnb (video & 12 Screenshots)

An example of a review by an Airbnb host is: “Bob and Camila were two polite and wonderful guests. They respected the house rules and communicated their arrival time in advance so the check-in process was extremely smooth. We would be happy to welcome them again!”

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