How To Make Team Meetings Fun

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Instead of your usual group activities, it’s time to change it up. Engage your team with something quirky, interesting, or innovative.

How To Make Team Meetings Fun

How To Make Team Meetings Fun

Below is a list of the best team meeting ideas to break your routine of well-run team meetings. So get ready to turn your new corporate event into an unforgettable one.

Virtual Team Building Activities To Connect Remote Teams

Give your employees the information they need. Skip the traditional gift of the month and give something serious and silly.

You can get custom posters and mugs online for cheap, or give out simple printed flyers with gifts like gift cards to local coffee shops or coffee shops. Popular lunch spot.

For members of the group receiving gifts in the first greeting, it is one of the most important thoughts of the group.

Get a little creative in your staff meeting. Hold an art contest with each employee creating a painting and bringing it to the meeting to be judged and displayed. All your employees will have a good time choosing their favorite and you will get many good ideas from it.

How We Hold An Engaging All Hands Meeting As A Remote Team

Send everyone with their phones to take pictures in the office. Upload all images to the same folder and enjoy seeing them all.

Give your employees their own individual awards with categories like “Most Likely To…”, “Most Likely To…”, “Best At…” etc. . Bonus points for creativity!

Take a break from work with a new board game or similar activity. This is a great way for your employees to communicate and release work-related issues. Consider your choice, something that will be fun, objective rules so that everyone can play on the same level.

How To Make Team Meetings Fun

As an alternative to playing a board game, you can challenge your employees to do something they enjoyed as children for 15 minutes during their lunch break. Examples:

How To Make Virtual Meetings Fun: 8 Methods

Speaking of the inner child, a lego set is the perfect project that requires time and attention but can be completed in a short amount of time (like the length of a joint venture). Get small legos for each person according to the theme of your projects at work. Build your Legos together while talking. You can make several large groups together or give each person something small.

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Now is the time to tell your business story as a movie. Make a film in action to tell the story of the year. Everyone can discuss what they think was the best part of it, what was overlooked, etc.

This is a fun way for your employees to capture negative feedback, and turn that customer support nightmare into a scenario where bullets fly!

Do you have a non-union employee? Check out this guide to 11 Dos and Don’ts No Slaves at the desk.

Team Meeting Topics For Productive Discussions ( + Meeting Templates)

Let’s leave the chairs and computers while you join the staff lunch! But let’s put two tables together in front of everyone so everyone can spill their lunch on them while eating. You should be careful not to mix the food on the tables with people, but it is a fun way for people to meet and eat together.

Splash our creative juices and take everyone a selfie with everyone else afterwards! This is a great way to raise the motivation of your employees and encourage them to relate to each other without looking at how one person runs the “team.”

Paint your employees a picture. Get a large sheet of paper and paint supplies. Themes for paintings can include: the “perfect team” or “our team” — or you can try to copy a famous (bad) artwork or free cartoons Google.

How To Make Team Meetings Fun

You can post it during your actual meeting and let everyone share what they think is missing, added, or could be improved. done. This is a great way to get everyone involved in a hands-on project that uses a different skill than usual.

Make Meetings More Fun With Rapid Fire Questions

I think you know where this joint venture is going. Pre-meeting yoga is a great way to loosen up those tight muscles and loosen up the individual’s creative juices.

It’s like creating a piece of art, but instead of just painting – we’ll take it a step further – all the way to a modern piece of art. Take out all the old office furniture you have, and anything else you might need. Now, ask the group to think about how to add them to a new picture. When you’re done, however, the picture is displayed on the conference room table.

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“Cooperation is the secret to common people achieving common results.” – Ifeanyi Onuoha 14Big Boxes

Instead of dreading your weekly meetings, make them exciting. Use props like giant cutouts of different animals, celebrities, and photographs that you can hang around the walls of your meeting room. Got a spare seat at the table? Invite that 8 foot T-Rex to the meeting!

Best Meeting Tips For 2022

Science has shown that activities such as doodling and coloring in coloring books during a meeting can actually help people focus more on what is being discussed by giving them the edge. the mind wanders in order to create. This is great if you have a brainstorming session or some kind of brainstorming session in your session.

Ask everyone in the office to come up with words that start with a specific letter to see if they can match those words with one of their colleagues.

Divide your group into two and have each group come up with three new ideas for next week’s meeting.

How To Make Team Meetings Fun

Team Leaders: 10 Tips for Hosting Effective Meetings 2MIN To run a successful meeting, organize the team, and a short, detailed, and action-planned agenda. balanced.

Team Building Games Your Whole Team Will Love

7 Agendas to Use for Your Next Weekly Meeting (Free Downloads) 3MIN Tips and templates for better weekly meetings. Download and use these templates in Word or Google Docs, or use them for free.

Team Meeting Planner Guide (Templates & Tips) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐3MIN To change your staff meetings for the better, start with a plan.

Have productive meetings that your team can be proud of with a clear meeting schedule for every event on your calendar. Summary. With more and more businesses adopting flexible work-from-home policies, virtual meetings are becoming the norm. Leaders and team members need to think of ways to make virtual meetings more effective and engaging. Here are seven easy tips to enjoy your next video call.

With companies like Google extending working from home until the end of 2021, and others like Twitter giving employees the option to continue working remotely, more and more virtual meetings are becoming the norm rather than the exception. With this new reality comes the need to start making these teams more efficient and fun. How can organizations quickly understand simple ways to make their meetings more effective?

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Secrets To Keep Your Remote Team Engaged On Meetings

Below are seven easy tips from my new book where I discuss more than 75 team building activities for remote teams.

If you’re not a team leader, try one of these activities at one of your next meetings. All of the steps below require no preparation and take less than 10 minutes to complete.

1) Release! It’s hard to go on a video call without someone avoiding a bad situation. Turn this sad truth into a game by trying to trick each other into thinking you’re happy. Stand mid-sentence in a neutral and firm position. If someone says, “John looks like he’s dry”—that’s a spot for you! Is your co-worker’s screen frozen in a bad situation? Take a photo or photo and save a group collection of Best Awkward Freezes!

How To Make Team Meetings Fun

2) Word of the day. At the beginning of each meeting, choose a word of the day such as “cucumber.” See who can slip the word into the conversation without others knowing: “I think if we catch the system with a small investment, the faster the everything.” If you catch someone using the word… shout, “word of the day!” (Bonus: It can keep the team focused on what was said.)

How To Run A Sales Team Meeting

3) Hunt scavenger hunt home business. If everyone is working from home, organize a scavenger hunt. Come up with a list of three to five items using the list below for ideas. Tell everyone you’re going to start a home search. Say something and see who can get back to their computer the fastest. Award one point for finding an item and a bonus point for returning early. Possible causes:

: Ask people to find only one thing. If that’s the case, it’s best to choose something that sparks conversation and sharing with a baby picture or a unique T-shirt. Afterwards, ask people to explain one minute of the object and the story

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