Kid Birthday Ideas During Quarantine

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Kid Birthday Ideas During Quarantine

Kid Birthday Ideas During Quarantine

Mom came up with a quarantine-themed birthday photoshoot, complete with the words “None of you are invited”

Virtual Birthday Surprise Ideas During Quarantine

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When Kylie Najjar had to cancel her sons’ joint birthday party, she came up with a creative photo shoot concept for her 1-year-old. Kylie Najjar

When Kylie Najjar canceled the joint birthday party she had planned for her two sons due to the coronavirus, her family took it hard.

“Obviously we knew it was for the greater good that we had to cancel it,” Najjar said, “so it was a little bit easier to swallow.”

Superhero Social Distancing Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas

The original plan was to throw a Spiderman-themed party for her 4- and 1-year-old children. She wanted a ball pit, bouncy castle and climbing equipment.

Even then, Najjar wanted to think of a way to at least celebrate her 1 year, Jai’s, milestone birthday in a special way. Using supplies from Home Depot, she created a photo shoot with a quarantine theme. She wrapped his crib in duct tape and the baby stood in front of a sign that said “1st Birthday Party Quarantine, none of you are invited.”

The baby stood in the crib wrapped in caution tape and beamed in front of a clever quarantine sign. Kylie Najjar

Kid Birthday Ideas During Quarantine

Mom didn’t let the pandemic get in the way of celebrating her son’s 1st birthday in a fun way

Unforgettable Altanta Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

“I wanted to do something that he could look back on and know that we tried to find the funny side of an otherwise sad situation,” Najjar said.

The Australian mum shared some photos with a Facebook group called Party Mums and also posted some of the pictures on her personal Facebook page.

The posts received thousands of likes, and Najjar said she received messages from parents asking her to create similar banners.

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Najjar met some requirements but could not keep up with demand. She provided some pre-made files for followers to download.

Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas

Najjara’s husband Chris was at work for Jai’s birthday on April 3rd. She and her two sons made the most of it by having a dance party, eating birthday cake and singing “Happy Birthday” to each other before bed.

The crafty mom also prepared Jai’s favorite foods: fruit kebabs, banana and blueberry pancakes and fairy bread – toast with butter and sprinkles.

“This seemed to me,” Najjar said, “the only way I could celebrate, trying to find the funny side of such a sad time for everyone around the world.” Quarantine? Ugh…so hard. I’m so sorry you can’t have the party you and your child want! When all of this went down, I was sad, scared and frustrated. The party side of my business pretty much stopped, of course, which was difficult, but I still hoped that everything would be different by the summer and […]

Kid Birthday Ideas During Quarantine

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Quarantine Birthday Greetings & Covid Greeting Cards

When all of this went down, I was sad, scared and frustrated. Of course, the parties at my business pretty much stopped, which was hard, but I was still hoping that summer would be different and we could be back to “normal” for Hudson’s 4th birthday.

So! Party planning memory is on and we’ve joined Hudson’s superhero themed ride for a social distancing party!

Daydream Society has the BEST party supplies. They are by far my favorite place to shop when it comes to lining up my party. They fit the theme perfectly and are super high quality.

Mom tip: I always have a few extra plates and napkins on hand to surprise the kids with for a fun snack or breakfast. Just adds a little fun to a blissful week!

Things To Do On Your Birthday Alone

I hated the idea of ​​throwing a “party” and not providing something for my guests, but I also knew that some wouldn’t feel comfortable with cake cutting, food and such, so I thought cupcakes were the easiest option when it came to driving social spacer.

Hudson loved chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, so this no-bake mom made cupcakes with box mix and topped with sprinkles to match the cute paper plates and napkins from Daydream!

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A few quick cupcake toppers using my party bff, Cricut, were the perfect finishing touch to this little mini dessert table!

Kid Birthday Ideas During Quarantine

Knowing that this party wasn’t my usual splurge, I wanted something simple, but something that would make a statement as our family and friends passed by.

Guide To Quarantine Birthday

A balloon garland is always the answer! Let me tell you, it’s insanely easy to make. I have a balloon garland tutorial for you, but take my word for it – massive impact with minimal effort.

I decided to stay with a turquoise, white, black, yellow and red vibe with a nod to paper plates and napkins as my inspo. I love the vintage comic book pop art vibe that the colors gave off too!

Blow up all your balloons (no need for helium – an air compressor works great, if not get a pump – it’s worth it, I promise!)

Thread the fishing line through the needle and thread it through the balloon tie. Pull the fishing line all the way out so you have plenty of slack and enough line to thread the rest of the balloons onto the garland. This first balloon is the end of your garland, so pull, pull, pull.

Zoom Birthday Party Ideas, Since That’s What We’re Doing Now

Change the colors and sizes as you stack the balloons, tighten them tightly so the balloons really push into each other and stay in place!

What’s a superhero party without a city to defend? The balloon garland was great and added some much needed color, but we also needed a good old city for our sweet boy to protect!

This city was literally the easiest and cheapest piece of decor I’ve ever made. Bonus points for already having everything at home. Hooray, quarantine won!

Kid Birthday Ideas During Quarantine

Cut the top of the leaf you just cut into the city. Make rectangular tops, slants, triangles – change the height and width, but don’t stress that it’s perfect.

First Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas In 2023

Once the city is cut out, use glue dots to attach the yellow rectangle and square “windows” to the black tablecloth. Boom, baby. You’ve got your superhero a city to defend!

Our little boy had no idea what to expect from his party. We told him that some friends were coming to greet him, but he had no idea that they would be driving by honking, playing music and singing Happy Birthday!

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My parents even decorated their car with a whole Batman theme – masks and all! Hudson was so excited to see them.

But…the real heroes of the day? The local fire department surprisingly showed up with a FULL ladder truck! Lights, sirens and BIG birthday smiles happen with this one! What a fun treat!

Virtual Party Ideas For Kids’ Birthdays

In episode 80 of the Memories in Moments podcast, I shared my top tips for making quarantine birthdays special during social distancing! It’s a great listen if you’re planning a party. Listen here!

In that episode I talked about surprising your party/show guests! My husband called the local station and asked if they had time for a party! They said they’d do their best, they’d love to come celebrate, and since the party went on without a trace, we figured they were busy making a phone call and that was it. Never mind – we didn’t tell Hud they could come anyway!

But then we heard a MASSIVE honking with a big siren and surprise! They came! They just got off the phone and wanted to wish our guy a happy fourth birthday! So nice.

Kid Birthday Ideas During Quarantine

Call these people! They would be happy to help and you never know, they might just come and provide a fun and special surprise moment that you will remember forever!

Outdoor Birthday Party

We had the best day celebrating our favorite superhero, Super Huda, on his 4th birthday! It was quiet, no pressure, simple, but still incredibly special and memorable. He was smiling from ear to ear all day and felt very loved and celebrated.

Was it the party of his dreams? Probably not. What is this party I wanted to throw for his 4th birthday? Definitely not. But it was perfect for the season we’re in and we all look back on this day

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