Last Minute Deals To Disneyland

Last Minute Deals To Disneyland – If you only have one day to spend at Disneyland, our Disneyland 1-day trip 2023 includes all of your must-do rides, attractions and activities for the day.

We also see in the use of Genie + which is a paid service that allows you to find a short line of attractions called Lightning Lane.

Last Minute Deals To Disneyland

Last Minute Deals To Disneyland

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Before you get to the park, there are some important steps you should take to prepare for your day at Disneyland.

Guests will be allowed to enter the park 30 minutes before opening. This helps control the flow of the crowd and can be a great opportunity to get to the park faster. The entrances to the park will be cordoned off (hence the term: rope drop!) until the park is officially open. But being inside the park and ready to go to the entrance of the land you want to head towards is a big advantge.

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Disneyland Early Entry: Guests staying at Disneyland Resort hotels are given the opportunity to select attractions 30 minutes before park opening giving their guests access to some of the most popular attractions. Read more about early entry and our advice on what to prioritize during those 30 minutes if you have it in our Disneyland Early Entry guide!

If you didn’t get in early, don’t worry too much. Hotel guests can’t access all the attractions within 30 minutes so it won’t affect your day too much except for the most popular breakfasts (Peter Pan!) you’ll already have a line up by the time you arrive. check in.

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Plan to arrive at least one hour before the park opens. You need to be in line at the front gate about 40 minutes before opening which means giving yourself at least 15 minutes to get through security and walk over (this is assuming you are staying at a hotel near Disneyland rather than driving into the parks – if you are driving to the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure you will need to allow extra time).

Last Minute Deals To Disneyland

Disneyland breakfast: Get breakfast to go and eat while you wait to get through the turnstiles, this will help the time pass faster or allow you some extra time to eat at your hotel. Just make sure you eat before you arrive!

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Both Disneyland FastPass and MaxPass have been RETIRED and replaced by the Disneyland Genie Plus service that allows guests to book attractions from the Disneyland app for an initial fee of $20 per person per day – the price varies depending on the day of the season, the crowd. levels. If you only plan to spend one day at Disneyland, in this case I recommend that you plan on buying it for your day. This allows you to access the fastest line, called Lightning Lane, of the attraction instead of the long standing line that will save you hours of time during your day. Read our full guide to Genie+ to get an idea of ​​how it works and use it in conjunction with our day trip!

Start your morning by following our attraction tour schedule when the park opens to get the most out of your morning and your Genie+ shopping for the day!

This is the time when many families would take a break for lunch so this is a good time to catch the Genie + return attraction that will have a return period. I would recommend the option I wrote about Splash Mountain as the most popular time to climb this attraction is in the afternoon when the temperature is high and this will also be the most comfortable for you to climb, too!

The Carnation Cafe is one of the first restaurants of the Disneyland Resort that has been open since the day of the opening of the place on July 17 1955. The Carnation Cafe offers a great dining experience in addition to a light lunch including What Walt Disney Loved! Read our full review of dining at the Carnation Cafe for a taste of one of Disneyland’s most historic restaurants.

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Disneyland Packages: Find The Best Disney Vacation Packages For Your Trip

This charming restaurant is located within the famous Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in New Orleans Square. As guests dine on New Orleans inspired cuisine, you can enjoy watching boats drift by on their way to the attraction. The atmosphere in the restaurant is that of a Louisiana inspired bayou with dim lighting and Southern charm. If you like Blue Bayou, I recommend splurge on Fantasmic! dining to enjoy a meal at one of Disneyland’s historic restaurants and then enjoy a front row seat reserved for Fantasmic viewing! which I recommend you make time in your Disneyland 1-day trip!

The Plaza Inn is a great place to have the famous fried chicken dinner or enjoy a Minnie & Friends brunch- their Breakfast in the Park character dining option. The history and beauty of the Plaza Inn makes it one of Disneyland’s most historic locations. restaurants you can’t miss!

After lunch, use the Genie+ space you booked before sitting down to eat! At this time the most important places and attractions you have left include:

Last Minute Deals To Disneyland

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a great place to spend an afternoon in because it’s spread out with so many sights and activities. This is my favorite place to go in the afternoon when the crowd is at its peak. Get yourself a Blue Milk and travel around the world and take in everything there is to see. You can even build your own droid if you want or splurge on making your own unique lightsaber! You should be able to hold a Genie+ save for Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run for a reasonable amount of time to return. While you wait for your turn, enjoy the scenery- there is so much to see.

Fantasmic! At Disneyland

There are two options for riding Rise of the Resistance: buy Individual Lightning Lane access (usually around $25 per person) or ride it standing. The queue will be very long in the morning and afternoon. The shortest time will be dinner time, my experience will usually drop to more than one hour around 6PM. Just don’t wait too long if you go that way- they usually close Rise down early- sometimes as early as 9PM. This is a ride you can’t miss so whether you’re buying in and out for the convenience or waiting in line, make sure you see it!

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Fantasyland can easily be done first thing in the morning if you want to prioritize, which is a great use of Early Entry if you are staying at a Disney Resort hotel, or the lines will die down a lot after the fire ends. If you are trying to cram everything into one day at Disneyland I would recommend saving Fantasyland for later. If you have small children, our first trip can easily be replaced by going directly to Fantasyland (Peter Pan first is the most popular option!) If that is the way you choose to start your morning, I recommend going through Fantasyland this way:

To check the height requirements for other attractions around Disneyland and read more about rider switches (how adults can ride without waiting twice even if your kiddo isn’t tall enough!), read through our full guide to Disneyland height requirements + rider switches.

As you plan your evening, you should also plan the nightly attractions you want to see. These special entertainment options are what make Disneyland so much more than just a theme park and make the experience of spending a day at Disney even more magical. Depending on the time of year you visit, the timing of this may vary as well as the actual show being shown so I recommend checking our Disneyland crowd calendar for the month of your visit and reading our monthly guide to get an idea of ​​what to expect.

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There is always a lot of information to consider before planning a Disneyland vacation. Be sure to spend time planning your days in the theme parks and getting to know everything Disneyland has to offer. Don’t forget to subscribe to our FREE Deals Newsletter to stay on top of the latest planning ideas, tips,

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