Last Minute Travel Deals From Cleveland

Last Minute Travel Deals From Cleveland – There is no such thing as booking a direct, non-stop flight; In a few hours, you’re in a new place and ready to explore! Because, let’s face it, who enjoys spending more time in airports and airplanes than you?

Fortunately, there are many nonstop flights from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. If you’re itching for a weekend getaway or a fun vacation, you’ll definitely want to check out these flight options without spending some of it on a plane.

Last Minute Travel Deals From Cleveland

Last Minute Travel Deals From Cleveland

Whether you’re looking for international flights from Cleveland (yes, there are a few!) or budget vacation flights, these are the best nonstop flights from Cleveland for your much-needed getaways.

Reasons Why You Need To Visit Cleveland, Ohio

Since there are few airlines flying out of Cleveland Airport, it is organized by international and popular destinations.

A note about searching for flights: Some of the nonstop flights featured in this post are seasonal or may only be available a few times a week. When looking for these, go to your favorite flight search engine (Google Flights is always a good place to start), enter your flight search, and then look for options marked “nonstop.”

Air Canada is the only airline that offers nonstop flights to Canada from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. So while you’re hoping to enjoy the best of Toronto, including shopping and dining at St. Lawrence Market and Kensington Market, exploring the Distillery District and visiting the CN Tower, you can definitely take a direct flight from Cleveland!

Direct, nonstop flights from Cleveland to Toronto take just over an hour, making this Canadian city easily accessible for a quick trip!

Punta Cana Vacations

For a warm getaway from the chilly Cleveland winters, there’s nothing sweeter than a quick direct flight to the stunning beaches of Punta Cana!

The border is reached in just over 4 hours, giving you more time to snorkel, sunset cruise and explore the beauty of the Dominican Republic.

Want to escape to paradise in 3 hours? United is now flying direct from Cleveland to Nassau!

Last Minute Travel Deals From Cleveland

Spend time soaking up the sun and swimming at the beautiful beaches or take a day trip to Exuma for the famous porpoises or swimming with sharks!

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A more popular direct flight from Cleveland has to be to Cancun, Mexico. Famous for its warm, steamy waters, an escape from the cold Cleveland winters!

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Thankfully, there are a couple airlines that fly direct from Cleveland to Cancun, which means you can lay on a beach and sip cocktails in less than 4 hours (and sometimes for less than $100!).

From May 2023, Aer Lingus will fly direct from Cleveland to Dublin, Ireland. In the year It will be the first non-stop flight to Europe since the short-lived Icelandic flight in 2018.

Travelers who want to explore the Emerald Isle can reach it within 7-8 hours. The rest of Europe, London, Paris and other destinations are only a short flight away from Dublin.

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I was going to include these in the list of domestic flights, but since Cleveland has so many direct flights to various cities in Florida, I had to spread them out in their own section. Without further ado, here are some places you can get to directly from Cleveland to enjoy some Florida sunshine.

Disney World and Universal Studios Land are a clear favorite choice for travelers, especially those who are fans of the theme parks or have families. This excursion is perfect for a long weekend trip or even a full week to enjoy all the parks and the city.

Whether you want to explore the exciting city of Sarasota or prefer to travel along the coast to Sista Key, Longboat Key or Anna Maria Island, nonstop flights here give you plenty of options for sightseeing.

Last Minute Travel Deals From Cleveland

If you want to see Siesta Key, Longboat Key, and Anna Maria Island, it’s another great place to fly to. Tampa has many attractions such as Busch Gardens, the Florida Aquarium, and many beaches such as Clearwater Beach.

Queensland Islands For A Weekend Escape

If you want beautiful beaches and amazing sunsets, a flight from Cleveland to Fort Myers, Florida is just what you need. Land in Fort Myers and head to Sanibel Island, Captiva or Marco Island for an island vibe.

Whether it’s deep sea fishing charters, sunset cruises or just the convenience of the beach close to downtown, Fort Lauderdale is always a favorite among both spring breakers and those looking for warmth during the long winter.

With exciting nightlife, incredible street art, and great beaches, Miami, Florida is an incredibly unique and fun city to explore. Luckily, a couple of airlines have non-stop flights to this exciting city!

Visiting the Big Apple is easy with nonstop flights with these major carriers. The flight is over 1 hour!

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Things To Do In Dc This Weekend: Festivals, Shops, Museums

You can take this quick weekend trip to enjoy NYC’s top sights, including Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, Chelsea Market, Times Square, Central Park, and all the amazing museums.

The flight time online says this route is 1 hour and 15 minutes, but after taking this flight several times, I can tell you that you are in the air in less than an hour.

Seriously, leave after work and get to DC in time for a late dinner. Washington DC has a lot to offer including museums, monuments, great nightlife, cool neighborhoods and lots of history. (And what about visiting the cherry blossoms in DC?)

Last Minute Travel Deals From Cleveland

American Airlines is the only airline that flies from Cleveland to Reagan National Airport. United flies to Dulles International Airport.

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As an American Airlines hub, it’s no surprise that Philly is served by nonstop flights from Cleveland.

So why not explore Philadelphia for a quick weekend getaway and see sights from the Liberty Bell to Independence Hall? And don’t forget to see which cheesesteak reigns supreme!

It’s hard to imagine an airline other than Delta flying to Atlanta, right? But yes, there are many flights from Cleveland to Atlanta on other airlines.

This Midwestern city is extremely easy to get to on these short, nonstop flights. In less than an hour, you can relax and enjoy the best of Chicago for the weekend.

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Take an architectural boat tour. Find out which place really has the best deep dish pizza. Shop ’til you drop on Mag Miles. Or maybe just relax on the shores of Lake Michigan! Seriously, Chicago is a fun city to explore and from Cleveland to do so.

Whether you want to explore Phoenix and popular suburbs like Tempe or Scottsdale, or use it as a jumping off point to visit Sedona and the Grand Canyon, this is a great getaway for both long weekends and long trips. .

The Mile High town is a fun place to visit, from the many craft breweries to the wonderful hiking nearby. So if you want to go there for a long weekend getaway, choose one of these three airlines that will get you there without layovers.

Last Minute Travel Deals From Cleveland

Charlotte is another American Airlines hub, so it makes sense that this is an easy nonstop flight from Cleveland.

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How To Find Cheap Last Minute Flights

Charlotte has a lot to offer, including the NASCAR Hall of Fame, vibrant street art, a thriving culinary scene and many museums.

Cleveland recently welcomed Alaska Airlines, which means getting to Seattle is a breeze! So if you’ve been wanting to spend a long weekend in Seattle, now’s your chance!

Some things to do on your trip to Seattle include visiting the Space Needle, exploring the famous Pike Place Market, admiring Chihuly Gardens and Glass, and strolling along the Seattle waterfront.

The Dallas and Fort Worth area of ​​Texas is vast, so you know there’s plenty to see and do here! With museums, galleries, special events, great restaurants and more to enjoy, you can easily fill a quick weekend here.

Cheap Flights From Cleveland To Las Vegas From $54

Las Vegas is a popular weekend vacation destination for many Americans. You’ll want to use Las Vegas as a base to enjoy the sights of The Strip lit up at night and enjoy the dining and entertainment Vegas has to offer, or for trips to places like the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam or the Valley. Fire, Vegas has something for everyone.

Fortunately, with these discount and regular airlines that fly directly there, you can get there quickly and save time to enjoy Vegas.

Boston is a city that has a lot to offer. If you’re a sports fan, definitely head to historic Fenway Park. If you like history? There are the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, the Paul Revere House, the Boston African American National Historic Site, the Old State House, and Liberty Avenue.

Last Minute Travel Deals From Cleveland

However, there are also plenty of modern amenities and attractions to keep you busy on a weekend in Boston, from craft breweries to fine art museums.

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Thanks to country music and famous hot chicken land Southwest is a quick trip from Cleveland. So if you want to dance

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