Nairobi Best Hotel In The World

Nairobi Best Hotel In The World – The Pearl of Africa is a vast country famous for its abundance of wildlife, contrasting topography and distinct culture. The bustling capital city of Nairobi is home to restaurants serving exceptional cuisine, friendly people and a rich cultural heritage. Whatever your reason for visiting Kenya, don’t miss this vibrant city – it’s definitely worth a stop. We thought we’d share the top 5 best hotels in Nairobi. T

Kenya is a popular safari destination, and visitors are amazed by the diversity of habitats and landscapes found within the country. Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast is ideal for rural tropical vacations and exploring the unique mangrove swamps. The East African highlands and mountains stretch through the center of the country. Open savannahs, snow-capped hills and rivers meandering through typical African landscapes can be found in the rest of the country.

Nairobi Best Hotel In The World

Nairobi Best Hotel In The World

But the most popular destination in Kenya is the Maasai Mara National Reserve, a protected wilderness home to the famous wildebeest migration and pride of deadly predators. A visit to the reserve is always included in a Kenya safari! As you hike from the coast to national parks and visit mountain peaks, you will spend the night in Nairobi on at least one occasion. And if you haven’t – include it in your trip! This sprawling metropolis is similar to other major African cities but has modern skyscrapers that overlook this diverse country.

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Tribe Hotel is a modern and contemporary building with 137 rooms spread over three wings. The decor is a mix of Art Nouveau mixed with hand-picked artefacts (900 pieces) from all over Africa. Located in Nairobi’s diplomatic quarter, the Tribe Hotel is undoubtedly one of the top luxury city hotels. The hotel has a fun tropical style heated pool with a waterfall!

The waterfall is one of the main features. Surrounding the rushing water are floating granite bands, islands and anchorages. The rooftop bar is the perfect place to enjoy views of Africa’s beauty and splendor. When you can’t explore the themed areas, you can always hit the gym or indulge in some Thai massage treatments.

Giraffe Manor is a boutique hotel that is on the bucket list of many travelers. And for good reason! Where else in the world can you sit down at breakfast and catch a giraffe sticking its neck out the window to grab a toast?! Giraffe Manor is located on the outskirts of town and is set in 12 acres of pristine woodland. A rare resident herd of Rothschild giraffes grace the lawns of the stately manor house, and have lived in generations of giraffes for many years.

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This is the only place where you can feed and photograph giraffes from your breakfast table. Located 20 km from the city center, this 12-room townhouse is perfect for a city break. In the year Giraffe Manor, built in the 1930s, still manages to retain its charm from this bygone era. Definitely not to be missed.

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Wayne’s House is an exquisite home set in acres of lush green lawns in a unique and tranquil setting. Known for its personal and friendly service, Colonial Wine House definitely embodies the spirit of Africa. Located in a quiet neighborhood on a leafy lane, this 11-bedroom boutique hotel offers timeless charm. Historic family home surrounded by wonderful birdsong and relaxing atmosphere. What more could you ask for?

Tented camps in Nairobi offer their visitors a slice of the safari life outside the bustling city. Nestled in the heart of the Nairobi National Park in the river basin forest and minutes away from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, this authentic eco-friendly camp is well worth checking out.

There are only 8 Meru-style tents, each designed to offer an intimate desert experience. The pavilions are beautifully decorated, and the accommodation is ideal for bird lovers and nature lovers. Nairobi Tented Camp offers its own game drives where guests can see lions, giraffes, buffaloes and tigers in their natural habitat. This camp is your perfect choice for a desert escape!

Nairobi Best Hotel In The World

Boma is simply – a design masterpiece, a new age and technology savvy hotel. Puma Hotels has social responsibility and humanitarian values ​​with all profits supported by the Kenya Red Cross Society. This hotel chain offers first class bars, spacious rooms, meeting spaces and spa facilities along with a different level of hospitality. Enjoy panoramic views of the skyline and marvel at Nairobi’s artistic and picturesque masterpieces. Coming up with the top 5 luxury hotels in Nairobi was not an easy task for us especially with the fierce competition among the most popular hotels in the city. For someone looking for the best place to pamper himself or herself in Nairobi, these are definitely some of the best hotels to consider.

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Best Hotels In Nairobi

Located in Westland, one and a half kilometers from Nairobi’s CBD, Villa Rosa Kempinski is known for its exceptional beauty and grandeur. It combines the finest European luxury with warm Kenyan hospitality to deliver the ultimate experience. The hotel is ideal for guests who want to enjoy the best hospitality in Kenya in a low-key setting. Even US President Barack Obama knows that Villa Rosa Kempinski is the perfect place to enjoy special moments with loved ones. It is also the best place to enjoy amazing hotel deals and packages in Nairobi.

Hotel Serena is definitely one of the top 5 luxury hotels in Nairobi especially as it is within walking distance of Nairobi’s CBD (Central Business District) and combines premium hotel standards with elegance. Whether you are looking for the perfect place to hold your business meeting or a quiet atmosphere to relax and enjoy exceptional hospitality, Hotel Serena is the right choice. It is also famous for its amazing Kenyan hotel deals.

While it may be one of the oldest hotels in Nairobi, Fairmont Norfolk has maintained a special level of sophistication and class that most of Nairobi’s newer hotels cannot afford. It is definitely the right choice for someone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some relaxing moments at a high altitude. Its proximity to the central business district makes it an ideal hotel for corporate hospitality. It is also one of the few places where you can find the best hotel deals and discounts in Nairobi.

Built in 1902, Sarova Stanley Hotel is one of the top 5 luxury hotels in Nairobi. Sarova Stanley Hotel may have evolved with the changing times but it remains a symbol of luxury and world class hospitality. Not just in Nairobi but across the country. It is also conveniently located in the city center, providing a safe place for local workers and foreign guests to enjoy individual relaxation and warm hospitality. They also have some of the best hotel deals and discounts in Nairobi.

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Of The Most Beautiful Luxury Hotels In The World

Popular among the elite, the InterContinental Hotel offers true Kenyan hospitality in luxury and luxury. The proximity to the Parliament and other important public facilities makes it a very suitable place for corporate meetings, team building and private hospitality. And if you want to enjoy amazing hotel deals and packages in Nairobi, this is definitely a good option.

Choosing one of the top 5 luxury hotels in Nairobi as your destination is a surefire way to enjoy an authentic, high-end Kenyan hotel experience. Away from the hustle and bustle of Kenya’s cosmopolitan city, find a place of beauty and tranquility amidst the lush gardens at the edge of Nairobi’s Central Park. Our 5-star hotel in Nairobi combines business, leisure, art, gastronomy, style and five-star service.

Nairobi Serena Hotel, Nairobi 5-star hotel is a celebration of sophisticated and rich design influences from Ethiopia, Maghreb, West Africa and East Africa. The friendly smile, attention to detail and excellent service at our Nairobi hotel will envelop you from the moment you arrive. With the Nairobi skyline flashing behind your windows and the Central Business District just a short walk away, you’ll feel a world away from urban distractions in this peaceful setting.

Nairobi Best Hotel In The World

We offer you unique opportunities to find inspiration as you explore the city in search of new experiences. The way we welcome you, exceed your expectations during your stay and remember you when you return is what Nairobi Serena Hotel is all about.

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