Notes To Leave On Cars

Notes To Leave On Cars – Hitting someone’s car and not leaving a note is definitely high on our jerk. Accidents happen, but it’s basic human decency to leave your details and take responsibility.

Whoever hit that car didn’t do that, but luckily there was someone around who saw the whole thing and took matters into their own hands.

Notes To Leave On Cars

Notes To Leave On Cars

Wow. No wonder the owner of this house was so disappointed when he came home to find he couldn’t park in his driveway because someone parked in front of him.

A Sticker In The Window Of A Taxi During A Demonstration By Taxi Drivers In Parliament Square, Central London, In The Latest Stage Of Ongoing Protests Against Camden Council’s Plans To Restrict

They were so aggravated by the situation that they wrote parking instructions for the driver and even sketched a little map.

We imagine this is the last time this person is going to park here. Consider yourself warned, that’s basically what this note means.

The person who wrote this note is clearly passive-aggressive, but it also seems like they mean business and aren’t afraid to take action where and when necessary.

While their message isn’t entirely legible, we can imagine the driver must have done something pretty bad to get the peanut butter treatment.

Woman Defends Actions After Using Silicone To Glue Note To Sisters’ Cars

It looks like it will take quite a while to clean the peanut butter off the car.

Otherwise, you might end up as the neighborhood pig and the laughingstock of the internet. It seems there is a very greedy driver in the neighborhood who has become very stingy.

Another parking genius note! This person thought that practicing coloring in the lines would help this person park better.

Notes To Leave On Cars

While we’re sure they really meant it as a passive-aggressive nod and more like “you’re a dumb parking lot,” if we had it on our windshield, we’d totally take it home and paint it.

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This person is the winner of the coveted golden ticket! They should be so proud of themselves, says the very sarcastic and passive-aggressive person who left them this note.

We are just amazed that it took over a month for someone to leave a note for this person!

Some people just want to get the message across to a fellow driver that it would be nice to be more careful.

The person who wrote this note wanted to alert the driver that they should be more careful with others on the road because they are not bloody sardines after all.

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It Can Be Hard To Come Back From The Passive Aggressive Note Left On Your Car’s Windshield

If you didn’t get it, this is a reference to the sitcom “Office Space”. The scene from the movie depicted in this note has become a viral meme.

Lots of people would raise the citation, but it would be pretty awkward if the person who parked their car didn’t get it!

This frustrated neighbor took it upon himself to explain to his parking neighbor how to properly park his car so as not to screw him and the guy to the left of his spot.

Notes To Leave On Cars

It is extremely rude and inconsiderate for someone to rev their engine so early in the morning while waking up their entire neighborhood. Why do people do this? Does it make them feel cool?

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Everyone has lived near someone with a noisy vehicle at one point or another. There’s nothing more frustrating than being woken up by it in the middle of the night or when it goes off and you’re trying to get your kids to sleep.

While it is very obnoxious when people park in two spots and deserve a ticket, the person who wrote this letter is just as obnoxious.

We’re not saying it’s okay to take two spots, but it’s also not okay to hit and run. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

It would be beneficial to keep some chalk in the car so that in case you see someone trying to pull a trick like this, you’ll be ready.

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This driver inconveniences at least two people and even more if they keep their car there for a while. Maybe this message will teach this driver a lesson.

First of all, we strongly believe that public transport will solve many global problems. And secondly, if more people rode the bus, there would be less awful parkers out there.

The author of this note suggests a good question here. Should bad parkers be forced to take the bus?

Notes To Leave On Cars

There are a few basic things you need to learn about driving. The first is traffic signs.

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The second concerns parking. Like, no parking in front of someone else’s driveway. Obviously, this person needs a driving lesson again.

How awful is that? It’s even worse than not leaving any kind of note. Do people live in such intense fear that their insurance will skyrocket? Or are people driving without insurance?

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Whatever it is, there’s no excuse for acting like this! That makes me think the world is full of a lot of sassy scumbags!

Many people always say that they wish there was a like and dislike button in real life. Well, hold your horses, there is now.

Man Leaves Hilarious Notes On Badly Parked Cars

This person printed out a picture of the Facebook “dislike” icon and is apparently using it where it’s due, to rate people’s parking. This is very well used.

We agree with this note and are glad someone had the courage to write it. Apparently, some expensive car was mistakenly parked in a spot reserved for disabled drivers.

There’s a reason handicap spaces exist, and they’re for disabled people, not rich BMW owners.

Notes To Leave On Cars

We have to say, this parking ticket is cute. We might have to make some of these for ourselves to put on people’s cars.

Mean Notes Left On Cars From Out Of State In Estes Park, Colorado

When this car was ticketed for being parked there too long, the owner wrote a note in response to the ticket explaining that his door is frozen and he can’t open the car to move it.

If this person disapproved of this type of parking job so strongly, why didn’t he go find another parking space instead of risking the possibility of damaging both cars?

This is not your average cat. This cat doubles as a parking cop. The consequence; Towing. There aren’t many worse things in life than getting towed.

This is a cute and creative way to warn someone about the possibility of towing, and it’s actually quite considerate.

Using Notes In Things

From this we get the idea that the person was probably parked badly enough to get someone to put this note on their car. Man, we wish we could see a picture of how the car was parked.

You know you’re in big trouble when Optimus Prime isn’t a fan of your parking skills. The big robot sees this parking lot villain as a greater danger than Megatron.

Hopefully the valet realized how much he pissed off Optimus Prime and either never parked badly again or signed up for his local driving school.

Notes To Leave On Cars

The last thing you want to do is upset the potato gang. This parker seems to have done just that and now the potato gang is here to exact their revenge.

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We appreciate a note like this. gets his point across without being overly rude. We hope a nicer and funnier note like this would be effective.

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The person who left this note was so angry at someone’s parking job that they insisted on leaving him instructions to prevent a bad parking job from happening again.

They show how to park very clearly. Pull straight into the parking spot and not diagonally like this person apparently did.

We must say that this note is 100% justified. If that person doesn’t even live on that block, then their car shouldn’t be there.

A For Effort…”

Plus, it’s the law that a car can’t be parked in the same spot for 72 hours… so yeah, that car shouldn’t even be legally there yet!

Can you imagine the horror of seeing that someone has reaped the benefits of all your hard work shoveling snow? This must be very frustrating.

It has to be said that the note that they got away from the parking spot thief is not as rude as it could have been.

Notes To Leave On Cars

The note writer doesn’t seem to care what the seizure will do for the car owner. He won’t hesitate and to be honest, we don’t blame him. We know how much this can ruin your day.

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You can be sure that if that car blocks that person again, there will be serious consequences.

If you really can’t stand someone, then there’s no better way to express it to them than to say “please don’t breed”.

Well, one driver apparently hated the way another driver was parking and decided to leave him a note along with a condom for safe sex. This is a hilarious prank.

Now, that’s a rude and offensive windshield note. This person’s parking may have been comically bad, but it certainly doesn’t warrant leaving such a comment.

Somebody Put These On Cars At My Apartment Complex

Comparing their parking lot to Stevie Wonder is pretty insulting. Even if the parking person’s job was that bad, this comment is very insensitive.

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