Recreation Program Ideas For Seniors

Recreation Program Ideas For Seniors – LINC Youth Center’s June calendar includes great activities for every day of the month for adults at home. Follow our LINC staff and activities each day and post a photo of yourself doing the task – or switch between dates and choose the one you like best!

Every day at 8am, we’ll post the day’s activity on the LINC Facebook page, and every time you post a picture of yourself doing one of the tasks, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a Recreation/LINC Youth Center prize pack. 30 days in June can mean 30 entries –

Recreation Program Ideas For Seniors

Recreation Program Ideas For Seniors

Additional photos/videos of activity ideas will be available on the LINC Facebook page – check them out every morning!

Creative Knitters & Crafters Sale

Take pieces of wood or rotting sticks and use them to make a door. Decorate with all the other supplies and hide them in your garden!

Everyone has enjoyed doing handstands at some point in their lives. Did you know there are some tips and tricks to getting one right?

Check out Casa Colibri on YouTube for some tutorials including warm-ups, pre-poses and exercises to help you get ready!

Grab your supplies and build the boat. Once you’re done, put them in the bathtub or a bucket of water and see who survives the longest!

Five Great Fourth Of July Senior Activity Ideas

You can even add a challenge by adding weights and see who has the most weight before sinking!

Add the oil to the bowl and mix the remaining ingredients until well combined. Pour the mixture into a plastic bottle. Be sure to shake before use as the ingredients will separate and settle a bit in the bottle.

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Because the world is such an unknown place, let’s turn off social media for a day and relax. Have a PJ day, order a pizza, watch TV, go for a walk and enjoy the day.

Recreation Program Ideas For Seniors

Check out this step-by-step video and graphic below. Practice signing your name to impress your friends this summer.

Great Parks & Rec Job Descriptions

Just like when you were a kid – oh wait, you still are! Attach your toothpicks and marshmallows and see how high you can make your tower!

Learn about the constellations and then try to find them at night! Sea & Sky The Wonders of the Universe has a great list of upcoming astronomical events for 2020 (and beyond) check it out and then check back to see if any will be happening locally!

Also check out the SkyView phone app. It lets you point the camera at the sky at night and tell you which constellation is above you.

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