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Therapeutic Programs For Young Adults

Therapeutic Programs For Young Adults – Catherine Gibbons’ life was turned upside down in October 2018 when she skipped school, stole a liter of vodka and drank most of it on her way back from the grocery store. Worried about Catherine’s erratic behavior for months, her mother spotted the 17-year-old off campus through a phone tracking app. He arrived at the school to find his daughter slumped over and unconscious on the floor of the assistant principal’s office. In 2018, Katherine Gibbons of suburban Chicago dropped out of school after drinking. His parents sent him to a wilderness treatment program …

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Therapeutic Recreation Activities For Adults

Therapeutic Recreation Activities For Adults – Using recreational therapy for addiction treatment is a healing method that combines several different activities such as exercise, yoga, art, horseback riding, hiking, and more. These hands-on activities are known to help increase physical and emotional health in patients seeking recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. When offered under the guidance of a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), recreational therapy is a highly effective form of alternative treatment for substance addictions. Almost anyone struggling with mental health, substance abuse or behavioral conditions can benefit from this type of therapy. However, recreational therapy is most …

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