Thai Airways Flight From Singapore To Bangkok

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Thai Airways TG402 is the only Thai Airways morning flight that leaves Singapore at 8:15 am and arrives at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport at 9:15 am. As such, the flight is often crowded, with people arriving in Bangkok and transferring passengers to other destinations. This time my flight was served by the larger Boeing 777-300.

Thai Airways Flight From Singapore To Bangkok

Thai Airways Flight From Singapore To Bangkok

My flight departed from Gate D49, the last lounge on Pier D of Terminal 1.

Airlines Flight In Suvarnabhumi International Airport Editorial Stock Image

As I had an aisle seat in the middle column, there are no window pictures from my flight this time.

The scrambled egg was more like a piece of egg than scrambled but still tasted really good.

The flight landed 11 minutes early at 9:24 am, but it was a long taxi ride to the gate. From the gate, it was also a long walk to immigration.

Fortunately, with the long walk to immigration and a small line there, the bags made it to the carousel just in time and I was on my way.

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Overall, another good flight with Thai Airways, although I wish there was an additional late morning option in the future.

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Note: Several of my photos are vertical (portrait mode), including many screenshots. For this reason I decided not to use the gallery feature as it crops photos if they are in portrait orientation. I apologize in advance if this report is too long, but that’s because I try to capture the journey in as much detail as possible. Before I continue, I would like to offer a heartfelt thanks to all the people and institutions who are bringing travel like the pre-COVID days closer to reality and ensuring that people’s health and safety are paramount. At the same time, as a devastating war rages in Ukraine, I can only feel incredibly lucky to live in one of the safest parts of the world and I send my best wishes to anyone willing to help in this difficult time. Ukrainian Slava!

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Thai Airways Flight From Singapore To Bangkok

Four months have passed since my previous (and first) trip report was published, which you can find here. Since the Singapore Airlines 787 landed on that cold January morning – though nothing is really cold when it comes to Singapore – I had to complete the last semester of my Computer Science studies at the prestigious Nanyang Technological University (NTU), which is growing rapidly in global university rankings alongside its oldest and most distinguished competitor, the National University of Singapore (NUS). In addition, I also had to get a job (preferably in Singapore) before I graduated, otherwise I would have to look for a job in my home country of India or elsewhere. And then there was the Final Year Project, encapsulating a year of academic research and experimentation.

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Throughout all of this, I’ve had big plans to return to India in June, as well as squeezing in a trip to Dubai, which I haven’t had the joy of experiencing in 22 years of existence, unlike most people I know. As early as February – in fact, literally the day before the Russian invasion of Ukraine shook the world and triggered blue and yellow demonstrations of support from everywhere on the planet – I was making travel plans and planning routes to maximize my chances of getting a good product on board, especially on the A350.

There was a main driver for this. In 2020, I planned to travel to Kathmandu, Nepal, as part of my NTU Hall 7 SOE (Seven Overseas Expedition) outreach program, to help build schools in rural areas that were adversely affected by the earthquake in 2015 and were still struggling to get their bearings. five years later. As part of this, we all had to send money to pay for tickets to Kathmandu on Thai Airways. (Tickets had been booked for May 2020 and, to my dismay, the routes were slated to feature TG’s old 777-300s and 777-200ERs, which dated back to the late 1990s and had tiny, grainy IFE screens. I was very concerned about getting a sub-optimal product on board and even posted a thread on about the same.)

But given that the year was 2020, you can pretty much guess what ended up happening. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic put an end to all travel plans for the foreseeable future and I was unable to leave Singapore from March 2020 to December 2021. In the midst of all this, Thai Airways was unable to refund our tickets. , as she herself was experiencing an acute financial crisis and was not in a position to return her money to customers. However, the airline kindly offered us a Thai travel voucher worth almost S$600 SGD (about US$430 or ₹33,000 INR) which was valid until December 2022 and could be used on any Thai Airways flight or Thai Smile. This was the biggest motive behind planning this indirect trip to Chennai, taking three flights where my family insisted on a single direct flight – but for me, any passage through the terminals is worth it if I can experience a fantastic experience on board. products. Boy am I glad I did!

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Note: Although I have been to Thailand previously in May 2016, this was my first time visiting Suvarnabhumi Airport as my previous trip was on Thai AirAsia as follows.

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When it came time to plan the trip, I was positively salivating at the prospect of being able to fly the Thai Airways A350, as I had never flown a widebody this far beyond the 787. I had always wanted to fly a widebody Airbus. , but sadly, many airlines have retired their A330s – with the retirements of Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways in particular hurting badly. Anyway, Chennai, my home airport, doesn’t get many A350s (apart from a handful of short haul flights on Qatar Airways), with Oneworld carriers SriLankan and Malaysia Airlines being the only consistent A330 offerings. But I wasn’t ready to fly them yet, because their routes took a big detour, and I have something of a soft spot for Star Alliance, as both my home country (AI) and work country flags /education (SQ) operators – not to mention founding member TG – all belong to this alliance. In the coming years, I very much intend to gain status with the alliance, but as of right now, the Thai Airways voucher has been a fantastic starting point for my journey.

The A350’s wide, tall cabins and ambient lighting have made it a favorite with passengers on many airlines. Combined with Royal Orchid’s renowned ‘smooth as silk’ service and the prospect of experiencing Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport – where I had not been, as my only other visit to Thailand in May 2016 was via Don Mueang Airport (DMK) – this was too good an opportunity to miss. Not to mention, TG is one airline that has installed rear cameras on their A350s, allowing for stunning views in Full HD, and that was yet another reason why this was the best option for me. Above all, violet is my favorite color, and just looking at the pictures of TG planes lined up in BKK sends me over the moon (no pun intended, as that’s the name of business class product on Star member Ethiopian Airlines!). Simply sitting inside a purple plane, eating purple food off purple plates, walking past purple IFE in a cabin lit with purple ambient light was the stuff of my dreams.

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Another important factor was that the city of Bengaluru or Bangalore (BLR) in southern India – just 45 minutes away from Chennai – is TG’s only Indian destination that receives the A350 daily and consistently. For comparison, Delhi is operated using the 777-300ER on one frequency and the ridiculously outdated 777-200ER on the other (oh the horror!), while Mumbai normally gets the 777-300ER (except the odd A350) and Chennai the ‘baby ‘ 787-8, which is now the smallest aircraft in the TG fleet. (Two other Indian cities, Hyderabad and Kolkata, are served with Thai Smile’s A320s – a downgrade from the pre-pandemic A330 that the ever-charming and inspiring @Jish.B has experienced here.)

Thai Airways Flight From Singapore To Bangkok

So it was a no-brainer to fly from Bangkok to Bengaluru instead of Chennai as the other Indian cities are a very long detour. As it was a late arrival to the BLR, it was prudent to spend the night at an airport hotel and catch an early morning flight to Chennai on IndiGo, India’s largest and most reliable airline. It was an excellent

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