Top 10 Asia Tourist Destination

Top 10 Asia Tourist Destination – Vietnam wins the 2021 travel award “Asia’s Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination” according to the World Travel Awards (WTA) – the so-called Tourism Oscars [source]

This is a remarkable and well-deserved achievement for a country that 30 years ago was among the poorest countries in the world – across Africa in terms of income and living standards. Now the socialist republic is one of the fastest growing countries in the world and has a vibrant, optimistic culture.

Top 10 Asia Tourist Destination

Top 10 Asia Tourist Destination

In this post, we discuss why Vietnam is a top tourist destination: see it now, before it is completely transformed and unrecognizable from its traditional and cultural origins.

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Vietnam has an amazing diversity of natural landscapes. Forget the iconic rice fields: there are sharp karst mountains, beautiful beaches, an archipelago of islands and the world’s largest cave. Many of them are within a day’s journey of each other.

For example, our favorite two-week trip would be: start from Hanoi, cycle through the mountains of Ha Giang, relax in the rice fields of Mai Chau, finish with a nice beach on the island. Cat Ba outside Hanoi.

Vietnam is not an ethnically homogeneous nation. The người Việt (or người Kinh) is the majority group for which the country and official language are named.

There are more than 50 ethnic minority groups in Vietnam, such as the H’mong, Khmer, Thai, Thai, Cham, and even generations of displaced Chinese. These groups have their own distinct languages, religions, rituals and traditional styles of living and clothing.

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As a traveler to Vietnam, it is clear that the ability to witness, meet and interact with many different ethno-cultural groups is outstanding.

If you are in Hanoi, you can visit the amazing Museum of Etiology, which displays the traditional buildings and village layouts of different ethnic peoples.

In Hoi An, the Great Museum of Ethnic Minority People is a valuable heritage museum. If you travel to places like SaPa or Ha Giang (read our review here), you can meet people from dozens of different minority groups. For example, you can stay in a remote house or attend Saturday farmers’ markets where different groups trade and interact (eg Du Già or Sà Phìn markets).

Top 10 Asia Tourist Destination

Vietnam has amazing food. From banh mi to spring rolls to phở, one of the main tourist attractions is food tourism. Don’t be ashamed: go to Vietnam and

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Vietnam is somewhat similar to Italy in terms of how important food is to the culture. And like Italy, you can spend hours and hours a day wandering the maze of back alleys and tiny towns and trying new interesting foods.

In the north, the food is somewhat similar to Chinese food: lots of noodle dishes, rolls, and soups. Food in central Vietnam is much spicier and hotter with amazing sauces. In the south, the food is incredibly sweet and spicy, perhaps somewhat reminiscent of Thai (without the curry). However, each province has its own delicacies – there are almost endless dishes to try in Vietnam.

One of our favorite food destinations is Da Nang / Hue / Hoi An: Despite the beautiful beaches and mountains, the food is our favorite feature of Da Nang and the regions. Read more about our favorite places to eat in Da Nang

From ancient kingdoms, to millennia of resistance against China, to colonial occupation by the French and Japanese, to memories of civil war, socialism and now an explosion of economic activity, Vietnam has an incredibly rich history. It is history encoded in architecture and landmarks such as:

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One of our favorite history-themed trips: Visit three of Hua’s most impressive tombs by bike. The route will take you to the tombs of King Tieu Tri, Khải Jinh and Min Mung. The tombs are gems, but scattered footpaths along the way take you through rice paddies, jungles, small villages, where you can find non-touristy long-forgotten tombs.

Perhaps the best historical sight-seeing is simply talking to people who have experienced the changes since the 1970s. For example, children born in the 1980s remember a centralized Vietnam where there was no private business and the government provided everything to its citizens (including socks and cloth to make their own clothes!) Older generations remember hiding in tunnels during the air. Raids and collectivization of property – imagine

Following Doi Moi’s free market reforms, Vietnam has undergone a transformation from one of the world’s poorest countries to one of the fastest growing economies. The change is not only about money, it is also about a culture that is increasingly open, optimistic and forging deep international connections around the world.

Top 10 Asia Tourist Destination

Consider that within living memory it was illegal to dance to Western music in Vietnam. Businessmen and capitalists were despised. A child growing up in the eighties would not have dolls, princess dresses, just handicrafts or, if you were lucky enough to have relatives working in the USSR, maybe one toy from abroad.

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Today, young Vietnamese now see their heritage as an online, fully connected world and a Western-style quality of life: they are entrepreneurial, ambitious and eager to learn and create.

Glimpses of the old, traditional culture are still available in rural areas, but rapid changes are taking place there as well.

One day, Vietnam will have its own “Gangnam-style” moment, just like South Korea in 2013, in which its cultural and economic importance explodes onto the global conscience. Imagine if you could experience South Korean culture before Samsung and Old Boy became household names – that’s a possibility nowadays. catch it!

The Vietnamese are highly skilled artists and craftsmen in both traditional and modern arts. They have a deep, ancient culture of highly sophisticated artisans, often in guild towns or guild streets.

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Vietnam’s art scene is exciting – not only for collectors and home decor buyers, but also for regular tourists. One of our favorite tours is visiting Hanoi’s many guild districts: villages or streets traditionally dedicated to a unique high-quality art form, such as instrument making, embroidery, painting, metalwork, luxury alcohol. , and many others. It’s fascinating to see their meticulous attention to detail and learn the history of their craft.

One can only travel to Vietnam to fill up on quality branded and handcrafted consumer goods. Many companies such as Samsung, Adidas, Northface and Fjallrav have most or a significant part of their production in Vietnam (more here). More and more companies are entering Vietnam as they seek to de-sinoize their supply chains.

For consumers, this means there are great deals to be found: local stores sell discounted goods that, for some reason, are irrelevant to the international market. You can find high quality shoes, bags, purses, hats and much more. I still love my 1/2 price Meindl hiking boots that have been rigorously tried and tested for over 3 years and have not broken down.

Top 10 Asia Tourist Destination

Check out the M2 clothing chain for an amazing variety of high-quality, discounted clothing for men and women [map].

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In addition, there are many handmade or traditional crafts that are of great value. For example, jewelry boxes, paintings, silk clothes and many more.

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For Rastas, backpackers and sunbathers, high-octane fuel economy may not seem like a great thing. However, for digital nomads or those with a business bone in their body, Vietnam is simply a must.

First and foremost is the street/small-scale entrepreneurship: from food vendors, to clothing vendors, to tailors – the visible buzz of activity is fascinating. You can’t help but feel it

Second, there are many great prospects for sourcing products and/or remote services. Anyone who has dreamed of starting their own online business will enjoy the opportunities that can be found on the streets of the manufacturing guild, where dozens of competitors gather in a cluster and are ready to create high-quality custom products for your white label. ambitions (eg Hanoi’s Le Thanh Street). Likewise, there are many digital services for virtual assistants, developers, marketers, and more.

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Even for someone like me who has no business ambitions, I find it very inspiring and thought provoking to see the number of business opportunities in Vietnam.

We have seen long queues in small towns on enrollment days of primary school children trying to sign up for private English lessons. According to, Vietnam has the fastest growing demand for ESL teaching in Asia.

As a native English speaker and with some basic TEFL accreditation, you can earn a decent income and free space to live in Vietnam’s major cities quite easily.

Top 10 Asia Tourist Destination

Vietnam feels relatively safe as a tourist. There is no fear of walking into crime-ridden no-go zones (like Europe) or ghettos (like the US/Canada) or homeless camps. There is no problem with Islamic terrorism as in some neighboring countries or kidnapping of tourists as in China.

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Still, the US State Department officially warms its citizens to crime in Vietnam [source]. However, much of this crime is in commerce, the result of a ruthless business culture with sometimes ambiguous regulations and a relatively young legal system – which encourages many operators to do questionable things.

As a tourist, your biggest concern will be avoiding small scams that target the gullible.

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